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Nu kan du spela PvP i Magicka Spöa polarna
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Video till Nu kan du spela PvP i Magicka

Paradox Interactive och Arrowhead Game Studios har numera släppt sin PvP-uppdatering för deras actionrollspel Magicka.

Magicka PvP offers three modes of gameplay:

Classic Deathmatch: Instead of accidentally zapping your companions, you kill them on purpose! It's every wizard for himself as up to four physically inept beings duke it out in a one mage takes all battle.

Brawl mode: In Brawl, each player/team only has a set number of lives, and the last ma'wizard standing wins. Just make sure your "friends" don't squander those precious lives.

Krietor mode: A fiendish new mode named after a clever Magicka fan who modded the game, the round-based Krietor mode unlocks Magicks at special intervals during the match, forcing players to come up with different strategies as new spells become available.
En trailer för uppdateringen kan hittas till höger.

Spel, PC, Magicka, Arrowhead Studios.
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tis. 21 jun 2011, 23:10
Nu kan du spela PvP i Magicka Spöa polarna