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Två nya trailers för Halo 4 War Games och Spartan Spec Ops
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Video till Två nya trailers för Halo 4

Nu har Microsoft släppt två nya trailers för kommande Halo 4. Den ovan visar mer från Halo 4 War Games multiplayer medan den nedan visar mer från samarbetsläget Spartan Ops mode.

"War Games. The competitive multiplayer modes of "Halo 4," known as War Games, take place on the combat deck of the UNSC Infinity and revive the visceral and immersive experiences that "Halo" multiplayer is famous for. "Halo 4" introduces fresh, immersive new game modes and strategies to help you progress your Spartan-IV career, while also delivering an experience that's still distinctly and uniquely "Halo." More details on all the modes of War Games will be released at a later time."

"Spartan Ops. The story of the UNSC Infinity intersects with the "Halo 4" campaign, then continues on in a brand-new, story-driven experience known as Spartan Ops. A first of its kind and exciting new addition to the "Halo" franchise, Spartan Ops is an episodic adventure that blends immersive storytelling, high-quality cinematics, and action-packed gameplay to deliver an unprecedented serialized experience."

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tis. 5 jun 2012, 22:45
Två nya trailers för Halo 4 War Games och Spartan Spec Ops