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Betatesta ShootMania Storm Stängd beta på gång
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Nadeo kommer inom kort börja köra igång sin stängda beta för Shootmania Storm. Om man vill vara med och leka i denna beta så kan man, fram till den 2:e juli, anmäla sitt intresse för att bli en betatestare.

We are happy to announce the ShootMania Storm Beta is about to begin. To any player wishing to test the game, you have until the 2nd July 2012 to register.

To begin the Beta, all of the Alpha players will receive a 7-day Beta key. So it’s very important that all Alpha players have indicated a valid email in their ingame profile.

Now for the best part… Every player who has registered for the Beta on the official site will receive a 7-day ShootMania Storm Beta key!

But that’s not all, a new mode will also appear in the Beta : “Siege”, a 5 vs 5 competitive mode.

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tors. 28 jun 2012, 14:06
Betatesta ShootMania Storm Stängd beta på gång