Stor lista över nyheter i iOS 5

För tillfället 161 stycken

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Apple påpekade på iOS 5-lanseringen att det nya operativsystemet kom med över 200 nya funktioner men de tog bara upp en bråkdel av dessa.

Efter hoppet så hittar ni en lista på i alla fall 161 av dessa nyheter och på länken nedan hittar ni källan som även har lite skärmdumpar.

Updated Lockscreen
New Welcome Screen when you start using the phone for first time.
PC Free Activation.
Notifications Center
Quick Camera launch from Lockscreen
Stocks and weather built into Notifications Center
iPod app is renamed to Music with new icon.
New Videos.app
SMS bubbles are green in color and iMessage appears baby blue.
Newsstand for Magazines and Newspapers
Ability to Create and Delete Photo albums.
System wide Twitter Integration.
New Twitter keyboard with # and @ buttons.
Ability to edit photos
Grid System in Camera
New rounded buttons
Notification Center has ability to sort notifications by ?Manually? or By Time.
You can choose what applications to be included in Notifications Center
Ability to rename your device within the settings.
Over the Air Delta Software updates
The Usage screen now shows how much of the memory is consumed by each app.
Wireless iTunes Sync
You can enable or disable Voice Dial while the phone is locked in Security Settings
Ability to add keyboard shortcuts. Default one included ?omw? which expands to ?On my way!? when you type it anywhere.
New Speak Selection option in Accessibility Settings
Ability to add custom vibrations
New Assistive Touch Settings
LED Flash for Alerts
Ability to Set Left or Right for Mono Audio
New iCloud options in Settings app
You can create additional @me.com email address within the Mail settings
Ability to Increase Quote Level in Mail Settings
Twitter integration on contacts
You can edit your number in Settings.
New Facetime option in Settings window. You can also set your facetime caller ID to be your email or your phone number
New Private Browsing option in Safari
Ability to remove custom Website Data
Ability to toggle iMessage ON or OFF in settings.
Ability to enable Read Receipts
iMessage sent as SMS when iMessage is unavailable
You can now set how much time a message alert has to be shown again if you don?t respond to the phone when it notifies of a new message.
Separate settings for Music and Videos
Photo Stream
You can set the default account for notes to be synced to in Notes options
Toggle ON or OFF for Automatic Downloads.
Setting to use Automatic Downloads only when the device is connected to WiFi
Alternate Routes in Maps
Purchase History in App Store.
Individually delete entries from the call history.
iCloud Backups
Take pictures using Volume button
If you tap and hold on a song name in Music.app, a popup shows all the details.

Ability to drag email address? between fields while sending a mail in Mail.app
Mail notifies you before sending a mail if you?ve forgotten to put a subject line.
New and updated tiny icons on Mail for Windows Live Mail, Gmail, Exchange etc.
Rich Text Editing in mail
System Wide Dictionary
Printing Support in Maps
Ability to Hide Traffic in Maps
You can set custom vibration tones for each contact, so when it vibrates in a specific pattern you know who?s calling.
The notes.app shows the number of notes made on the header
New Learn More Links across the settings app for further help
Photos in Game Center
Ability to make your Profile public and private on Game Center
Points in Game Center, shows you how many points you have on the home screen of Game center
Sort and View friends on the basis of Points.
Friend Recommendations in Game Center
New Games are now downloaded through Game Center
Game Recommendations in Game Center
New Friend requests screen
Voice Memos app rotates in all direction, including upside down.
Set custom text tone for each contact.
Local Weather in Weather app
Hourly weather updates
Reading list in Safari
Tabbed browsing in Safari on iPad
Reader view which removes all clutter from web pages on iPad
Split Keyboard on iPad
AirPlay Mirroring
You can use your phone while its being synced with iTunes.
Emoji Support
Tweet photos and links from iOS
When you landscape your phone in iCal, it gives you a week view. (Thanks @Scott)
New Music App in iPad
iCloud Document Sync and Backup
Slight fadeout on the right of the Safari Address Bar.
Reading list support on Safari
Location Based Reminders
Calendar now lets you navigate from day to day by swiping. (Thanks @Garner)
When you?re in camera mode, swipe left to reveal most recent photo. Swipe right to go back to the camera.
Watermark in text entry box says ?iMessage? or ?Text Message? accordingly
?Unsecured Calls? warning lets users know if they are talking on unencrypted networks
Group Messaging in iMessage.
Send photos, videos using iMessage.
Ability to use multiple Apple IDs for different purposes. (This has been one of the widely asked questions)
When a notification is on the lockscreen, swipe it to open the specific app.
Swipe on the weather to the left or right on the Notification Center drop down to view five day forecast.
Multitasking Gestures in iPad. Use four or five fingers, swipe up to reveal the multitasking bar, pinch to return to the Home screen, and swipe left or right to switch between apps.
S/MIME Support in Mail.app
Facetime works without having a SIM card on your phone. Works with your email alone.
When you receive a non-contacts phone call, the main display also shows the city name (or area/county if identifiable), not just the phone number. (Thanks @Alan)
Camera, tap and hold to lock/unlock AE/AF (Thanks @Alan)
Camera, use two-finger spread/pinch gesture to zoom in/out accordingly (Thanks @Alan)
In Calendar month view, besides tapping on the ?+? button to add an event, you can also tap and hold on any day. (Thanks @Alan)
When receiving a call from a number not in your phonebook, the phone will display the location of the phone area code under the number? i.e. + 1 (514) 321 2345 will display Quebec, Canada in a smaller font under the number and not just in the call history. (Thanks @Kubus)
Use current location in Weather.app. (Thanks @Andy)
Flagging Support in Mails. app
In settings you can switch what option you get when you tap and hold on links in Safari: either open in background or in a new page. (Thanks @Andy)
Swipe left and right to change months in calendar on iPad (Thanks @Shaun)
Swipe to delete songs (Thanks @Derek)
Buy More Storage option for iCloud
Ability to set custom sound for alerts (New Message, New Voicemail, News Mail, Sent Mail etc.)
Define your own words in Offline Dictionary
Apps fades to homescreen when crashes, rather than flicking off.
Ability to Enable/Disable Badges on Apps
When you download an app on the iTunes on your PC, the app is automatically pushed to your iDevice and installed.
Streaming Song details such as Track and Artist info to Bluetooth audio devices. (Thanks @Roy)
When your alarm goes off you can snooze it from lockscreen or slide to turn off. (Note: This is an updated style, you slide on the notifications area, just below the clock, rather than the previous ?Slide to Unlock? location. ) (Thanks @Terry)
You can add multiple twitter accounts and choose what account to send a tweet from.
Delete each app?s data
iTunes Tune Store
Real-time stock quotes
VoiceOver item chooser
Option to speak text selection
When your phone is locked and you switch to Ringing from Silent, the Ringing indicator also shows the volume level bar.
You can choose multiple Emails and mark them as read
Download more than one app simultaneously. No waiting for the previous app to be completed
You can choose if to display Weather and Stock Widges on Notification Center.
New Voice in Voice Control
You can re arrange the preference of apps in Notification Center. (Eg: You can set the Weather widget to be always on top, Messages next etc..)
Ability to set maximum messages downloaded through email to 1000 instead of 250
Sponsored links in Google Maps
Double-tap the home button while watching a YouTube video to display who uploaded the video
Scrolling titles for YouTube videos
Time mid-call invitation alerts
Set up Airport / Time Capsule on your iOS device
Invitation alerts to FaceTime while taking a call
Arabic Language Support in VoiceOver
Links can be opened in the background
Integrate Twitter user pictures to Contacts. Sync them
Native 1080p video playback in iPad 2
Japanese or Buddhist calendars support
Year View in iPad cal
Native Support for turn based games in Game Center
Search Within the contents of an email
Indentation Control in Mails.app
Individual Site Data can be deleted from Safari
iOS 5 address book has a field for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and Myspace. (iOS 5 to integrate more social networks?
Specific ?search on page? area integrated in the ipad keyboard (hit google when in safari) (Thanks @Michael)
Have one app updating while others say ?waiting?,? then you pause the app updating. You then immediately put the iDevice on sleep. Next, when you wake up your iDevice, all of them will be paused. You can tap more than one app to have more than one downloading. (thanks @Michael)
Personal Hotspot settings are now found under ?Network? settings.
GIFs are animated when sent through iMessages. It?s not animated in Photos.app. (Thanks @Sam)
New and Updated VoiceOver voices for some regions. (Thanks @Peter)
Double tap to add an event in day view in Calendar.app (Thanks @Collinz)
Tap and drag to move an event (different day or different time) in Calendar app (Thanks @Collinz)
Tap and hold in ?all-day events? to create a new all-day event in Calender app (Thanks @Collinz)
Twitter installs directly from the settings page if it?s not installed directly, you aren?t even taken to the App Store. (Thanks @Yiannis)
Hotmail integration in the mail app. (Thanks @Erik)
iPod touches have never been able to automatically set time. This is now possible in iOS 5. (thanks @Gordon)
If you tap hand hold the back button in safari (ipad) you get a list of all you previous sites. (Thanks @Cenny)

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