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MTG satsar på app för esport Inleder samarbete med Instant eSports MTG fortsätter att investera i esport och inleder nu ett samarbete med Instant eSports som är en plattform för esportrelaterade nyheter och statistik. Tidigare har MTG bland annat köpt upp Dreamhack och ESL. Nyheterna och statistiken kommer att finans tillgängliga i appen Instant eSports där tanken är att fans ska kunna hålla sig ständigt uppdaterade. Så här säger Rikard Steiber som är vd för MTGx (den digitala delen av MTG) och digital chef vid MTG. “We were impressed by the team as well as their ambition to provide esport fans the ultimate mobile first one-stop shop for news, real-time stats, matches and team updates. Instant eSports first app is of high quality and a potential complement to our larger investments in the segment. Instant eSports therefore holds a great importance to us and esport fans in capturing the magic moments of all the esports events around the world”. Appen finns att ladda hem via Google Play eller App Store. Tumnagel
Spelonsdag! Veckans speldemon och gratisspel Det är onsdag vilket betyder att det är dags för "Spelonsdag!", där vi försöker tipsa om diverse speldemon och roliga gratisspel. Speldemos: Titel: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (bilden ovan) Genre: Action Tanka: www.gamershell.com (381 MB) Beskrivning: "As promised, Capcom has released a playable demo for Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, giving you the chance to try out the PC version of this sci-fi action shooter scheduled to be available for PC in June for a suggested retail price of $39.95. The demo will let you play through two levels: the Akrid hive and the pirate fortress, the same levels from the demo for the Xbox 360 version. If you’re on Windows Vista, you will need the DirectX 10 version. For XP users, grab the DirectX 9 version." Titel: Sam & Max: Bright Side of the Moon Genre: Adventure Tanka: www. gamershell.com (79.53 MB) Beskrivning: "Bright Side of the Moon draws the groundbreaking episodic series to a triumphant close Telltale Games today announced that Bright Side of the Moon, the last episode of the Sam & Max: Season 1, is now available worldwide. The description of the final episode of Season 1 is: "What started out as a local mind-control scheme has grown to global proportions, with links to the media, the mafia, the U.S. government, and the world wide web. Now it’s up to canine shamus Sam and his mildly psychotic rabbity-thing sidekick Max to storm a bizarre lunar paradise and confront the mastermind behind the plot. But will they be able to deliver the unassuming world populace from the jaws of tranquility and prevent an eternity of hypnotic enslavement?". Downloadable versions of all six episodes are now available at www.telltalegames.com. Individual episodes may be purchased for $8.95, while the full season of six episodes sells for $34.95 (a savings of almost $20 over the individual episode price). Anyone who has already purchased an individual episode can upgrade to the full season for $26, as described here." Tumnagel
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