Årets hetaste bil är här - Bugatti Chiron

Årets hetaste bil är här - Bugatti Chiron
Har begränsad toppfart på 420 km/h

Bil / Bugatti

Ögonblicket vi (alla) har väntat på är här - Bugatti har precis presenterat uppföljaren till modellen Veyron. Den heter som vi tidigare har nämnt Chiron och blir som väntat en av de absolut värsta bilarna som går att köpa. 1 500 hästar, från stillastående till 100 km/h på under 2,5 sekunder och en (begränsad) toppfart på 420 km/h - allt förpackat i en lyxvagn du kan åka långt med innan du får träsmak.

Motorn är en vidareutveckling av den åtta liter stora W16-maskinen med kvadrupelturbo som återfinns i Veyron, men nu sker den extra skjutsen istället i två steg. När man drar iväg jobbar endast två av snäckorna, vid 3 800 varv kommer de andra två igång och hjälper till. Alla turboaggregat är nya och har vuxit i storlek och ingenjörerna har jobbat hårt på att kraften ska komma direkt och utan lagg, det maximala vridet som är på 1 600 Nm finns redan vid 2 000 varv. Kraften skickas till alla fyra hjulen och detta sker via en specialutvecklad sjustegad dubbelkopplingslåda.

Hela monocoquen som är i kolfiber är ny, detsamma gäller chassiet som nu är adaptivt med fem stycken olika körprogram - Lift, EB, Autobahn, Handling och Top Speed. Det sista läget som ger dig toppfarten 420 km/h kan endast aktiveras om du har en separat andra nyckel, precis som hos Veyron. 0-200 km/h går på under 6,5 sekunder, 0-300 km/h på under 13,6. Hastighetsmätaren är graderad till 500 km/h. Däcken är som vanligt också specialutvecklade för bilen och har nu en större anläggningsyta än tidigare. Dimensionen är 285/30 R20 fram och 355/25 R21 bak. Innanför dessa sitter nya kolfiberkeramiska bromsar som vuxit 20 millimeter i diameter, och 2 millimeter i tjocklek. Fram sitter det åttakolvsok i titan, bak sexkolvsok i samma material. Bromsar man från 100 km/h ska man stå still efter 31,3 meter. Är hastigheten istället 200 är det 125 meter som gäller. Från 300 får du stopp på 275 meter.

500 stycken exemplar kommer att tillverkas och ett av dem blir ditt för 2,4 miljoner euro. En tredjedel av bilarna är redan sålda och de första kunderna får sina i augusti. Premiär blir det i Genève. Allt om bilen finns på länken nedan.

Geneva International Motor Show 2016:

world premiere for the ultimate super sports car

Bugatti Chiron –

? The Chiron is the world’s most powerful, fastest, most luxurious and

most exclusive production super sports car

? With the Chiron, Bugatti has made the best even better

? The Chiron is the world’s first production sports car with 1,500 HP

? With torque of 1,600 Nm between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm, the Chiron offers

maximum performance with outstanding control in all speed ranges

? Maximum speed: 420 km/h, limited for road travel

? The Chiron is ready for a new world speed record

? Acceleration: from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2.5 seconds

? The Chiron is limited to a series of 500 units

? Market launch in autumn 2016

? Basic price: €2.4 million net

? Advance orders have already been received for one third of the total


? Unique market position thanks to the unprecedented combination of

ultimate performance with exclusive design and comfort

? The Chiron embodies Bugatti’s new design language


Molsheim / Geneva, February 29, 2016. Bugatti is celebrating a world premiere at

the Geneva International Motor Show: the French luxury brand is unveiling the Bugatti

Chiron, the most powerful, fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive production

super sports car in the world. The Chiron is the latest generation of the ultimate super

sports car and is a completely new development. The sports car manufacturer from

Molsheim, with its long tradition, has taken the unique features of a modern Bugatti to

a new level and developed a high-performance machine that has become significantly

better in every respect. With a power output of 1,500 HP, unprecedented for

production vehicles, an exceptionally high torque value of 1,600 Nm between 2,000

and 6,000 rpm and a wide variety of technical innovations, the Chiron sets new

standards in every respect. The Chiron is therefore very well-positioned to become the

next world speed record holder and reach a maximum speed significantly above the

record currently held by Bugatti. The manufacturer has limited the maximum speed of

the new car to 420 km/h for road use. The Chiron is to be built at the company’s

headquarters in Molsheim. Only 500 of these exceptional cars are to be produced. The

basic price is €2.4 million net. Currently, advance orders have been received for one

third of the total production run. The first vehicle is due to be delivered to a customer

“It is part of human nature to cross boundaries and set new records – to run 100 m faster

than ever before, to fly even further into space and to enter new realms. This striving is also

our driving force at Bugatti,” said Wolfgang Dürheimer, President of Bugatti Automobiles

S.A.S., at the presentation of the Chiron. “The Chiron is the result of our efforts to make the

With the Chiron, the Bugatti President said that Bugatti had left the dimensions which define

the operations of all market players and had established new paradigms that had previously

not existed. “Bugatti has tested the limits of physics. There is no area where we have not

achieved significant improvements.“

The Bugatti Chiron is the world’s first super sports car to bring 1,500 HP onto the road with a

torque of 1.600 Nm at 2,000 to 6,000 rpm with tremendous effectiveness, extremely high

safety levels and unprecedented comfort.

This is the result of the legendary and unique eight-litre W16 engine that has been newly

developed by Bugatti. In combination with the four new, larger turbochargers that are

controlled by the Bugatti two-stage turbocharging, an innovation that Bugatti is introducing,

and a large number of other technical refinements and innovations, maximum performance is

available constantly and can be easily controlled at all speeds. In its Top Speed mode, the

car reaches the maximum speed of 420 km/h, limited for road use – however, this is by no

means the end of the road for the Bugatti Chiron.

With the new carbon fibre monocoque, a newly designed adaptive chassis, tyres developed

especially for Bugatti and other innovative technologies, the Chiron is not only a champion in

terms of maximum acceleration but is, for the first time, also an agile, modern Bugatti with

handling that ensures maximum driving pleasure.

The design of the Chiron combines significantly more “beast” with a very high level of

“beauty”. The design language introduced by Bugatti with the Chiron has a significantly more

aggressive tone and does justice to the character of the new super sports car. The designers

have succeeded in reinterpreting Bugatti’s DNA with its distinctive features in a modern


manifestation at the same time as adding new features resulting from the technical demands

of even higher performance. The Chiron remains unmistakably a Bugatti.

“The Chiron is the quintessential ultimate super sports car: ultra-modern, incredibly fast, agile

and powerful with a stylistically demanding design and the highest possible levels of

comfort,” says Wolfgang Dürheimer. “This combination is not offered by any other market

player and gives Bugatti its unique market position.”

“Our customers form an exclusive group of automobile collectors who are searching for the

very best. With the Veyron, they have the best production sports car of the past 10 years,”

Dürheimer continues. “This is why their demands and expectations for our next step – the

Chiron – were so high.“

Customers’ reactions show that Bugatti has hit the mark. Advance orders have already been

received for one third of the production series. “Those who have already considered Bugatti

and its unique features in connection with the purchase of a Veyron will find there is no way

they can ignore the Chiron,” according to Wolfgang Dürheimer.

“With the Chiron we will not only be providing a key emotional element for the image of the

Volkswagen Group but will also be making a positive contribution to Group results,” says

Wolfgang Dürheimer.

The Chiron can be seen on the Bugatti stand in Hall 1 at the Geneva International Motor

Show from March 1 to 13.


The Chiron in detail

? Newly developed W16 engine

? Two-stage turbocharging is the outstanding technical feature of the powertrain

? New titanium exhaust system

? The two main catalytic converters are about six times as large as the unit fitted to a

medium-sized car

? The active surface of all six catalytic converters used for exhaust gas treatment

corresponds to the area of more than 30 soccer pitches

? The transmission has the largest, highest-performance clutch fitted to a passenger

? Highly sophisticated monocoque with extremely high rigidity – LMP1 level

? First airbag in the world to shoot through a carbon fibre housing

? Carbon fibre body is an example of sophisticated craftsmanship

? For the first time, Bugatti has developed an adaptive chassis – for significantly greater

agility and driving comfort

? New high-performance tyres tested at aerospace facilities

? Newly developed high-performance brakes with Formula One technical modules

? New adaptive chassis with five driving programs

? Intelligent air intake management significantly improves aerodynamic properties as

well as enhancing vehicle cooling

? Newly developed heat shield for very-high-efficiency brake cooling

? Active aerodynamics system is a unique combination of performance-defining

? Highest-performance, most intelligent cooling system in sports car sector

Electrical systems and electronics

? The world’s most intelligent super sports car with a high degree of future orientation

? The flattest full-LED projector headlamps in the automobile sector

? Newly developed adaptive instrument cluster

? Central console with highly sophisticated design

? High-performance high-end sound system makes the Chiron the world’s fastest

? Further development of telemetry system for even more service and customer

? Electromagnetic compatibility comparable to that of a military vehicle


Design: new Bugatti design language: Form follows Performance

? Design features have a technical background

? Expertly handcrafted trim skilfully sets the scene for the side line

? Newly developed rear end with innovative rear light creates the distinctive signature

of the Chiron

? Significantly more “beast” combined with a high level of “beauty”

? 100 percent authentic materials

? Newly designed front emblem crafted from solid 970 fine silver and enamel

? Illuminated C-bar in the interior is the longest light conductor in the automobile

? The focus is on the pilot

? Everything within reach and perfectly controllable

Overall vehicle development

? Development and test programme of unprecedented complexity in the super sports

? The Chiron meets the most exacting quality requirements

Highly advanced technologies and innovative solutions make for a superlative super

How can you develop a new super sports car if you have already built the best? This was the

steep challenge faced by Bugatti engineers in the development of the Chiron. The

development brief for the new Bugatti was short and sweet – make the best significantly

better in every respect.

Willi Netuschil, Board of Management Member and Head of Development at Bugatti,

describes the technical approach: “Where other manufacturers stop, Bugatti goes a step

further. We probe the limits. In our development work, we use all the technologies that are

available, without any restrictions. Our aim is to be the best in the final resort.”

Newly developed W16 engine

1,500 HP was the power target for the Chiron. To achieve this objective, the eight-litre W16

engine which is already well-known to customers and fans was completely redesigned. To

achieve a power boost of 25 percent compared with the predecessor, almost every

component of the engine was considered and redesigned. To compensate for the weight

increase caused by the high power output, greater use is made of lightweight materials such

as titanium and carbon fibre. For example, the intake tube, the charge air system and the

chain housing are all made of carbon fibre. The weight of the new crankshaft has also been


The key factors in the increased power output are higher-performance turbochargers and

duplex fuel injection with 32 injectors. In addition, the charge air cooling system has been

improved. As a result, more than 60,000 litres of air per minute are pumped through the

engine. The coolant pump is also a very high-performance unit. In one minute, it circulates

800 litres of water through the entire engine.

Two-stage turbocharging is the outstanding technical feature of the powertrain

The engine is fitted with four larger, higher-performance turbochargers. They are operated in

a two-stage configuration. The two-stage turbocharging system developed by Bugatti

especially for this car is the outstanding technical feature of the Chiron powertrain. To ensure

maximum acceleration from a standstill without the “turbo lag” feared by sports car drivers,

the Chiron moves off the mark with only two turbochargers in operation. The other two units

are only activated at about 3,800 rpm. As a result, the two-stage turbocharging delivers an

absolutely linear power curve from 2,000 rpm, huge torque in the low engine speed range

and a power output that can be controlled and dosed rather well.

New titanium exhaust system / the main catalytic converters are about six times as large as

the unit fitted to a medium-sized car

Another feature that boosts the power output is the new titanium exhaust system with

reduced exhaust gas back pressure. The system is fully insulated and equipped with four

pre-converters and two main catalytic converters which are considerably larger than their

predecessors. The main converters are about six times as large as the unit fitted to a

medium-sized car. The total active surface of the six converters used for exhaust gas

treatment is about 230,266 m2, corresponding to the area of more than 30 soccer fields.

From the catalytic converters, the exhaust gas is fed to a silencer which is extremely light

compared with similar units, weighing only 20 kg. While other manufacturers use stainless

steel, the silencer of the Chiron is made from titanium. The exhaust system is rounded off by

six tailpipes, with four routed to the rear and two pointing downwards.

The transmission has the largest, highest-performance clutch fitted to a passenger car

The powertrain features a front-axle differential with integrated inter-axle lock and a rear-axle

differential with integrated inter-wheel lock and a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox designed

for a torque of 1,600 Nm. This gearbox developed especially by Bugatti has the largest,

highest-performance clutch used on a passenger car. It goes almost without saying that the

Chiron has permanent four-wheel drive.


Highly sophisticated monocoque with extremely high rigidity – LMP1 level

The monocoque of the Chiron is made entirely from carbon fibre and is designed for crash

protection. This newly developed unit is the technically most sophisticated monocoque in its

class. For the first time, the rear end of the car is also made from carbon fibre. If all the fibres

used in the monocoque were laid out end to end, they would stretch nine times the distance

between the earth and the moon. The production of a monocoque takes four weeks.

Thanks to the use of high-performance high-tech materials, the structure of the Chiron at the

rear end is 8 kg lighter than that of its predecessor. The structure is completed by a carbon

fibre underbody manufactured by an innovative sandwich procedure. The sandwich

construction, combined with optimised material use, results in a weight saving of 8 kg

compared with conventional construction. The structure of a sports car is not only the

decisive factor in its weight but also in its rigidity. The Chiron reaches a torsional rigidity of

50,000 Nm per degree and a flexural rigidity of about 0.25 mm per tonne. These are

sensationally good values comparable to those of LMP1 racing cars.

First airbag in the world to shoot through a carbon fibre housing

The new design of the Chiron also meets all the latest worldwide safety standards. The

Chiron boasts the most advanced airbag technology available, with a total of six airbags.

Thanks to Bugatti’s outstanding expertise in airbag design, it proved possible to develop an

airbag that shoots through a carbon fibre housing. This is the case with the dashboard on the

passenger’s side and the seat housings.

Carbon fibre body is an example of sophisticated craftsmanship

The outer skin of the Chiron is made entirely from carbon fibre with perfectly aligned fibres

flowing across the boundaries of neighbouring components without any optical interruption.

This alignment, which is the result of skilful handcrafting and uncompromising attention to

detail, makes the super sports car a real eyecatcher. Only the highest-quality carbon fibre

fabric is used for visible carbon surfaces and six layers of clear coat are applied to ensure a

perfect surface. Only Bugatti is so painstaking in this area.

In addition, some parts of the body require extremely complex production processes, such as

the rear compartment lid or the wings. These do not have any edges or gaps but only

fantastic reflections, which also applies to the side. Bugatti has succeeded in developing a

body part that extends from the A-pillar to the rear in a single piece – an extremely

sophisticated part that is simply beautiful to look at.

Last but not least, the new structure of the Chiron allows an optimised package and even

more comfort. For the first time, it is possible to stow a suitcase with the size of a cabin

trolley approved for air travel (44 litres) in the luggage space of a Bugatti. To provide this

space, the radiator is installed in an inclined position, which also allows a larger cooling


For the first time, Bugatti has developed an adaptive chassis – for significantly greater agility

and driving comfort

Bugatti has developed an adaptive chassis for the Chiron. This provides an extremely

dynamic driving experience, very direct response, considerably more agility, precise steering

response, fast cornering and outstanding roadholding even at high cornering speeds – in

other words, the driver has maximum driving pleasure in a very comfortable overall package.

The chassis design and power output of the Chiron ensure extreme controllability even when

driven at the limit. The responses of steering, brakes and the accelerator pedal are direct and

directional stability is outstanding.

New high-performance tyres tested at aerospace facilities

These advantages are the result of a number of different factors such as the electric steering

system, the redesigned front and rear axles and a suspension with newly developed chassis

bushings that are bolted directly to the new monocoque, ensuring optimum reactions to

The Chiron is shod with entirely new high-performance tyres, once again developed by

Bugatti together with its strategic tyre partner Michelin. As with the Chiron as a whole there

are no compromises in the case of the tyres. They must transfer maximum torque of up to

5,000 Nm per wheel safely to the road and develop unprecedentedly high lateral guidance

for the high-performance coupe. In addition, they need to be comfortable in city traffic and roll

reliably at high speed. The tremendous forces on the tyre at a speed of 400 km/h show what

is needed. Each single gram of rubber is exposed to centrifugal force of 3,800 g, the result of

acceleration some 3,800 times the force of gravity.

The tyres, size 285 / 30 R20 at the front and 355 / 25 R21 at the rear, have a larger contact

surface (+14% at the front, +12% at the rear) and therefore greater potential in decisive

driving situations with significant improvements in braking behaviour, acceleration, grip on

wet and dry roads, noise levels, mechanical comfort and handling at the limits.

The extraordinarily high quality of the new Michelin tyres gave the Bugatti experts greater

leeway for designing the driving performance of this exceptional sports car. This leeway was

used for the development of the new driving dynamics systems. The innovative all-wheel

drive system with torque factoring function via an electronically controlled inter-wheel

differential lock ensures strong grip even with high tyre distortion angles.

The tyres of the Chiron meet extreme requirements, which is why they are tested on

aerospace industry test rigs.

Last but not least, customers will be pleased to note that the tyres of the Chiron are easier to

install and allow lower operating expenses.


Newly developed high-performance brakes with Formula One technical modules

The world’s fastest production super sports car needs the best brakes in the world. Bugatti

uses special carbon ceramic brake discs made from carbon silicon carbide (CSiC). This

material makes the brake disk lighter at the same time as giving it greater improved corrosion

resistance, performance and durability. In addition, the front and rear brake discs of the

Chiron have a diameter which is 20 mm larger and have become 2 mm thicker, resulting in

more effective heat dissipation by the brake discs and improved performance on the track.

The brake calipers have been entirely newly designed. They are forged from an aluminium

part and then milled using bionic principles. In other words, the design is based on structures

found in nature. The new architecture allows minimum weight to be combined with maximum

rigidity for direct response and very easy dosing of the brakes. Thanks to the new

asymmetrical design, the brake caliper can dissipate an extraordinary amount of braking

energy. It also looks like a small work of art.

The front-axle brake calipers are each fitted with eight titanium pistons, with six titanium

pistons on each caliper of the rear axle. As a special feature of the Bugatti brakes, pistons of

different diameters are fitted to each caliper. This configuration ensures even pressure

distribution over the entire surface of the brake pad, preventing irregular wear. This is

complex racing technology that Bugatti has fitted to a production vehicle.

New adaptive chassis with five driving programs

The adaptive chassis of the Bugatti Chiron has five different driving programs: Lift, EB “Auto”,

Autobahn, Handling und Top Speed. This new control strategy was necessary as a result of

the extremely high power output and especially the huge maximum torque of the Chiron,

which is available over 70 percent of the entire engine speed range. The main actuators

used in the individual driving programs are the chassis height adjustment, the electronically

controlled shock absorbers, the electronically controlled power assisted steering, the four-
wheel drive with “easy to drift” feature, the electronically controlled rear differential, the

aerodynamic control system and the stability and brake control system. All these actuators

ensure that the super sports car is ideally adjusted for the driving mode which has been

The “Lift” mode is used if the vehicle is to be loaded on a trailer or driven over speed bumps

and entries. When a speed of 50 km an hour is reached, the vehicle automatically switches

to the base EB “Auto” mode for comfortable and agile driving. In this mode, the chassis

height and shock absorbers are automatically controlled as a function of speed and road

If the Chiron is driven faster than 180 km/h, the “Autobahn” mode is automatically activated.

In this case, the shock absorber settings are automatically adjusted for comfortable, stable

handling at higher speeds on highways. In the “Handling” mode, all systems are set for

maximum agility and performance. This mode is recommended for driving on race circuits.

The modes Lift, EB “Auto”, Autobahn and Handling can be activated individually using a

rotary switch on the steering wheel. The maximum speed in the “’Auto”, “Autobahn” and

“Handling” modes is 380 km/h.

To reach higher speeds, the driver can activate the “Top Speed” mode, which allows speeds

of up to 420 km/h and is activated by a second, separate ignition key. The so-called Speed


Key is also a feature of the Veyron and is used by Bugatti to underline the special nature of

driving up to top speed. By turning this key, the driver consciously opts for this mode, which

is then only enabled by the vehicle if all the relevant systems give the green light. “Safety

first” remains Bugatti’s motto.

Intelligent air intake management significantly improves aerodynamic properties as well as

enhancing vehicle cooling

Aerodynamics and cooling are extremely important, especially in the super sports car sector.

The Chiron is a largely enclosed vehicle designed to obtain the best possible aerodynamic

properties. For this reason, air flow through the vehicle for cooling presents an enormous

challenge. This internal combustion engine with a power output of 1,500 HP can generate

more than 3,000 HP of heat which needs to be dissipated.

The air intake management system of the Chiron is a highly sophisticated system that

represents an engineering masterpiece. In order to ensure lower drag, the effective drag

area was reduced and designed in such a way that turbulence as a result of rotating wheels

is avoided. The remaining exposed area at the front of the vehicle is used in a targeted way

to guide the oncoming air through and around the car. Components which play a key role

here are the air curtain, the aerodynamic front splitter, the front air intakes for the cooling of

brakes, water and air conditioning, the air intakes of the oil cooler and the engine air inlets on

the sides as well as the continuous trailing edge on the rear of the vehicle.

Newly developed heat shield for very-high-efficiency brake cooling

Three air inflows on each side of the car are used for brake cooling, guiding cooling air

through the wheel rim. For this purpose, Bugatti has developed an extremely sophisticated

heat shield, for which a patent application has been filed. This shield guides hot air through

the brakes to the exterior, providing extremely effective brake cooling.

The level underbody of the Chiron is equipped with special air guides in the form of rails,

called strakes, and active front diffusers. Air outlets for the main radiator are also installed at

the front. In the central section of the underbody, NACA ducts scoop air into the interior to

cool the powertrain; other air intakes at the rear provide cooling for the rear brakes.

Active aerodynamics system is a unique combination of performance-defining features

Apart from the passive aerodynamic features already mentioned, the Chiron also has an

active aerodynamics system. This is a uniquely sophisticated combination of performance-
defining features including the hydraulic diffuser flap with optimised geometry on the front

axle to ensure lower drag and improved brake cooling, the adaptive chassis which allows

different ground clearances to be set and the active air brake.

The adaptive rear spoiler of the Bugatti is unique. On the Chiron, the spoiler can adopt four

positions – completely retracted, slightly extended (the position for the Top Speed mode),

completely extended (for the Handling and Autobahn modes, with appropriately adapted


angles) and also tilted forwards in the air brake position. The level and angle of the wing are

adjusted fully automatically in line with the driving situation. The highly efficient design of the

rear wing means that an additional spoiler is not required, resulting in lower drag and weight

Highest-performance, most intelligent cooling system in sports car sector

The Chiron is equipped with two cooling water loops, a high-temperature loop for engine

cooling and a low-temperature loop for charge air cooling. The high-temperature loop

features one main and two auxiliary radiators with 37 litres of cooling water which are

pumped through the entire cooling loop in about three seconds. The low-temperature loop

designed by Bugatti to ensure outstanding everyday practicality for its super sports cars is

equipped with one radiator and has a water volume of 12 litres. This loop prevents the

charge air from overheating in stop-and-go driving and urban traffic.

If the three coolers for engine oil, transmission oil and rear axle differential oil are included,

together with the two water/air heat exchangers and the hydraulic oil cooler, the cooling

system of the Chiron has a total of 10 radiators and is the most sophisticated and highest-
performance cooling system installed on a sports car.

Electrical systems and electronics

The world’s most intelligent super sports car with a high degree of future orientation

The Chiron is the world’s most intelligent production super sports car. It creates ideal

conditions for the driver to concentrate fully on piloting a high-performance vehicle and

enjoying his emotions without any distractions whatsoever. No fewer than 50 controllers

manage the engine and transmission, the chassis components, the air conditioning and

comfort functions. And of course, all these systems continue to perform reliably even at

speeds significantly over 400 km/h.

Bugatti has paid more attention to the future viability of the new Chiron than almost any other

carmaker. In order to ensure that a Bugatti remains compatible for many years with

peripheral hardware and software which is continuously being developed, the processors

fitted to certain controllers feature additional capacity for later programming. A firm

foundation has been laid for subsequent expansion, especially in connection with telemetry

and connectivity functions.

New developments on the Chiron include the complex LED lighting system, the infotainment

system with instrument cluster and the air conditioning control unit. To implement special

lighting scenarios such as the welcome ceremony, the vehicle lighting system is designed for

individual digital control.

The flattest full-LED projector headlamps in the automobile sector

To accentuate the unique “eight-eye” design of the front end, Bugatti has equipped the

Chiron with the flattest full-LED projector headlamps ever fitted to a car, with a height of only

90 mm. Each headlamp has its own controller to operate the LEDs installed behind the main


lenses which are mounted on delicate aluminium arms. The eight outer lighting squares

consist of light conductors providing sidelight and daytime running light functions. Even in the

case of the headlamps, Bugatti has not attempted to save high-quality materials, using

carbon fibre for the light trims.

Newly developed adaptive instrument cluster

The instrument cluster in the cockpit is also a completely new development by Bugatti. The

cluster, installed in an aluminium housing, consists of three compact displays surrounding

the analogue speedometer. High-resolution TFT displays are positioned to the left and right

of the speedometer with a smaller flat IPS display located below. The high-resolution

graphics are extremely sharp. The principle is that the driver should be offered only the

information that is necessary in view of the driving mode that is active. The faster the Chiron

is driven, the simpler the presentation becomes. For example, infotainment data are hidden

and the main focus is on the driving data that the driver actually needs to explore the full

potential of this super sports car – safely and extremely enjoyably.

Central console with highly sophisticated design

The Chiron is home to what is probably the most aesthetically pleasing and narrowest central

console used in the automobile sector. The console features the selector lever and four

round air conditioning switches with indicators under glass hoods which can easily be seen

not only from the driver’s seat but also by the passenger. On the first control level, the four

rotary switches operate the air distribution, blower, temperature and seat heating functions.

But that is not all. In line with the principle that a huge variety of functions should be

presented in a way which is clear and allows intuitive operation, the second level of each

indicator provides additional functions for the monitoring of driving performance data, also

allowing individual programming, if the driver so desires. There are four different settings for

the definition of different functions: the Icon mode, the Performance mode, the Cruise mode

and the Classic mode.

High-performance high-end sound system makes the Chiron the world’s fastest concert hall

The audio system installed on the Chiron is simply sensational. Developed exclusively for

Bugatti by the “accuton” brand, well-known for its high-end equipment, this is the most

luxurious sound system available on a super sports car. Audio system connoisseurs will

appreciate the use of a one-carat diamond membrane in each of the four tweeters, delivering

a crystal-clear sound. In addition, the world’s first mid-range speaker with two separate

membrane zones is fitted to the Chiron. In combination with other sophisticated features, the

result is a sound platform that makes the Chiron the world’s fastest concert hall. It is almost

unsurprising that the system can even be adjusted for different interior materials. It is even

possible to take different types of leather into consideration. In the final resort, the occupants

of a Chiron experience music not as if they were in front of the stage but as if they were

sitting in the midst of the orchestra.


Further development of telemetry system for even more service and customer benefits

Among the equipment elements which are highly appreciated, Bugatti owners emphasise the

telemetry function of their vehicles. For the new Chiron, the performance of this function has

been significantly enhanced. To date, Bugatti technicians have been able to call up vehicle

condition data at the request of the customer. With the telemetry system implemented on the

new model, they will be able to carry out detailed preliminary investigations via the channels

of the controllers. This can be important in order to make a precise assessment of any

irregularities and the urgency of remedial action. In addition to the fast UMTS data

transmission standard, the Chiron is also equipped with WLAN (Wifi). For example, this

allows drivers to keep a diary of their trips with the super sports car.

Electromagnetic compatibility comparable to that of a military vehicle

In line with the heightened security requirements of Bugatti customers, the Chiron also

features an extremely high level of electromagnetic compatibility. Here too, the Bugatti

engineers did not accept any compromises; to be absolutely sure, they had additional tests

carried out on the Chiron in accordance with the applicable military standard.

New Bugatti design language: Form follows Performance

The Chiron is the most modern interpretation of Bugatti’s brand DNA. It embodies the new

design language of the luxury brand with its long tradition. The styling accentuates the

performance aspect of the super sports car much more strongly. The motto adopted by the

Bugatti designers for the Chiron was “Form follows Performance”.

Achim Anscheidt, Director of Design at Bugatti, describes his task as follows: “In view of our

extraordinary brand and the task in hand, it would not be adequate to simply draw a few

fashionable lines. In terms of design, the Chiron was an opportunity to develop most of the

basic elements required for an unambiguous stylistic concept from the extreme technical

requirements of the vehicle with a view to underlining the performance of this unique super

“This principle of form following performance defines the Chiron as an authentic technical

product and a fascinating automobile sculpture,” Anscheidt adds. “Both for our customers

and for us as designers, it is important for a Bugatti to have a certain stylistic longevity so

that it is still perceived as precious in 10 or even 50 years.”

The new design language is characterised by extremely generous surfaces, which are

demarcated by pronounced lines in the case of the Chiron. The accentuated lines of the

Chiron were inspired by the legendary Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, the most famous creation

of Jean Bugatti, design genius and son of the founder Ettore.


Design features have a technical background

The most distinctive design features of the Chiron are the Bugatti horseshoe with the eight-
eyed front end, the C-bar on the side (also known as the “Bugatti line”), which is also used as

a design element in the interior, the central fin as a reminiscence of the central seam on the

Bugatti Atlantic, which extends over the entire vehicle to the rear, and the redesigned rear

end with the newly developed rear light, which is unique in the automobile industry and gives

the Chiron its distinctive Bugatti signature.

Most of these elements have a technical background and have been designed to fully

accentuate the growing performance requirements of the Chiron.

The Chiron is higher and wider than its predecessor, which allows for more space, especially

in the footwell, and improved ergonomics. The headroom has been increased by 12 mm.

The wider front end of the vehicle is highlighted by the new eight-eye face. Apart from the

lamp housings, the front end features a highly effective air inlet for the cooling of the front

wheels and brakes and therefore performs an important aerodynamic function.

Expertly handcrafted trim skilfully sets the scene for the side line

That also applies to the Bugatti line, which not only emphatically defines the sides of the

exterior but is also conspicuous in the interior. The exterior line impressively reflects Bugatti’s

design ethos which ideally calls for shapes and lines to be derived from technical

requirements. This is not only a beautiful styling line. Its positioning was defined by the need

to improve engine ventilation and ventilation performance in general at this point. Behind the

A-pillar a very useful fresh air flow enters the vehicle at the level of the window. The air is

absorbed by the C-bar, guided through to the wheel arch and leaves the car via the rear.

A trim strip with a length of 2.80 metres effectively sets the scene for the side line. This strip

is made from a special aluminium alloy with hand polishing to ensure a high gloss. If the

customer so wishes, the strip is available in a number of different colours. It is embedded

both in the side and in the door. The interaction of an aluminium trim strip of this size and

shape and the carbon fibre outer skin poses a special challenge, which Bugatti has mastered

impressively. This detail alone already demonstrates Bugatti’s ability to facilitate the

Newly developed rear end with innovative rear light creates the distinctive signature of the

The rear with its all-round trailing edge is the clearest example of form following performance

in the design of the Chiron. The rear is shaped to ensure lower drag and to meet the

requirements posed by the high power output, the new top speed and heat dissipation from

the rear end. The suction effect behind the rear end allows the extraction of hot air collecting

in the engine compartment.

Although this rear design is not entirely new in the sports car sector, the combined rear,

brake, reversing and indicator light certainly is. The designers developed this homogeneous

light strip with a length of 1.60 metres extending over the entire rear without any interruptions

with a view to making a purist statement emphasising the width of the Chiron. The rear light


strip is the unmistakable signature and unique feature of this Bugatti. The Chiron is the first

and only production car to feature a rear light of this type. The light strip is only a few

millimetres high and is surrounded by a bar machined from solid aluminium. 82 Super RED

LED lamps ensure that all road-users can immediately see that a Bugatti Chiron is driving

Significantly more “beast” combined with a high level of “beauty”

The lines of the new car show that the balance between “beauty” and “beast” needed in a

modern Bugatti has been significantly shifted in the direction of aggression in the case of the

new Chiron. This can be seen from the considerably more dynamic sideline, the central fin

that gives an impression of acceleration, the elongated rear wings and the more dynamic

A two-tone colour scheme is a classic element in Bugatti’s design DNA. However, the

boundary between the two colours does not run across components in the case of the Chiron

but follows the edges of components in a highly technical way. In the past, more than 50

percent of Veyron customers chose a two-tone colour scheme for their car. Similar

developments are expected in the case of the Chiron although the new model will still look

extremely seductive and impressive in a single-tone scheme.

At a standstill, the Chiron already has emphatic proportions, not least as a result of its larger

The fact that the vehicle is wider also enhances the volume of the powerful wings, allowing

the Chiron to flex its muscles. This impression is enhanced by the fact that the doors ahead

of the rear wings closely follow the shoulders like a bespoke suit.

The rear spoiler (the “air brake”) emphatically accentuates the unparalleled performance

generated by the rear-mounted powerplant of the Bugatti. The air brake extends over the full

width of the vehicle, making a statement that is both stylistic and technical.

100 percent authentic materials

Bugatti continues to practise its philosophy of “What you see is what you get“ consistently

with the Chiron. This vehicle is constructed in every respect from authentic materials. Parts

that look like carbon fibre, aluminium or leather are really made from these materials. All the

exterior trim parts, wherever they are installed, are made from aluminium of consistently high

grades and quality with an anodised effect. The horseshoe at the front is made from a single

part, with the degree of deformation of the edges reaching the limits of technical feasibility.

On average, the thickness of the material is no more than 1.5 mm. A special, hand-polished

alloy is used to obtain a high gloss finish.

The grille inside the horseshoe also explores the limits of feasibility. The lightweight

aluminium structure used for the grille of the Chiron has a 3-D effect providing optical depth.

However, the grille not only looks good but also has extremely high impact strength as a

result of its complex multi-stage production process.


Newly designed front emblem crafted from solid 970 fine silver and enamel

The front emblem on the radiator grille, also known as the Bugatti “Macaron“, is a real gem.

This symbol is a completely new design which is one third larger than its predecessor. The

Bugatti oval is the only component of the Chiron that has not been subjected to the

painstaking weight saving programme that is normal practice in the development of a super

sports car. This part is allowed to be heavy. The eyecatcher, with a circumference of 26 cm,

consists of solid 970 fine silver and enamel and has a total weight of 155 g, including 140 g

of silver. Previously, the emblem had 2-D optics, with an art deco logo and a hint of shadow,

following examples from the 1920s. The new emblem is a 3-D design creating the effect of

letters hovering over the red enamel. This decorative component can only be produced by a

handcrafting process that is extremely complex and time-consuming. In all, five layers of

enamel are applied in individual processes, followed by baking and hand polishing. Ettore

Bugatti, whose motto was “nothing is too beautiful and nothing is too expensive,” would

certainly have taken pleasure in this example of sheer craftmanship.

Illuminated C-bar in the interior is the longest light conductor in the automobile industry

The interior reflects the stylistic themes of the exterior including the central fin inspired by the

Bugatti Atlantic. This approach ensures a symmetrical layout in the interior.

At the same time, the design theme of the Bugatti line is expressed most strongly in the

interior of the vehicle. The open oval based on a stylised “C”, the initial of Louis Chiron’s

signature, is already a dominant element in the side view of the super sports car and is also

taken up in the passenger compartment as a separating line between the symmetrical units

for the driver and passenger. The C-shaped light strip emerges from the front bonnet into the

passenger compartment as a raised graphic element and merges seamlessly into the

dashboard. From here, it flows over the armrest between the seats to the back wall where it

rises to the roof liner; at the front, it ends at the rear-view mirror. The homogeneously lit,

dimmable light bar is the longest light conductor used in automobiles. This is not the only

superlative as it has a surround that is machined from a single piece of aluminium in a

complex process and is an eyecatcher in itself.

The focus is on the pilot

The cockpit layout of the Bugatti Chiron consistently follows functional requirements. In order

to keep the central console as slim as possible and to allow a spacious impression, the

climate control and infotainment systems have been separated. The units on the central

console have independent displays. The selector for the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox is

located in the perfect ergonomic position within easy reach of the driver’s hand. It is

produced from the most exclusive materials available and all aluminium parts are milled from

solid material. Bugatti is the only carmaker to use anodised aluminium for its controls and to

ensure that each individual graphic symbol is illuminated.

Bugatti pilots have all the driving dynamics information they need within their field of vision.

The instruments visible through the steering wheel with its central horseshoe emblem include

the analogue speedometer, the two supplementary digital displays, with the mechanical


speed indicator standing out as a result of its exclusive quality. The speedometer runs up to

the magic figure of 500 km/h (310 mph) and is a feast for the eyes with the exclusive

appearance of a precious Swiss watch.

Everything within reach and perfectly controllable

The steering wheel is a classic example of the perfect combination of form and function. With

an entirely new design, the steering wheel is the pilot’s control centre. There is no need to

take a hand off the steering wheel in order to operate any essential systems. Two multi-
function buttons installed on the left and right sides of the inner rim allow the driver to control

all the multimedia features of the car, including navigation, telephone, sound system and

many other functions. Below the multi-function button, there is a rotary switch for selecting

various driving modes on the left-hand side and the starter button on the right-hand side. At

the bottom of the wheel, the driver finds a button to activate the launch control function,

allowing the Chiron to deploy maximum torque for standing starts and acceleration, leaving

all other vehicles behind.

Chiron buyers can choose between a full-leather steering wheel or a unit with a combination

of leather and carbon fibre. Bugatti is following the wishes of its customers by making very

generous use of high-grade carbon fibre material in the interior of the vehicle. The perfectly

harmonised material split between leather and carbon fibre creates a luxurious environment

commensurate with a technically sophisticated super sports car. At the start of discussions

with customers concerning the configuration of their dream car, Bugatti already offers 31

colours for leather and eight colours for alcantara. If customers have special wishes

concerning colours or materials, which is rather the rule than the exception at Bugatti, the

designers and engineers will do everything in their power to take these into consideration if

possible in view of the stringent quality and safety requirements that apply. For a Bugatti,

only exclusive materials with the best possible quality of workmanship can be used. It goes

without saying that every interior is tailor-made for the individual customer and hand-crafted.

A good seating position and optimum seat comfort are especially important in a super sports

car. Three types of seat are available for the Chiron. The standard version boasts

outstanding seating comfort thanks to its sophisticated upholstery, special seam pattern and

the optimum distribution of seat pressure. Electric adjustment functions make for relaxed,

ergonomic sitting. This is enhanced by the possibility of manual fore and aft adjustment. The

side pads of the seat provide outstanding lateral support. Apart from this all-rounder, Bugatti

also offers a sports seat with belt openings made from high-grade polished aluminium for

four-point belts and a comfort seat with lumbar support, electric fore and aft adjustment and a

The shelf and stowage concept underlines the Chiron’s claim to be not only a high-
performance vehicle but a sports car that is both luxurious and comfortable and stands out

from other market players. With open and closed stowage compartments and doors, which

are all equipped with dimmable lighting, the driver can choose between a considerable

variety of stowage possibilities. Smartphones can be positioned on the central console where

they are directly accessible. The cooled glove compartment provides even greater comfort.

Suit bags or jackets can be hung up on two high-quality hooks behind the seats.

The engineers have even created special stowage spaces for the two ignition keys. The main

key for the operation of the super sports car in driving modes up to a speed of 380 km/h has


a keyless go function and locks into a position to the right of the steering wheel in order to

ensure safe stowage even during very sportive driving. The main key of the Chiron is an

elegant, exclusive unit that lies comfortably in the driver’s hand. It is fabricated from

aluminium and is covered in leather with decorative seams adapted to the interior equipment

of the individual vehicle. The front of the key features the Bugatti logo, handcrafted from

silver and enamel in the same workshop that makes the radiator emblem.

The famed Bugatti Speed Key has a design appropriate to its name. The key housing is

milled from aluminium, polished to a high gloss and boasts the unmistakable blue lettering of

The Speed Key has its own stowage location, held in place by an invisible magnet on the

switch strip to the left of the driver’s seat. It is therefore immediately visible when the driver

Overall vehicle development

Development and test programme of unprecedented complexity in the super sports car

No other super sports car of this calibre completes such an exacting and complex test

program as the Chiron. The process starts with design sketches and 1:1 clay models. These

are followed by geometrical drawings showing all interior and exterior surfaces visible to the

customers and taking into consideration all technical and aesthetic requirements and then by

digital mock-models, until prototypes and pre-series vehicles are built. At each stage in the

process, the Chiron is subjected to a large number of tests, checks and correction loops of

the type which are normally only used in the development of mass-produced models.

More than 30 test vehicles were or still are in use, including six vehicles alone used to ensure

compliance with worldwide safety standards and legislation. Two quality and type-testing

vehicles are also on the roads. No fewer than 10 pre-series vehicles are being built to lay the

foundations for the perfect start of series production in September 2016.

The Chiron has spent more than 300 hours in the wind tunnel, completed more than 500,000

test kilometres and used up more than 200 sets of tyres.

Apart from comprehensive simulations, the Chiron has completed a large number of tests on

test rigs. Some of these, including the engine test bench, had to be redesigned and built

especially for the Chiron as existing facilities were inadequate to simulate the loads on a

1,500 HP unit or were simply too small for the new W16 engine. In addition, the Chiron was

tested on test rigs operated by the aerospace industry or the armed forces as only these test

facilities were adequate for reaching and verifying the performance data that were aimed for.

The Chiron meets the most exacting quality requirements

The quality inspectors of the Volkswagen Group will not grant the Chiron any exceptions

whatsoever as a result of the small numbers to be produced. Like any other modern

Volkswagen Group model, the Chiron must face the most stringent quality requirements

possible. As a result, Chiron owners can look forward to a production super sports car of the

very highest quality.


Technical Specifications

(near-production vehicle)

Length 4544 mm

Width 2038 mm

Height (normal setting) 1212 mm

Wheelbase 2711 mm

Weight 1995 kg (DIN empty)

Fuel capacity 100 l

Engine configuration/

number of cylinders W16

Displacement 7993 cm3

Valves per cylinder 4

Turbocharging 4 turbochargers with new Bugatti 2-stage turbocharging,

Power output 1,103 kW / 1,500 HP at 6,700 rpm

Max. torque 1,600 Nm (2,000 to 6,000 rpm)

Transmission 7-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox

Drive system Permanent all-wheel drive

Power distribution, front Front-axle differential with Haldex coupling

Power distribution, rear Rear-axle differential with controlled inter-wheel lock

Suspension Double-wishbone, front and rear

Front tyres 285 / 30 R20 ZR (Y) – BG

Rear tyres 355 / 25 R21 ZR (Y) – BG

intercooling (water/air)

Lift, EB “Auto”, Highway, Handling, Top Speed

Controlled components: steering, shock absorbers, ESC,

ASR, Haldex, inter-wheel lock (depending on mode and


Front brake discs 420 mm

Rear brake discs 400 mm

Number of brake pistons

front 8, rear 6



(near-production vehicle, figures are provisional and subject to Type Approval)

Maximum speed: Top Speed 420 km/h (261 mph) (limited for road use)

Maximum speed: Handling 380 km/h (236 mph) (limited)

Acceleration* 0 – 100 km/h (62 mph) <2.5 seconds

Braking distances* 100 (62 mph) – 0 km/h 31.3 m

0 – 200 km/h (124 mph) <6.5 seconds

0 – 300 km/h (186 mph) <13.6 seconds

200 (124 mph) – 0 km/h 125 m

300 (186 mph) – 0 km/h 275 m

Lateral acceleration* 1.5 g (handling)

Drag coefficient (cD)* 0.38 (EB “Auto”)

Lift coefficient (cL)(Handling)*


0.40 (Handling)

0.35 (Top Speed)

0.59 (Air Brake)



Årets hetaste bil är här - Bugatti Chiron

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Hur har vi kunnat leva utan en kantig telefon?
Må iPhone va kantig för evigt

När iPhone 4 kom en gång i tiden var det ett stort steg framåt när det kommer till byggen av mobiler. Sedan kom iPhone 5, 5S och SE som alla var förfiningar av denna underbara form med kantiga sidor och rundade hörn. Telefoner som låg skönt i handen och som man visste var de var. Sedan kom iPhone 6 och en era av rundade hörn startade. En av anledningarna till att man hoppade på det tåget var säkert att de nya telefonerna jämfört med iPhone 5 var betydligt större, och det gömdes lite av den rundare känslan. Nu har jag levt med iPhone 12 och 12 Pro i dryga två veckor och när jag ibland tar upp min iPhone 11 Pro Max undrar jag vad vi har stått ut med detta i alla dessa år sedan iPhone 6 kom. Den gamla telefonen känns nämligen som en hal tvål och jag blir typ lite rädd när jag tar upp den. Vill hålla den med två händer för säkerhets skull. Jag kanske inte behöver skriva att jag älskar formen på nya iPhone 12 utan det har ni nog listat ut själva. Det är en fröjd att ha en telefon som man vet exakt var man har den när man håller i den. Man kan kanske tro att kantigt ska ligga sämre i handen, men det är precis tvärtom. Det är också något charmigt med en totalt platt telefon. Alla de sluttande skärmar vi har behövt utstå under de senaste åren har varit fräcka och lurat ögonen att skärmen inte har några kanter, men de är värdelösa att se på och bör behandlas med silkesvantar. Att kunna lägga ner telefonen på bordet och den ligger totalt platt mot ytan är konstigt tillfredställande. Nu väntar vi bara på att den där kameraklumpen magiskt ska försvinna så att vi även får en helt platt baksida. Det hade varit något det. Tumnagel
Roger Åberg

Amazon släpper sin smarta hylla till fler företagskunder
Hyllan som känner av när något håller på att ta slut

Förra året presenterade Amazon den smarta hyllan "Dash Smart Shelf" som själv kunde känna av om något som förvarades på denna höll på att ta slut. När så var fallet påmindes kunden om detta eller så gick det att ställa in så att varan som höll på att ta slut beställdes automatiskt från Amazon eller någon av deras partners. När Amazon presenterade Dash Smart Shelf var den endast tillgänglig för en mindre skara med testkunder. Efter att dessa testat systemet i ett år så meddelar dock Amazon att den smarta hyllan nu kommer att gå att köpa av alla Amazons amerikanska företagskunder. Dash Smart Shelf finns i tre storlekar, 18x18 cm, 30x25 cm samt 45x30 cm. Oavsett storlek så kostar de 20 dollar styck. Om Amazon har några planer på att lansera sin smarta hylla här i Sverige finns det än så länga inga uppgifter om. Tumnagel
Wille Wilhelmsson

Ta en titt på dokumentär om Shinji Mikami
Lite helgnörderi

Shinji Mikami är lite utav en legend i spelbranschen. Mikami har jobbat med spel sedan 1990 och arbetat på Capcom, Platinum Games och hänger nu på Tango Gameworks och har under sin karriär skapat titlar som Resident Evil, God Hand, Vanquish och The Evil Within. Nu har en dokumentär om Mikami släppts och denna kan ni ta en titt på precis här. Första delen har ni ovan och i den får vi reda på hur det var att börja på Capcom och skapa klassiker som Resident Evil samt vilka influenser Mikami haft under sin karriär. Andra delen hittar ni nedan och i den får vi följa Mikamis karriär efter han lämnade Capcom för att jobba med bland annat Platinum Games. Tumnagel
André Stray

NASA har nu säkrat materialet man samlade in från asteroid
Nu ska det bara ta sig tillbaka jorden med

NASA har nu bekräftat att det material deras farkost OSIRIS-Rex samlade in från asteroiden Bennu förra veckan nu lagts i behållaren "Sample Return Capsule" (SRC) där det kommer att förvaras till denna förhoppningsvis landar välbehållen på jorden nästa år. NASA-chefen Jim Bridenstine säger om uppdraget som OSIRIS-Rex nu genomfört: "This achievement by OSIRIS-REx on behalf of NASA and the world has lifted our vision to the higher things we can achieve together, as teams and nations. Together a team comprising industry, academia and international partners, and a talented and diverse team of NASA employees with all types of expertise, has put us on course to vastly increase our collection on Earth of samples from space. Samples like this are going to transform what we know about our universe and ourselves, which is at the base of all NASA’s endeavors." I mars nästa kommer OSIRIS-Rex att ligga i rätt position för att påbörja sin återresa till jorden. NASA planerar att SRC-kapseln och dess unika innehåll kommer att landa i delstaten Utah 23 september 2023. Tumnagel
Wille Wilhelmsson

Roccat släpper Vulcan Pro och Vulcan Pro TKL
Rätt tunna tangentbord

Roccat har nu lanserat det senaste tillskotten i Vulcan-serien och enheterna går under namnen Vulcan Pro och Vulcan Pro TKL. Som ni säkert redan listat ut av namnen så handlar det om ett fullstort tangentbord samt ett lite mindre utan numpad. Vulcan Pro kommer med Roccats nya Titan Optical-brytare som ska enligt Roccat registrera knapptryck 100 gånger snabbare än vanliga mekaniska brytare och ha längre livstid med upp till 100 miljoner klick. Enheterna kommer även med Roccats AIMO-belysning som går att justera fritt Vulcan Pro och Vulcan Pro TKL finns tillgängliga i butik nu och priset ligger på 1799 kronor. Undertecknad har kört TKL-versionen av tangentbordet den senaste veckan och om ni vill läsa lite åsikter om det så är det bara att klicka på läs mer. Tumnagel
André Stray

McLaren Senna-ägare kör sin bil där den hör hemma
På banan

En McLaren Senna hör hemma på banan. Det vet den här ägaren som här tar oss med på en åktur runt Red Bull Ring i Österrike. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Nytt album från Zacke
Pengar. Frihet. Zakaria Jamal

För fyra år sedan släppte Luleårapparen Zacke sitt senaste album Fattigkussen som han grammisnominerades för. Idag släpps en ny platta och den heter Pengar. Frihet. Zakaria Jamal. Det här ska vara hans mest politiska skiva hittills och han säger att han leker med den svenska självbilden och den svenska medelklassen i låtarna. Lyssna kan du göra nedan. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Oreo har byggt ett säkert valv för kakor
För att kunna förvara dessa till eftervärlden

Den 3 november kommer asteroiden 2018VP1 att passera jorden. Det finns en chans på 0,41 procent att den dammar in i jorden och att allt liv här utplånas, typ. Fast eftersom den bara är två meter i diameter så jag tror att vi klarar oss. Men om nu jorden skulle träffas av något så att det blir kaos här kan det ju vara bra att lagra saker i ett säkert valv så att världen kan leva vidare när dammet har lagt sig. Det är därför bland annat Global Seed Vault på Svalbard finns där massa fröer förvaras. Och nu finns även Global Oreo Vault i närheten av detta där kakor förvaras till eftervärlden. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Iggy Pop - Cry For Love

Idag är det fredag och då ska man lyssna på lite bra musik. Denna vecka blir det Iggy Pop med dängan Cry For Love. Bonusklipp nedan. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Marabou Pepparkakskladdkaka
Finns i butik nu

Klart man även ska äta kladdkaka runt jul. Almondy och Marabou presenterar därför årets nyhet som är Pepparkakskladdkaka. Kombinerar man goda saker blir det ju bara godare så även om jag inte har testat denna kan den ju inte vara äcklig. Pepparkakor äter man ju några kilo utan problem och så även kladdkaka. Kakan ska vara riktigt kladdig och i den finns bland annat smält mjölkchoklad och pepparkakskryddor. Ett tips är att servera den med lingongrädde för att öka på julkänslan ytterligare. Kostar mellan 25 och 30 kronor och ska finnas i frysdiskarna nu. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Trailer för Zappa
Dokumentär om Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa var en amerikansk kompositör, musiker, gitarrist, textförfattare, sångare, artist och debattör. I dokumentären Zappa får vi reda på mer om hans liv och vad hans karriär har inneburit. Bonusklipp nedan. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Ett väldigt avlägset värdshus
Finns ute i den australiensiska öknen

Tjukayirla Roadhouse är en butik och värdshus som drivs av Carol, Ross och deras hund Bronson. Det ligger i den Stora Victoriaöknen i södra Australien och är en av de mest isolerade platserna i landet. I det här klippet får vi hänga med till stället och se hur det ser ut. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Svenska Purity Navy Strength Gin får fint pris
Utsedd till en av världens bästa giner

Det skånska destilleriet Purity har nu blivit utsedd som en av världens bästa giner vid årets International Spirit Challenge i London. Priset fick man för Purity Navy Strength Gin som är en starkare gin med 57,14 procent alkoholhalt. Masterblender Mathias Tönnesson säger följande: "Helt ärligt. Jag skakar av glädje. Att bli utsedd som världens bästa gin är jättestort och kan liknas med att vinna 100m sprint i VM. Alla vill vinna detta race då det råder ginhysteri i världen och att ett litet ekologiskt destilleri från Skåne vinner detta pris är enormt. Hemligheten bakom Purity Gins stora smakprofil, förutom att den är baserad på världens bästa vodka, är att kryddningen är gjord med den spännande blandningen av enbär, basilika, timjan, blåbär, lingon, koriander, lavendel, kardemumma och Angelikarot. Denna kryddsättning gör att du får en gin med mycket smak och då den har vår mycket lena vodka som bas kan du njuta av en smakrik gin som är mjuk i strupen." Ginen har nummer 83402 på Systembolaget och du hittar den här. För en flaska som rymmer 0,7 liter får du betala 449 kronor. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Tuggummit Mind The Gum lanseras i sverige
Ska kunna motverka mental trötthet

Mind The Gum är ett tuggummi som ursprungligen är utvecklat av italienska forskare och det lanserades 2015. Sedan dess har man sålt 15 miljoner tuggummin. Zlatan Ibrahimovic blev nyligen partner i företaget och nu i höst ska produkten lanseras här i Sverige. Tuggummit innehåller 15 stycken aktiva ingredienser bestående av koffein, vitaminer, aminosyror, antioxidanter och säger sig kunna motverka mental trötthet. Mind The Gum kommer inledningsvis att säljas på apotek men exakt när och vad det då kommer att kosta är oklart för tillfället. På hemsidan kostar ett 36-pack 19,90 euro. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Johnnie Walker-whisky för 179.900 kronor
Finns nu på Systembolaget

Whisky-tillverkaren Johnnie Walker fyller i år hela 200 år och detta ska givetvis firas. Man gör det bland annat genom att släppa fyra stycken flaskor i begränsad upplaga och en av dessa sticker ut rejält - eftersom den kostar 179.900 kronor. För de slanten får man en Masterx27s Ruby Reserve som beskrivs som "en rik och perfekt balanserad 40-årig Scotch". Det här blir den dyraste Johnnie Walker-flaskan som någonsin har sålts på Systembolaget. John Williams som är Global Scotch Director på den brittisk dryckeskoncernen Diageo säger följande: "Vi vill visa upp denna 200-åriga resa genom att lansera dessa fyra exlusiva limited edition whiskys. De är en hyllning till vart vi kommer ifrån. Men kanske mer än så, de ger uttryck för vad vi kan åstadkomma idag och framöver. Johns glöd, vision och entrepenörskap är nyckeln till att Johnnie Walker som varumärke har växt sig så starkt genom åren. Detta lade också grunden till en ny framtid inom skotsk whisky, då hans sätt att framställa whisky på har inspirerat alla följande generationer av whiskytillverkare." Läs mer om flaskorna på länken nedan. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Årets glögg från Stockholms Bränneri
Winter Negroni

Förra året släppte Stockholms Bränneri en Gin & Tonic-glögg. I år tar man ytterligare ett steg och presenterar nu Winter Negroni. Man har utgått från bränneriets Dry Gin och den egna Aperitif - Röd och sedan kryddat kombon med klassiska julkryddor som kryddnejlika, kardemumma, apelsin och kanel. Till det adderas kallpressad körsbärs- och svartvinbärsmust. Erik Hasselgärde som är produktionsansvarig beskriver den på det här viset: "I år tar vi ytterligare ett steg med en nytolkning, men kom samtidigt närmre vad en klassisk glögg innefattar; värmande bäriga toner, julkryddor och sötma, som vi nu gifter med Negronins djupa smak och balanserande bitterhet. Glögg möter en Negroni helt enkelt." Winter Negroni släpps den 4 november klockan 10.00 på länken nedan. Alkoholhalten ligger på 22 procent och för en flaska som rymmer 500 milliliter får man betala 192 kronor. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Varför tvättar man riset innan man kokar det?
Adam Ragusea förklarar

Brukar du tvätta riset innan du kokar det? Behövs det ens? Det beror på vilket typ av ris du kokar och vad du ska ha det till. Adam Ragusea förklarar i sitt senaste klipp. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Det här är Hyundais minsta elbil
Något för barnen att köra omkring med

Hyundai presenterar nu sin minsta elbil hittills och det är en barnversion av konceptbilen 45 Concept som vi har skrivit om tidigare. Under skalet på den lilla barnbilen sitter två stycken DC-motorer som ger den en toppfart på 7 km/h. Vad den har för räckvidd på en laddning framgår dock inte. För att vara lite snälla mot naturen är bilen faktiskt byggd i trä. Om man kommer att kunna köpa den, när och vad den då skulle kunna tänkas kosta får vi tyvärr inte reda på just nu. Tumnagel
Bobby Green