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Veckans snabblänkar

* Phil Spencer: a 'renewed focus' on Windows PC gaming from Microsoft is coming
* Peter Molyneux: Working For Microsoft Is Like Taking Antidepressants
* Watch every Dark Souls 2 boss defeated without levelling up
* Annika Ljungberg: ”Jag kommer aldrig glömma Legend of Mana”
* GDC 2014 presentations are available online
* Unannounced Xbox One exclusive coming from Japanese dev
* EU approves UK games tax relief, signalling £188m windfall
* Awesome First-Person Spellcasting RPG Is Now Playable
* Frog Fractions 2 stretch goal aims to buy Oculus Rift back from Facebook
* Seth Killian Left Sony Santa Monica in December on “Great Terms”
* DriveClub Game Director Left Evolution Studios in February
* Uncharted 4 Game Director Justin Richmond Leaves Naughty Dog
* The Sony Layoffs: NeoGAF Insider Explains What Happened
* EA to give Star Wars games a Batman Arkham-style treatment
* How Game Creators Find The Fun
* Documentary's excavation of supposed Atari E.T. graveyard denied
* Father and S.O.N.: IGA talks Metroidvania
* Meet the million-point man of Xbox Live
* Performance analysis: inFamous: Second Son
* History Lesson: Sweet Home - the game that inspired Resident Evil
* Kingdom Under Fire II City & Field Gameplay Video
* Creator Yu Suzuki shares the story of Shenmue's development
* Hotline Miami confirmed for PS4 with cross-buy
* Acclaimed skate ‘em up OlliOlli is coming to PS4 and PS3
* PS4 rumoured to be getting PS1 & PS2 game compatibility again. Native 1080p for “select titles”
* Crazy Ride - Insomniac Games (20th Anniversary)
* 'Killer Instinct' on Xbox One finally has its new developer

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Veckans snabblänkar Ny vecka, nya länkar, ny skärmdump