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Veckans snabblänkar Ny vecka, nya länkar, ny skärmdump
Veckans snabblänkar

* Spela spelet på bilden
* The Making of Darius
* Unreleased 'Akira' title for Game Boy resurfaces
* Sea Of Solitude Revealed As Second EA Originals Title
* Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit gets second and third series
* Your Body Is Not Ready For Virtual Reality
* No Man's Sky patch adds epic space battles
* 150 000 datorspelare kartlade människans celler
* Here's Kuma and Panda in Tekken 7
* Ny utbildning ska ge fler kvinnliga utvecklare
* 5 events that impacted the game industry in 2016
* Lethal VR Confirmed To Release On PS4 December 20th
* And Now, The Inevitable Final Fantasy XV Porn Parody
* The relationship between Wolfenstein and Doom
* When Super Mario Run Doesn't Launch On Android
* PSX 2016 – Dino Frontier Preview – Raptors and Outlaws (PSVR)
* MMA Champion Uses Video Games And Cosplay To Deal With The Stress Of Fighting
* Watch: See how the Crash Bandicoot remaster holds up to the originals
* Free, New Game Plus mode releases for Dishonored 2 next week
* LA's Chiptune Scene Is More Than Just Nerds with Game Boys
* Four minutes of Resogun dev's new PS4 game Nex Machina
* Ex-Lionhead Employee Tells Wild Story About Threatening Teenage "Trolls"
* Destiny's The Dawning update is for life not just for Christmas
* Dragon Quest Builders Director Hints At A Possible Dragon Quest Builders 2
* Wild Guns Reloaded Trailer Features Its Four Gunslingers And 4P Co-Op Action
* Farewell Majesco, makers of the greatest piece of E3 swag
* The Signal from Tölva may scratch the action itch No Man’s Sky left you with
* The story behind reviving obscure Neo Geo classic 'Windjammers'
* Acclaimed historical drama 1979 Revolution is now on Android

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Veckans snabblänkar Ny vecka, nya länkar, ny skärmdump