Frågor och svar kring PlayStation VR
Sony ställer och svarar på många, många frågor

Frågor och svar kring PlayStation VR
Spel / Sony

Under gårdagen slängde Sony upp en så kallad FAQ om sitt kommande headset för virtuell verklighet, PlayStation VR. Runt 70 frågor och svar har man uppe för tillfället så det täcker en hel del. Här hittar man svar på vad man kan göra med detta headset förutom att spela spel, hur Cinematic Mode fungerar och hur ofta de rekommenderar att man tar en paus.

En annan grej som kom fram här är att HDR inte fungerar om man har headsetet inkopplat så om man har en sådan flådig tv och vill utnyttja HDR måste man första koppla ut headsetet ur PlayStationet. Inte hela världen kanske men potentiellt störigt för de som drabbas av detta.

Q: Does the Processor Unit support 4K and HDR pass through?
The PU supports video pass through so that you can enjoy regular non-VR content on your TV when you have the PS4 connected to the TV via the PU, and the PU is connected to power via the AC adapter and the PS VR headset is not in use. This pass through support works for regular 1080p signals and also supports 2160p (UHD or ‘4K’) content in YUV 420 colour format at up to 60Hz from PlayStation Pro.

However, HDR signals are not supported for pass through by the PU. This applies to both 1080p and 2160p HDR. If you have a HDR capable TV and want to view PS4 content in HDR, it is necessary to cable the PS4 directly to the TV.

Så om man har diverse funderingar kring detta headset som släpps nästa vecka så kanske man kan hitta svar på sina funderingar efter hoppet eller via länken nedan.

PS VR: the basics

Q: What is PlayStation VR? How much does it cost?
PlayStation VR is our Virtual Reality system for PlayStation 4, available 13th October. The core product includes the PS VR system, headphones and all cabling required, with a suggested retail price of £349.99/€399.99.

Q: What do I need to own to experience PS VR?
PlayStation VR allows you to experience the future of gaming through Virtual Reality with a PS VR system, your PS4 and PlayStation Camera. Most games utilise the Dualshock 4 wireless controller. Many PS VR games have an option to enhance their experience through the use of two PlayStation Move motion controllers, while there are a limited number of games that require two. The PS VR exclusive sci-fi FPS game, Farpoint, utilises the PS VR Aim controller to offer a realistic and precise way to control the game.

Q: What are the weight and measurement of PS VR?
It is approximately 610g (excluding cable) and approximately 7.4 x 7.3 x 10.9 inches (width × height × length, excludes largest projection, headband at the shortest).

Q: What is VR?
VR stands for Virtual Reality, which is a simulation of another reality created by designers and programmers. Currently the PS VR system delivers a Virtual Reality experience for your eyes and ears through a combination of the 360 degrees 1:1 tracking of your head, wide field of view stereoscopic images delivered with a high refresh rate at 120Hz, and binaural 3D audio makes your brain think you’ve been transported to another world. We call this feeling “presence.” It’s when we feel like we are present somewhere else in space (and time) and our brain begins to believe this new “virtual reality.”

Q: Will I be able to play non-VR games and watch video content on PS VR?
PS VR has a feature called “Cinematic Mode”, which lets you enjoy content in 2D, including PS4 games and movies, on a giant virtual screen while wearing the VR headset. The PS Camera is required for initial setup, but not when actually using Cinematic Mode.

Q: Where can I try PS VR before I decide to buy??
In the UK, selected retail GAME stores are conducting hands-on demos of PlayStation VR. You can find out more right here.

Q: When can I buy PS VR?
In Europe, PlayStation VR pre-orders opened in March 2016 and have sold out. But there will be units available at participating retailers on launch day, 13th October 2016. Click here to learn more.

Q: When I’m using PS VR, will other people in the room be able to experience what I’m seeing?
Yes, PlayStation VR displays what you’re seeing in VR or a completely different image as a 2D image on your TV screen via a feature we call “Social Screen.” This allows others to observe and, in some cases, participate. For example, the free launch game The Playroom VR offers several experiences where players are working with, and against, one person wearing the PS VR headset.

Q. Is there a recommended minimum age I have to be to use PS VR?
Age 12 and up.

PS VR: hardware specifications

Q: How does PS VR work?
PlayStation VR (PS VR) is a headset that displays a stereoscopic (a different image is in each eye) view of Virtual Reality (VR) content generated by the PS4 system. The headset contains blue LED tracking lights and motion sensors that are used in conjunction with the PS Camera to track the position and orientation of your head in real-time. VR games and applications use this tracking of your head to render immersive 3D visuals and audio that put you into a virtual world. The PS4 and PS Camera also track Dualshock 4, PlayStation Move and PlayStation VR Aim controllers to allow you to interact with this virtual world. PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation VR Aim controller offer a more realistic and precise way to control games, and provide an unbelievable sense of presence in the virtual world.

Q: What are the specs on PS VR’s screen?
PS VR uses a single 5.7? 1920 x 1080 resolution full-colour OLED RGB display, also known as “1920 x RGB x 1080.” Unlike other VR displays, the PS VR display uses full Red, Green and Blue sub-pixels to produce a full colour pixel. There are 1920 Red, Green and Blue sub pixels for each of the 1080 lines of pixels, so this is referred to as 1920 x RGB x 1080. This enables PS VR to further immerse the player and deliver a strong sense of presence.

Q: What is PS VR’s latency?
Low latency is critical to delivering an engaging and comfortable VR experience, and PS VR’s latency comes in at less than 18ms (0.018 seconds).
Recent research in VR has deemed 20ms as being the highest acceptable latency before people notice the lag in VR.

Q: What is the refresh rate of the PS VR display?
The PS VR OLED display can refresh at 90Hz (90 times per second) or at 120Hz (120 times per second) depending on the VR game or application.

Q: How can a game run at 60 frames per second, but we see it at 120Hz in PS VR?
PS VR games and applications utilise a feature called “reprojection.” This technique takes the last output image at 60Hz and creates a new image at 120Hz based on the latest head movements made by the user. This is not the same as video frame interpolation and does not introduce any lag in the images being presented by the PS VR OLED screen.

Q: Will we see PS VR games running natively at 90fps and 120fps?
Yes. There are already games in development that run natively at 90fps and in the future we may potentially see some games running natively at 120fps as developers become more experienced with creating games for PS VR.

Q: What is the Processor Unit (PU) and what does it do?
The Processor Unit is a small box that comes with your PS VR, and connects your PS VR to your PS4 and TV and provides HDMI cable management, enabling Social Screen TV output, 3D audio processing and Cinematic Mode.

Q: What do you mean by “HDMI cable management”?
The PU acts as an HDMI splitter, providing images to PS VR and to your TV. When PS VR is off or in the system User Interface, the TV will show the normal PS4 output. When a PS VR game or application is launched, the TV will show the Social Screen output image.

Q: Does the Processor Unit provide extra processing power to PS4?
No. The PU only assists the PS4 with 3D audio processing, HDMI cable management, Cinematic Mode and the Social Screen TV output.

Q: How big and heavy is the Processor Unit?
It is approximately 365g in weight and approximately 5.6 x 1.4 x 5.6 inches (width × height × length, excludes largest projection).

Q: Does the Processor Unit support 4K and HDR pass through?
The PU supports video pass through so that you can enjoy regular non-VR content on your TV when you have the PS4 connected to the TV via the PU, and the PU is connected to power via the AC adapter and the PS VR headset is not in use. This pass through support works for regular 1080p signals and also supports 2160p (UHD or ‘4K’) content in YUV 420 colour format at up to 60Hz from PlayStation Pro.

However, HDR signals are not supported for pass through by the PU. This applies to both 1080p and 2160p HDR. If you have a HDR capable TV and want to view PS4 content in HDR, it is necessary to cable the PS4 directly to the TV.

PS VR games

Q: How many games are currently in development for PS VR?
Hundreds of developers are currently working on games and experiences for PS VR, with approximately 50 titles slated to launch before the end of 2016. Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more information on games and experiences in development.

Q: What types of games are available for PS VR?
PlayStation VR is a new and cutting-edge way to play games and experience media, and its game line-up spans a variety of genres, including shooters (RIGS Mechanized Combat League, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood), puzzle (SuperHyperCube), racing (GT Sport), horror (Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, due out 2017) and more. However, given the massive leap in interactivity and engagement that PlayStation VR provides, we are eagerly anticipating the creation of all-new gaming genres and entertainment experiences.

Q: How will I know what games are PS VR compatible?
Whether on PlayStation Store or in your local retailer, you will see prominent branding elements that will indicate PlayStation VR support and whether peripherals such as the PlayStation Move motion controller is required.

Q: Will there be a specific section on PlayStation Store for PS VR games?
Yes. PlayStation Store will feature a PlayStation VR specific category.

Q: Can I play PS VR games without the headset?
You’ll need to wear the headset to experience VR. However, certain titles, such as The Playroom VR, will support local multiplayer modes that allow a PS VR user and other players to play together using PS VR’s Social Screen. In addition, there are PS4 games like Bound and Resident Evil 7 Biohazard that are PS VR compatible, which gives players the option to play in or out of VR. To play these games in VR, you must wear the headset.

Q: Are any games included when I buy a PS VR headset?
The Playroom VR will be a free download for all PS VR owners. PS VR also comes with a free demo disc featuring a wide variety of playable demos.

Q: What games are on the demo disc that comes with the headset?
The included PS VR Demo Disc will feature a number of playable demos spanning across many different games. Click here to see the full list.

Q: What is The Playroom VR?
The Playroom VR is a brand new collection of six VR games especially created for use with the PlayStation VR headset. Players can use their VR headset, while up to four friends can join in on the multiplayer fun in the same room on the TV.

Every game in The Playroom VR offers a unique experience, and is the perfect introduction to the magic of VR.

* Mini Robots is a welcome lobby that places the user inside a room filled with adorable interactive robots.
Monster Escape is a competitive party game for up to five players (one VR player vs four players on TV). The player in the PS VR headset becomes a huge monster destroying a miniature city. One to four additional players use their Dualshock 4 wireless controllers to fight the monster in a fun and epic battle.

* Cat & Mouse is a competitive party game for up to five players (one VR player vs four players on TV). The player in the PS VR headset becomes a cat ready to pounce to protect his kitchen from the mice players controlled with the Dualshock 4 wireless controller on the screen.

* Ghost House is a cooperative communication game where players must work together to clear a haunted house from ghosts, within a time limit. The player in the PS VR headset uses the Dualshock 4 wireless controller to shine a flashlight and shoot ghosts, which aren’t visible to him. He must rely on the players watching the TV for instructions as to where to aim and shoot.

* Wanted! is a cooperative communication game set in the Wild West, where players enter a saloon and can see several characters sitting around drinking. One of them is the bad guy, but which one?
Robot Rescue is a cooperative communication game, where two players (one VR player and one player on TV) work together to fight their way through enemies to rescue stranded VR bots. The player in the PS VR headset takes control of a VR bot jumping, punching and using a grappling hook to rescue his lost VR Bots comrades. The TV player gets a different viewpoint on the action, flying a UFO and giving air support to the VR player.

Q: What is PlayStation VR Worlds?
PlayStation VR Worlds is a collection of five different VR experiences that have all been built from the ground up, exclusively for the PS VR headset. Developed by SIE Worldwide Studios’ London Studio, VR Worlds presents a collection of varied experiences, each designed to showcase VR in different ways. Check out more details about each experience in the PS VR Worlds collection here.

Q: How much will PS VR games cost, on average?
This will be up to the individual developer and publisher, but we expect a wide range of prices and experiences from the publishing community. Titles such as RIGS Mechanized Combat League will be €59.99 / £49.99 at launch, while some smaller, digital-only titles may be free or cost considerably less.

Q. Do you have plans to offer PS VR games on PlayStation Plus?
We have nothing to share at this point in time, but we are looking into it.

Cinematic Mode

Q: What is PS VR Cinematic Mode?
This a mode to view the PS4 system UI and all non-VR games and applications on a virtual cinema screen. This screen has varying sizes: Small (117 inches), Medium (163 inches) and Large (226 inches), placed virtually at 6 – 10 feet away (the size of the screen may feel different depending on the individual).

Q: Will my existing, non-VR PS4 games work with the PS VR headset?
Yes, PS4 games will work using Cinematic Mode, which is used to view the PS4 system interface and non-VR games and applications on a virtual cinema screen. Non-VR games which use the PS Camera, like the original non-VR The Playroom and Tearaway Unfolded, are not supported by PS VR Cinematic Mode.

Q. Can I use the SHARE button when playing non-VR PS4 games during Cinematic mode?
Yes. All SHARE features will be available for non-VR PS4 games during Cinematic Mode, as long as it is supported by the game.

Q: What is the resolution of PS VR’s Cinematic Mode?
PS VR presents images from a single 1920 x 1080 display split between both eyes, so the content can have a maximum resolution of 960 x 1080 in stereoscopic 3D. The actual resolution of the Cinematic Mode screen depends on the screen size and the resolution of the content being displayed.

Q: Does Cinematic Mode impact the framerate performance of non-VR games?
No. Cinematic Mode is provided by the PS VR’s Processor Unit and does not impact the performance of PS4 games and applications in any way.

Q: Can I change the backgrounds in Cinematic Mode to watch movies in different virtual settings?
No. The current Cinematic Mode is a virtual screen floating in a black space, like being in a dark movie theatre.

Q: Will the PS VR display 3D content in Cinematic Mode?
No. In Cinematic Mode, PS VR will display 3D games and films in 2D when playing on a 3D-compatible TV. When playing with non 3D-compatible TVs or without a TV, PS4 won’t play 3D games and films.

Q: In the future will the PS VR support 3D content in Cinematic Mode?
We have nothing to announce at this point in time.

PS VR Social Screen

Q: What is the Social Screen?
The term Social Screen is what we refer to as the 2D image being shown on the TV when running a VR game or application. This output allows users who are not wearing the PS VR headset to see what the PS VR player is seeing, or to play alongside the VR player in certain games by having completely separate audio and image outputted to the TV, like The Playroom VR.

Q: Why is the Social Screen image displayed on the TV in 2D?
The Social Screen image displayed on the TV is a 2D, undistorted and cropped version of the right eye image that would be displayed in the PS VR headset. PS VR outputs a standard 2D image as this is supported by all TVs and no other accessories are required, so everyone in the room can enjoy it.

PS VR: health and safety

Q: How long can people safely wear PS VR?
PS VR has been designed to be the most comfortable VR headset on the market, and it can be worn for extended periods of time. However, due to the intensity of some of the VR experiences, we recommend you take 15 minute breaks every hour when using PS VR.

Q: Is PS VR safe for my eyes?
Yes. But as with all display devices (TVs, mobile phones, tablets, etc), we recommend taking 15 minute breaks every hour.

Q: The PS VR display is very close to my eyes, will I become nearsighted with prolonged use?
No. Actually the focal distance of the images presented by PS VR is at a distance of eight feet. This is similar to the optimal viewing distance required to view a 60? TV. Again, we recommend taking 15 minute breaks every hour when using PS VR, just like when viewing other display devices.

Q: Can I wear my glasses inside of the headset?
Yes, the PS VR headset is designed to accommodate users that wear glasses. You can telescope the lens closer to, and farther away from, your face to get the optimal fit.

Q: I’m nearsighted, so can I use PS VR without my glasses?
This depends on the prescription of your glasses. The focal distance of the images presented by PS VR is at a distance of about eight feet, so if you require glasses while driving or seeing your TV, you will most likely need to wear your glasses to see PS VR images clearly. However, some very wide or unusually shaped glasses may not fit.

Q: Can I walk around while wearing PS VR?
Walking is not advised. We recommend that users play PS VR games while seated for the most comfortable and safest VR experience.

Q: My head is larger than average – will the PS VR headset fit?
PS VR can adjust to comfortably accommodate a wide range of head sizes. That said, it’s a good idea to visit a local retailer to try it out for yourself!

Q: Will PlayStation VR make me feel nauseous while playing?
Players’ responses to VR gameplay can differ, but generally, our user testing indicates that the vast majority of gamers have no trouble adjusting to PlayStation VR gameplay. Make sure to try the PS VR demo disc to get a sense of the games and experiences you prefer. In many cases, initial discomfort experienced can fade as you acclimate to VR gameplay. We recommend taking 15 minute breaks every hour when using PS VR, and if you experience any discomfort, discontinue playing.

Q: How much physical space will I need to play?
The recommended play space measures approximately 9.8 feet by 6.2 feet total, with the user in VR sitting about five feet in front of the PlayStation Camera / TV. Make sure that no walls, furniture or objects can impede your VR play space.

PS VR: entertainment & media

Q: Will there be VR experiences beyond games?
Yes, there will be several non-game VR experiences coming to PS VR, including VR storytelling experiences from Penrose Studios and others. Further details of these VR experiences will be released at a later date.

Q: Will PS VR support VR entertainment apps?
In the weeks and months ahead, there will be a variety of VR media applications coming to PS VR – more details will be available at a later date.

Q: Can I watch movies, YouTube videos and other media through the PS VR headset?
Yes, you can watch all your existing media in Cinematic Mode using PS VR. There will also be dedicated VR media applications coming to the PS VR system.

PS VR: controls & peripherals

Q: What is the PS Move motion controller?
The PS Move motion controller is a single hand controller first introduced on the PlayStation 3 system, providing accurate 1:1 hand tracking. For supported PS VR games, the PS Move motion controller can be used in each hand, allowing you to interact with the VR worlds intuitively. In VR, the PS Move motion controller can be a representation of your own hands, a sword, a flashlight, or anything developers can imagine. The position and orientation of the PS Move controllers are tracked by the same PS Camera that also tracks the PS VR headset and the Dualshock 4 wireless controller.

Q: Do I need a PS Move motion controller to play PS VR games?
The vast majority of PS VR games support a Dualshock 4 wireless controller, while offering PlayStation Move as an option for an enhanced experience. There are a limited number of titles that require the use of two PS Move motion controllers. Please check the requirements of individual games from the descriptions on the front of the PS VR software packaging or from PlayStation Store.

Q: Can I use my Dualshock 4 wireless controller with PS VR?
Yes, and in some PS VR games you will see the Dualshock 4 wireless controller with you inside the PS VR experience, for even more immersion. PS Camera can track the light bar on the Dualshock 4 wireless controller, just like the lights on the PS VR headset.

Q: What is the PS VR Aim Controller?
The PS VR Aim Controller is a new two-handed controller designed for PS VR first person shooter (FPS) games. It will be launched at the same time as the PS VR exclusive sci-fi FPS game Farpoint. Visit https://www.playstation.com/games/farpoint-ps4/ for more information on this PlayStation VR exclusive title.

Q: What is 3D audio?
3D audio simulates the effect of audio arriving at your ears from different directions and distances to more closely mimic the behaviour of sound in real life. Not only does PS VR create sounds coming from front, behind, left and right, but also above and below. This type of audio greatly enhances the feeling of immersion and presence in VR over traditional audio systems like 7.1 surround sound.

Q: Do I need new headphones to experience 3D audio?
No, any wired stereo headphones or wired earbuds can support 3D audio. Stereo headphones are included with PS VR, but you can also use your preferred audio headsets if they feature a standard 3.5mm male connector.

Q: Are surround sound headphones better for PS VR?
No, any surround sound generated by the headphones themselves will interfere with the 3D audio from the PS VR headset. It is recommended to turn off surround sound mode or use standard wired stereo headphones that do not use surround sound.

Q: Can I use my PULSE wireless headset or other wireless headsets with PS VR?
Yes, but you should connect the wireless headset using a standard 3.5mm wired cable. A wireless audio connection will not work with PS VR.

PS VR: multiplayer and SHARE

Q: Can I play online games with PS VR?
Yes, developers can support online multiplayer features in PS VR titles. Examples include RIGS Mechanized Combat League from Guerrilla Games, EVE: Valkyrie from CCP Games and Eagle Flight from Ubisoft.

Q: Can two people using PS VR headsets play together on one PS4 console?
No. PS4 only supports one PS VR headset at a time.

Q: Can I use game and system voice chat with PS VR?
Yes the PS VR has a built-in microphone that can be used for multiplayer voice chat.

Q: Does the SHARE button work when playing PS VR games?
Yes, you can capture photos and videos using the SHARE button. The resulting capture will be similar to the image presented on the Social Screen.

Q: Can I broadcast / live stream PS VR gameplay?
Yes, you can broadcast your PS VR experiences via Twitch, YouTube, or other streaming video services using the SHARE button located on Dualshock 4 wireless controller. The resulting video feed will be similar to what users experience on the Social Screen.

Q: Can I capture or live stream my PS VR gameplay session?
Yes, in the same way you can stream or capture your standard PS4 gameplay, the PS VR streaming works the same way. The stream view will be the same view as the Social Screen mentioned above.

Other Questions

Q: Do I need to be connected to the internet to play PS VR games?
An internet connection is not required, unless you plan to play an online multiplayer enabled title or want to download a title from PlayStation Store.

Q: Do I need a TV to play PS VR?
You will need a TV for certain system settings, and also for certain local multiplayer games that require other users to see content on the TV using the Social Screen feature.

Q: Can someone else change the channel on my TV, or turn it off, while I play PS VR?
Yes, you can change the channel or inputs without affecting a PS VR user.

Q: Can I use PS VR with my PC or Mac?
No. PS VR is designed to work with PS4.

Q: Do I need PS Camera to use PS VR?
Yes, you will need the PS Camera to use PS VR.

Q: Do I need the new PS Camera for PS VR? Are there any features that will only work with the new camera?
No, the redesigned PS Camera will work just the same as the older design.

Q: Can I use PS VR that was purchased outside of my region?
PlayStation recommends that all users purchase PS VR at the region of their residence to fulfil safety regulations of the product and to guarantee the best customer service.

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Frågor och svar kring PlayStation VR

Sony ställer och svarar på många, många frågor

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Kolla in systemkraven för Cyberpunk 2077
Samt två nya trailers

I går kväll presenterade CD Projekt Red systemkraven för kommande Cyberpunk 2077. Det är inte direkt några monsterkrav men kräver ändå, inte helt oväntat, lite datorkraft för att kunna köras ordentligt. SSD rekommenderas som lagring så för min del blir jag nog tvungen att radera Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sen när Cyberpunk 2077 släpps den 19 november. Spelets kompletta krav kan du se i tweeten nedan. CD Projekt Red släppte också två nya trailers för spelet i går och de kan du kolla in ovan och nedan. Tumnagel
Frode Wikesjö

Polestar 1 är världens coolaste Volvo enligt Doug
Då har han inte sladdat med en 240

Det är många som redan testat och gått igenom Polestar 1 (vi bland annat) och nu har turen kommit till Doug DeMuro. Han tycker att det här är världens coolaste Volvo men han har lite dålig koll på historia eftersom han inte är med på varför det står "since 1959" på säkerhetsbältena. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Qantas flygning till ingenstans sålde slut på några minuter
Ressugna australier verkar vara sugna på att flyga

Efter det att en stor del av världens flygtrafik stängt ner fick det australiensiska flygbolaget en idé om att arrangera en 7 timmar lång "flight to nowhere". Detta verkar vara något som tilltalade australiensare som saknat att flyga. När biljetterna till flighten släpptes så sålde dessa slut på bara tio minuter, något som gör flighten till den antagligen snabbast utsålda flighten i Qantas historia. Flygningen till "ingenstans" har samma start- och slutdestination men under den sju timmar långa flygningen kommer flighten att gå över populära turistpunkter som Byron Bay, Bondi Beach och Sydney Harbor Bridge. Biljetterna till "flight to nowhere" kostade motsvarande cirka 5000 kronor i ekonomiklass, 11.500 kronor i premiumklass och 24.300 kronor i första klass. Flighten avgår 1 oktober från Sydney. Tumnagel
Wille Wilhelmsson

Sony bekräftar: PS5 kan inte köra spel från PS1, 2 eller 3
Endast bakåtkompatibel med Playstation 4-spel

När det kommer till bakåtkompatibilitet på Playstation 5 så har Sony levererat väldigt lite information. I samband med onsdagens stream meddelade dock gänget att 99 procent av PS4-spelen kommer kunna köras på Playstation 5, men hur läget ser ut med äldre titlar från PS1, PS2 och PS3 har varit oklart. I en intervju med Famitsu klargör PlayStation-chefen Jim Ryan hur läget med bakåtkompatibilitet egentligen ligger till. Ryan berättar att PS5 är designad med PS5-funktioner i fokus, men det har även varit viktigt även stödja PS4-spel för att inte lämna de närmare 100 miljoner PS4-spelarna bakom sig. Mer specifikt sägs detta: "We have been building devices with a focus on PS5-specific engineering. Among them, PS4 already has 100 million players, so I thought that I would like to play PS4 titles on PS5 as well, so I introduced PS4 compatibility. While achieving that, we focused on incorporating high-speed SSDs and the new controller DualSense in parallel. So, unfortunately, compatibility with [PS3, PS2, PS1] has not been achieved." Så, så var det med det. På PS5 får man lira spel till PS5 och PS4. Vill man spela titlar till äldre Playstation-konsoler så finns det dock lite hopp via Playstation Now, men för tillfället har Sony inte levererat någon information om hur den tjänsten kommer rulla på den kommande konsolen. Tumnagel
André Stray

Det här är Touring Superleggera Aero 3
En strömlinjeformad bil med 30-talskänsla

Custombyggarna Touring Superleggera ska nästa vecka visa sitt senaste bygge på Salon Privé. Bilen som kallas för Aero 3 är en modern tolkning av strömlinjeformade sportbilar på 30-talet och under kolfiberkarossen som med lack tagit 5000 timmar att få till återfinns en "italiensk superbil". Man säger alltså inte vilken det är men med tanke på att det under huven sitter en V12:a som ger 740 hästar är det högst troligt en Ferrari F12berlinetta som gäller här. Man har inte velat bygga något som ska replikera en viss modell men personen som kommer att få det första exemplaret har ändå önskat att man fick in lite Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Berlinetta Aerodinamica i bilen. Med en sån körde man Le Mans 1938 och den rattades då av Raymond Sommer och Clemente Biondetti. Det är därför det står nummer 19 på den nya bilen samtidigt som de bakre sidorutorna har fått tre stycken ventilationshål i sig - såna som Alfan har framför cockpiten. 15 stycken exemplar kommer att tillverkas totalt men vad man får betala framgår inte, vilket kanske är bäst. Riktiga bilder istället för renderingar hittar ni på länken nedan. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Facebook slutar rekommendera hälsogrupper
Det sprids för mycket felaktig information i dessa

Facebook skriver i ett inlägg att man nu har antagit nya riktlinjer för vilka typer av grupper på tjänsten man framöver kommer att rekommendera för sina användare. Det kommer bland annat innebära att grupper som utger sig för att ha något med hälsa att göra inte längre kommer att ges som förslag eller rekommenderas för användare på Facebook. I inlägget skriver Facebook bland annat: "To prioritize connecting people with accurate health information, we are starting to no longer show health groups in recommendations. People can still invite friends to health groups or search for them." Anledningen till att Facebook nu slutar rekommendera grupper som ger hälsoråd eller förknippas med hälsa på andra sätt är att dessa ibland varit källor till felaktig information, något som i värsta fall kan skada en persons hälsa istället för att göra den bättre. Tumnagel
Wille Wilhelmsson

Cezeri - quadrocopter från Turkiet
Första testflygningen genomförd

Cezeri från Turkiet är en stor drönare och nu har man genomfört den första flygningen med skapelsen. Den har plats för en person och kan starta och landa vertikalt. De första flygningarna gjorde man dock via fjärrkontroll för att vara på den säkra sidan. När tester med människor i kan dra igång är oklart men självklart är målet att detta ska ske snart. Man tror dock fortfarande att det är mellan 10-15 år bort innan man kan använda något sånt här som transportmedel. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

The Verge tar en titt på LG Wing
Rätt intressant enhet

Nyligen presenterade LG den rätt intressanta telefonen LG Wing och nu har The Verge fått ta en liten titt på underligheterna. Gänget har släppt en ny video där de pratar om telefonen och vad man kan göra med den och helt ärligt ser telefonen ut att bli en av årets mest intressanta lurar. Tumnagel
André Stray

Ny Night City Wire drar igång 18:00
Mer Cyberpunk 2077 på ingång!

Hade världen sett annorlunda ut så hade vi möjligtvis tillbringat dagen i Night City, men så kul får vi inte ha det. Cyberpunk 2077 kommer som känt släppas 19 november, vilket är samma dag som PS5, och vad spelet kommer erbjuda har utvecklarna visat i strömmar under titeln Night City Wire. I kväll klockan 18:00 kommer den tredje strömmen dra igång och denna kommer ni kunna kika på via utvecklarnas Twitch-kanal. Pallar ni inte Twitch så kan ni kika på avsnittet via strömmen nedan. Specifikt vad som kommer visas under kvällens show är för tillfället okänt, men fokus kommer ligga på spelets olika gäng och utvecklarna hintar även om att de kommer släppa specs-krav för PC-versionen. Ovan kan ni kika på den förra Night City Wire-strömmen som hölls i slutet av juni. Tumnagel
André Stray

Deltagarna i På spåret 2020
Har premiär den 27 november

Fredagen den 27 november klockan 20.00 har en ny omgång av TV-programmet På spåret premiär på SVT1. Nu får vi reda på vilka deltagarna är. Sex stycken nya par gör entré i burarna medan tre stycken lag återvänder. Lagen är Sanna Lundell & Plura Jonsson, Frida Boisen & Hamid Zafar, Farah Abadi & Johan Glans, Dilan Apak & Moa Lundqvist, Magdalena Forsberg & Claes Elfsberg, Marianne Ahrne & Anders "Ankan" Johansson, Tomas Alfredson & Ernst Billgren, Irena Pozar & Patrik Arve, Emma Molin & Hanna Dorsin. En släppfilm kring deltagarna finns att se på länken nedan. Läs mer om lagen i pressmeddelandet. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Två nya juicer från God Morgon
Sun Power och Berry Protect

Juice-tillverkaren God Morgon lanserar nu två stycken nyheter i kyldisken. Man beskriver juicerna som funktionella med innehåll av vitaminer och antioxidanter. Sun Power innehåller pressad solmogen apelsin, äpple, morot, yuzu och vitamin C och D. Berry Protect innehåller pressat äpple, blåbär, hallon och acerola och vitamin C och E. Båda rullas ut hos Ica och City Gross den här månaden och för en flaska på 0,85 liter får man betala 26,90 kronor. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Spiller - Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)

Vad hände egentligen för 20 år sedan? Jo, det ska jag tala om. Spiller släppte låten Groovejet (If This Ainx27t Love) med fantastiska Sophie Ellis-Bextor på sång och jag kan inte minnas hur många gånger jag har spelat den. Nu kom den tillbaka till mig igen efter en stunds frånvaro men den håller fortfarande. Grattis på fredag! Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Friterad kyckling inspirerad av Breaking Bad
Med curly fries såklart

Los Pollos Hermanos är en snabbmatsrestaurang som figurerar i TV-serien Breaking Bad. Här återskapar Binging with Babish lite mat från stället och skulle du vilja testa själv hittas receptet på länken nedan. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Augustines nya singel Coast
Akustisk och original

Den svenska singer-songwritern Augustine släppte nyligen singeln Coast och här har vi den både i akustisk och i original version. Videon till den förstnämnda är inspelad på Gotland i somras med hjälp av ett elektroniskt piano. Augustine fick pris som "Årets Pop" på Manifestgalan 2020. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Ashley tillverkar skålar i trä
Ligger en hel del jobb bakom

I det här avsnittet ur Eaters serie Handmade får vi träffa Ashley Harwood som förvandlar stockar till skålar. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Nine Inch Nails Quake-soundtrack nu på vinyl
Party like it's 1996

När spelet Quake släpptes 1996 var det Nine Inch Nails som låg bakom det officiella soundtracket. Nu släpps musiken för första gången på vinyl. Plattan kostar 40 pund och du hittar den på länken nedan. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Ny juice från Innocent
Smakar granatäpple, hallon och lime

Innocents senaste produkt är den vi ser här - Perfectly Purple. Det är en blandning av juice och ingredienser från växtriket. Den innehåller rosenvatten, biotin, spirulina och vitaminerna B7 (bra för hud och hår), B3, B5, B6 och C. Den ska smaka granatäpple, hallon och lime. Rödbeta ger den lila färgen. Ska finnas i butik nu och för en flaska som rymmer 75 centiliter får man betala runt 27,90 kronor. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Imorgon släpper Uniqlo ny höst-kollektion
Här är en första titt

Den 17 september, alltså imorgon, släpps Uniqlo U AW20 i butik. Kollektionen är designad av Christophe Lemaire som är Artistic Director på Uniqlo U tillsammans med hans team i Paris. Fokus har legat på plagg med neutrala toner och hudtoner. Målet är att framkalla en känsla av värme och mysighet - något som troligtvis alla vill ha när hösten och vintern kryper sig på. Det finns 38 stycken produkter för dam, 39 för herr och fyra stycken nya accessoarer. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Årets Blossa-glögg smakar mynta och grönt te
Inspireras av Marrakech

I år tar Blossa-glöggen med oss till staden Marrakech och smaken vi bjuds på är mynta och grönt te. I staden finns torget Jemaa el-Fnaa och runt detta flera caféer som alla serverar ett sött marockanskt mynta-te. Detta har man alltså försökt att efterlikna samtidigt som man inte har plockat bort de traditionella glöggkryddorna. Designen på flaskan har inspirerats av det klassiska marockanska kaklet. Den grönblåa färgen ska föra tankarna till havet. Finns i Systembolagets beställningssortiment nu. Alkoholhalten ligger på 15 procent och för en flaska på 75 centiliter får man betala 124 kronor. Ett tips är att blanda glöggen med Champagne, Cava, Cremant eller Prosecco om man vill festa till det lite. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Här är Adidas Lego-skor

För några dagar sedan bubblade det upp att Adidas och Lego hade snickrat ihop ett par skor tillsammans. Nu får vi se hur dessa ser ut. Det man har gjort är att ta modellen Adidas ZX-8000 och sedan smyckat ut dessa i grälla färger och med Lego-loggan på plösen. På sidorna finns vad som ser ut som Lego-plattor men inga bitar lär fästa på ytan då plupparna ser för grunda ut. Där skosnörena möts kanske man dock kan sätta fast sin favorit-gubbe eller gumma. Släpps den 25 september och för ett par får man betala 130 dollar. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Nu kommer Mountain Dew till SodaStream
André jublar!

För ett år sedan skrev vi att SodaStream lanserat Pepsis smaker som syrup så att man kan bubbla läsken hemma själv. Nu presenteras ytterligare en nyhet i serien och det är citrus-läskedrycken Mountain Dew. Den svenska marknaden är först ut med detta och du ska hitta den nya smaken i butiker som Citygross, Clas Ohlson, Elon, Elgiganten, Gekås, MediaMarkt, Netonnet, Power och Webhallen nu. Tumnagel
Bobby Green