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Mitch Gewirtz vill ge Lauren sin 17" powerbook everyone on this planet is cool enough to be a Mac person Så här skrev Mitch Gewirtz till Gizmodo: Subject: I AM UP FOR THE CHALLENGE! To whom it may concern, I recently watched the new PC ad on television the other night about "Lauren" purchasing a laptop for under $1000.00. It was a great advertisement targeting everyday PC users. My only concern is that I feel the computer "Lauren" chose will not provide an overall positive experience. I am asking for your assistance to help me locate "Lauren". I am willing to give her my 17" Mac laptop "FOR FREE" so she can decide which laptop is superior without putting a price tag on it. I do believe everyone on this planet is "cool enough to be a Mac person". Sincerely, Mitch Gewirtz Gizmodo skrev tillbaka för att kolla hur seriös han är. Hans svar blev: Absolutely! I am serious! I believe my 17" G4 powerbook is still more advanced than any PC out there today. It is a very healthy laptop that has given me a wonderful experience the last couple of years. I truly believe if "Lauren" had a chance to use this laptop she would change her mind. Can you help me locate her? Tumnagel
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