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I höstas fick sig Fiat 500 ett lyft och nu presenterar man nyheterna i det lite häftigare utförandet Abarth 595. Utseendemässigt rör det sig om nya strålkastare och DRL-ljus fram och nya bakljus. Abarth betyder även ett fetare kjolpaket runt om och i detta fall fyra små avgaspipor som mynnar ut där bak.

Bilen kommer precis som tidigare i de tre smakerna Abarth 595, 595 Turismo och 595 Competitizione. Alla har den turbomatade fyran på 1,4 liter under locket och den förstnämnda bjuder på 145 hästar. Turismon har 165 och Competitizione har hela 180. Den sistnämnda går även att få med diffspärr och har som standard ett argare avgassystem. Insidan får samma nya infotainmentsystem som vanliga 500 vilket innebär en pekskärm på sju tum som på förfrågan kan utrustas med Apple CarPlay och Android Auto.

Försäljningen väntas dra igång i juni men vad det då står på prislappen är oklart för tillfället.

2017 Fiat 500 Abarth 595 in detail:

It has been just over two months since the launch of Abarth 124 spider and now the brand with the Scorpion trademark is generating buzz again. The New Abarth 595 is the development of the iconic model: more powerful engines, even richer standard equipment and plenty of product innovations, some of which are usually reserved for higher segment cars.
With sales kicking off in June across the EMEA region, the new Abarth model is reasserting its reputation as a compact, lightweight and agile car and as a unique model in terms of configuration and tuning. In brief, the New Abarth 595 is the natural heir of the model launched in 2008 and present worldwide. Performance, technology and iconic Italian style are the key factors of a very successful strategy.
Available as a hatchback or convertible, the New Abarth 595 is offered with three trim levels (595, 595 Turismo and 595 Competizione) and three power levels to satisfy the requirements of increasingly demanding and competent customers. Many of the upgrades introduced are the result of experience gained with the development of the 695 Biposto, dubbed the "smallest supercar", which implements real racing thrills and technology on a street-legal car.
The distinctive yet affordable 595 version is the Abarth entry level model and offers all the standard equipment needed to ensure typical Scorpion enjoyment and driving pleasure. What is more, 595 is the ideal base for drivers who want to tune their car over time and make it unique.
The 595 Competizione and 595 Turismo versions express other two distinctive souls of Abarth. The first, more "purist", is designed for those who love performance and no-compromise sportiness. The second, on the other hand, makes reference to the typical values of the Italian GTs in a compact size perfect for use in cities.

Engine and gearbox

One of the biggest innovations is the increased power of the 1.4 T-jet engine installed on the 595 and 595 Turismo versions. The first delivers 145 HP and 206 Nm of peak torque, while the second reaches 165 HP and 230 Nm. What is more, the latter is fitted with a Garrett turbine. On the other hand, 595 Competizione with its 180 HP is the car for drivers who crave racing adrenaline in terms of both performance and technical features. Accelerating from 0-100 in 6.7" and then braking safely with the oversize Brembo braking system with four-piston fixed aluminum calipers will be a pleasure in the anatomical "Abarth Corsa by Sabelt" shell seats. Moreover, the engine also achieves a specific power of 132 HP/liter as a result of the high-performance Record Monza exhaust with dual mode system. This exclusive feature is available, on request, on the rest of the range, together with the Record Modena exhaust that ensures identical performance combined with a less aggressive looking tailpipe.
As standard, all variants of the 1.4 T-jet engine are paired with a mechanical five-speed gearbox but they can be fitted with an Abarth robotized sequential gearbox with shift paddles.

Abarth D.A.M.

The New Abarth 595 is the only car in its segment to fit a truly exclusive mechanical limited-slip differential (Abarth D.A.M.), for superlative performance.
Available on demand, the Abarth mechanical limited-slip differential is available on the 595 Competizione with manual transmission and derives directly from the experience acquired on the 695 Biposto.
The Abarth mechanical limited-slip differential exploits the full potential of the 595 Competizione to the utmost and improves traction in extreme conditions. The mechanical limited-slip differential ensures adequate torque transfer between the front wheels when either has less grip (a typical example is the different speed coming out of curves taken with high lateral load). This equipment allows the driver to close the line and eliminates understeer.
Abarth D.A.M. is contained in the new Performance Pack - available on the New Abarth 595 Competizione with manual gearbox only - which includes 17" Supersport rims and Sabelt leather/Alcantara® seats with carbon shell, carved aluminum 595 badge and the red, white or glossy black customization pack to personalize the look of the car.

Brakes, suspension and Sport button

Standard on 595 Turismo and 595 Competizione are the Koni FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) rear shock absorbers that optimize the driving experience and safety by improving road-hold, handling and stability. And now, the same shocks are fitted as standard on 595 Competizione on the front suspension, with a considerable increase in dynamic performance. Also on the top-of-the-range version is the Brembo braking system with four-piston aluminum monoblock fixed calipers - standard red or optionally grey, black or yellow - combined with 305 mm ventilated and perforated discs. The standard calipers are instead black on the 595 Turismo, with red or yellow offered as alternatives.
Finally, the New Abarth 595 also fits a Sport button to change different parameters of the car: from maximum torque output to power steering calibration to get a more direct and less invasive feel. Furthermore, the system adjusts the accelerator pedal calibration to guarantee prompter response and the TFT instrument panel switches to racing configuration, in perfect Abarth style.


On the outside, the New Abarth 595 has plenty of new features which improve performance. The front end, for example, was redesigned and now has an oversized air intake: this improves heat management in the engine compartment and increases cooling capacity by 18%. So, performance and regularity of engine delivery are increased, even in the case of more extreme racing tuning.
Abarth engineers also worked on the rear bumper creating a more pronounced diffuser. Specific bumper inserts have also been created for each trim level. They are matte black for the 595, in matching body color on the 595 Turismo and with the tar cold grey finish on the 595 Competizione.
The front and rear headlight clusters are also new, with polyelliptical headlights and LED daytime running lights on the entire range as standard equipment. Xenon headlights are optionally available. They ensure better emitted light quality and excellent efficiency in all weather conditions because they are nearly three times brighter and longer lasting than normal halogen headlights.
The new 17'' Granturismo rims (standard on 595 Turismo) are 7% lighter and have over 50% more ventilating surface to the benefit of heat dissipation, and enhanced and more consistent braking system performance as a consequence. The distinctive features of the new Abarth 595 include new satin chrome trim on the 595 and Turismo versions, new mirror caps (satin chrome on 595 Turismo, matching body color on 595 and tar cold grey on 595 Competizione) and the side stripes (standard on 595 Competizione), now wider and longer to give greater emphasis to the Abarth brand.
Available in 15 body colors - including pastel, metallic and three-layer paints and five two-tone liveries - the exciting color palette of the New Abarth 595 includes besides standard Pista Grey the exclusive Modena Yellow, until now only available on the 695 Biposto Record, the sporty and bright new Abarth Red pastel and the new three-layer Iridato White. Making their début are the three new two-color combos: Scorpione Black/Podio Blue and Scorpione Black/Record Grey and Pista Grey/Abarth Red.
Finally, three packs for customising the appearance of the car are available on demand with Abarth side sticker, mirror caps and front and rear bumper inserts in three colors: white, black or red.


The New Abarth 595 is completely new on the inside, too. New technical materials, like Alcantara® and carbon fiber cleverly reassert the sporty character of the model. Furthermore, new upholstery is available on the entire range.
In particular, the 595 version offers specific Abarth fabric seats characterized by extraordinary lateral support. The 595 Turismo version comes with black, tan or red leather seats, while standard on the 595 Competizione are the Corsa by Sabelt seats, amongst the best supporting seats on the market today. They provide extraordinary lateral support and are perfect for sporty driving due to their ability to accurately transmit every minimum load shift to the driver. The seats have fabric upholstery with new graphics and materials for maximizing grip. Leather and Alcantara® alternatives in the shades of black or tan are optionally available.
Furthermore, the new flat bottom steering wheel with viewfinder was designed to ensure effective sporty driving. In more detail, the standard steering wheel for the Competizione version is made of technical materials, such as carbon fiber and Alcantara®. The dashboard fascia, which has always been one of the most iconic features of the 595, is specifically characterized for each version: matching body color on 595, matte grey on 595 Turismo and tar cold grey on 595 Competizione.
The carbon dashboard fascia derived from the 695 Biposto is now available as optional equipment and may be ordered to complement the passenger compartment of the 595 Competizione even further.
The innovations continue with a brand new sports instrument panel, which improves readability, especially with the new graphics that characterize the Sport mode. Moreover, the manometer lighting is white so as to make reading easier and more immediate.


All versions are equipped with UconnectTM 5" Radio with touchscreen and Uconnect Live services as standard equipment (also with built-in navigator and DAB on request). UconnectTM 7" HD, a fast platform complete with high-def screen, navigation and DAB digital radio, is also appearing for the first time on the range. The Uconnect 7" HD system comes with high-def screen and Abarth Telemetryun for gauging driving performance on preloaded circuits to study driving style and improve it. It is also customizable, offering the possibility to record new tracks and store them for later retrieval to compare performance. With the preloaded points of interest (Officine Abarth and other significant places for the brand) each owner can now "collect" special badges. Results and progress can naturally be shared on the social pages.
Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto - considered the best smartphone mirroring solutions for Apple iOS and Android - will become available upon request on Uconnect 7". This will allow quick and easy access to all the functions and contents of the smartphone on the touchscreen of the New Abarth 595s.
Finally, the refined and powerful BeatsAudioTM system with seven speakers is making its appearance on the New Abarth 595. It will certainly win over even the most demanding music lovers.
Developed in collaboration with Beats by Dr. Dre, the BeatsAudioTM system boasts an impressive total output of 480 watts and features a digital eight-channel amplifier integrating an advanced equalisation algorithm capable of recreating the entire sound spectrum that an artist experiences during studio recording.
The Beats AudioTM sound system has two dome tweeters installed in the front pillars, two 165 mm midwoofers in the front doors, two full-range 165 mm speakers in the rear side panels and one 200 mm subwoofer in the middle of the boot in the spare wheel compartment.
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