Trailer för andra säsongen av Counterpart
Dubbla roller för J.K. Simmons

Här är trailern för andra säsongen av Counterpart där vi får se en snäll och lite tafatt J.K. Simmons i en dimension och en lite hårdare version av hans karaktär Howard Silk i ett alternativt universum som de båda karaktärerna, och andra, har möjlighet att resa mellan. Starz skriver själva om den kommande säsongen av Counterpart: "At The Office of Interchange, those who have high enough access safeguard a crossing into a parallel dimension not unlike our own. And if their world is like ours, who are we over there? Are we better? Are we different? Season 2 finds Howard and his counterpart living out these questions. With the Crossing closed and each of them stranded in the other’s world, they have to adapt for survival. Howard Prime takes on his other’s life: going to his job, living in his home… with his wife. Howard Alpha is locked in a mysterious black site known as Echo, cut off from everyone he knows. As a cold war escalates between worlds deepening a fickle divide, both men find themselves growing increasingly like their other." Andra säsongen av Counterpart drar igång på den amerikanska tv-kanalen Starz 9 december. Tumnagel
Wille Wilhelmsson