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No multitouch for you!

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Rikard Skogberg, Product Marketing Manager för SE Norden/ Baltikum, har i helgen gått ut med information kring stödet för multi touch hos Xperia X10, det existerar inte i hårdvaran och kommer därmed aldrig att kunna implementeras.

Tråkigt nog verkar det som att Sony Ericsson har snålat in på valet av digitizer, den del av skärmen som känner av användarens fingrars placering och rörelser. Digitizern ska enligt Rickard endast ha stöd för ett finger i taget och inte nog med det så är det en av långsammaste digitizers som jag stött på. Den läser av ditt fingers position mellan 25-30 gånger i sekunden, att jämföra mot min Hero som gör detta i hela 75Hz.
Det är då inte så konstigt att X10 kan upplevas som lite mindre responsiv än andra telefoner och frågan är om det problemet går att lösa med en mjukvaru-uppdatering eller om det också är bundet till hårdvaran.

Läs hela Rickards uttalande efter hoppet.

Rikard Skogberg says:
March 28, 2010 at 12:01 pm

Hi all!
First of all I do hear your disappointment and will of course forward your feedback internally as always.
Glad to see that the tone and excitement in your dialogue is back to more normal after a couple of hours of hot discussions. Don't get me wrong here you are of course free to express your opinions and hot discussions are very welcome, just remember to keep a friendly tone towards each other.
For some of the newcomers here I'm working as a Product Marketing Manager in the Nordic and Baltic markets, i.e. I do not work directly in our development projects. However I always do my best to forward all of your feedback and generally have a good dialogue with our projects aven though it does take some time.
That's also the reason for me not always being able to get all technical details as speedy as I would want some times. Unfortunately I might not be able to find out exactly which chip we have as touch-technology I even think that might be something we cannot answer for legal or competetive reasons However I will ask and of course get back here if we can.
Regarding the discussion around dual/multi touch. I would definitely expect someone to tell me in that confirmation if it would be dual-touch. So expect it to be single touch only, sorry.
When it comes to your expectations for this blog and how we run it, many of you appreciate the fact that it exist and that we try to be open about everything we can. This opens up a dialogue with consumers that hasn?t existed earlier and I really try to get answers to all questions asked of course. However as stated above I will need to ask other parts of the company from time to time and of course there are also things that we do not disclose such as details on future updates, non-announced products etc.
Your expectations when in comes to disclosure of technical details are sometimes difficult for us as company to match, rest assured though that I will always ask internally and get back whenever we can!

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