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Enter The Black Temple

World of Warcraft uppdateras
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Ännu en patch för World of Warcraft finns nu tillgängligt för alla Azaroth-invånare. Blizzard har valt att ge patchen ett vettigt namn också nämligen patch 2.1.0, The Black Temple. Patchen innehåller massor av nya grejer och fixar men det största är nog The Black Temple, där spelare kommer få chansen att möta Illidan the Betrayer

Listan på vad uppdateringen innehåller är lång och kan hittas efter hoppet.

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The Black Temple

The Temple of Karabor was the center of draenei worship until its
priests were slaughtered by demonically corrupted orcs. In the
massacre's aftermath the warlocks of the Shadow Council seized the
structure and gave it a new name: the Black Temple.

When the Alliance invaded Draenor after the Second War, the orc shaman
Ner'zhul hastily opened several dimensional portals in order to escape.
The resulting magical backlash ripped the world apart. Drawn by these
portals, the pit lord Magtheridon arrived in what had come to be known
as Outland and took the temple as his seat of power.

His dominion over Outland remained unchallenged until the arrival of
Illidan the Betrayer. The pit lord proved no match for the wielder of
the Twin Blades of Azzinoth. Today Illidan occupies the temple,
awaiting any and all who would challenge his rule.

Druid Epic Flight Form Introduced

The Druid Epic flight form will be available through a series of quests,
similar to the Warlock and Paladin Epic mount quests before it. This
quest series will also open up a new boss in Sethekk Halls, and
ultimately lead to the epic flight form.

Ethereum Prison

Players in good standing with the Consortium will be tasked to deal with
the most recent activities of the nefarious Ethereum. With new quests,
items, and content for the solo and small-group level 70 player, the
Ethereum Prison will be the proving grounds for many aspiring to


The Skyguard, Sha'tari warriors specializing in their command of the
skies above Shattrath, have taken the offensive directly to the Arakkoa
capital city, Skettis. Perched high in the mountains of Terrokar, and
only accessible with use of a flying mount, Skettis holds new and
exciting content for the solo or small-group level 70 player. All new
quests, 5-person bosses, rare and epic items, and a new type of flying
mount await those willing to lend their sword or stave to the battle.

Nether Drake

The Netherwing faction and quest line continues and the long awaited
Nether Drake becomes available. The Nether Drake is a special 280% speed
epic flying mount that is obtainable through solo and small-group play.
The quest to obtain one will be difficult, but the reward will surely
show your dedication to the Netherwing cause as you soar through the
skies of Outland on your very own ethereal drake.


The ogre plateau of enlightenment opens to those who prove their worth
in Blade's Edge Mountains. Level 70 players will be able to help the
ogres of Ogri'la battle invading forces and engage in new and exciting
quests, such as a repeatable and ever popular bombing-run, this time
using your own flying mount but with a dangerous twist! Featuring tons
of new quests, the Ogri'la faction, 5-person bosses, and rare and epic
items, Ogri'la is a place we're hoping all will aspire to enter.

The Ruins of Lordaeron Arena

For those combatants engaging in the Steamwheedle Cartel's gladiatorial
combat, an arena nestled within the Ruins of Lordaeron has been added
to the mix of venues. Players taking part in either rated battles or
skirmishes may now find themselves battling for glory within the new

- The Black Temple is now available for play and Illidan awaits. Are
you prepared?
- The Consortium and Protectorate need your help! Players with Honored
or higher reputation with the Consortium should seek out Protectorate
Advisor Rahim at the Stormspire in Netherstorm or Commander Ameer at
the Protectorate Watch Post in Netherstorm to get a briefing on the
most recent nefarious activities of the Ethereum.
- Skettis is now available. Players will need a flying mount to reach
this new area.
- Nether Drakes are now in the game and can be gained by continuing the
Netherwing faction and quest line.
- Ogri'la is now available. Level 70 players can find this new quest
line in Blade's Edge Mountains.
- Glancing Blows have significantly less of a chance to occur during a
player's melee attacks when targets are near the player's level.
- Magtheridon and Kael'thas now drop items that may be turned in for
- Spell Haste: The amount of spell haste rating needed per percentage
of haste has been increased substantially. However, spell haste will
now affect channeled spells, increasing the rate of their effects and
decreasing their total duration. The same amount of damage/healing
per casting will occur, but will take less time.
- Chance to break crowd control from damage: The increased chance for
a spell to break from taking a critical strike has been removed.
Instead, all targets over level 60 have a slightly larger chance to
break out of crowd-controlling effects when they take damage.
- Screenshots captured using the Print Screen key are now saved in JPG
- Inspect distance has been increased to 30 yards (from 10 yards).
- The amount of parry rating needed to get 1% parry has been reduced
by 25%.
- Many set bonuses did not work properly when combined with an item or
enchantment that had the exact same effect at the exact same
magnitude. That issue has been corrected on all set bonuses.
- Taunts: The taunt system has been adjusted so that Warrior Taunt,
Druid Growl, and Paladin Righteous Defense will now grant the player
the correct amount of threat even when the creature or its target is
crowd controlled.
- Dodge Rating: Low level players now calculate dodge from dodge rating
at the same rate as level 34 players.
- The negative effect of the orc racial ability Blood Fury no longer
stacks with other effects that reduce healing (Mortal Strike,
Wounding Poison, etc.)
- Characters can now speak with Orphan Matron Mercy in Shattrath City
during Children's Week to mentor a draenei (Alliance) or blood elf
(Horde) orphan. Shattrath orphans have a whole new line of sight-
seeing requests across both Outland and Azeroth and three new pets
to offer to their mentors.

- Arenas
The Ruins of Lordaeron Arena is now available for play.
The Shadow Sight buff now allows players to see other stealthed
players at a greater range.
- Battlegrounds
The new battleground matchmaking system is now implemented and
active. This system allows the battleground to select teams of
similar equipment quality and organizational level to battle each
other. For now, the system will be very forgiving about creating
matchups in order to keep queue times low. However, the parameters
will be adjusted as necessary when more organized teams become active
in the battlegrounds.

- The Druid Epic Flight Form is now available through a series of
- Barkskin now reduces all damage taken, with its duration reduced
to 12 seconds and cooldown reduced to 1 minute. The tooltip has been
adjusted to indicate this ability can be used while frozen,
incapacitated, or cowering in fear. That functionality was already
present, but not listed in the tooltip.
- Bear Form and Dire Bear Form: The bonus health from shapeshifting
into these forms will again be removed correctly when shifting out of
these forms.
- Bestial Wrath: The immunity granted by thtis ability now lasts the
full duration of the ability. Bestial Wrath now grants immunity to
Cyclone. Cyclone will no longer prevent the immunities from being
- Celestial Focus: The delay on the stun effect for Starfire has been
- Cyclone: This ability will no longer work on hunters with The
Beast Within active or hunter pets with Bestial Wrath active.
- Feral Charge now suppresses all Slowing effects while charging the
- Fixed a data error that caused Swiftmend to generate more threat
than intended.
- Force of Nature: These pets will now come into the game with full
health, including that gained from a percentage of their master's
- Force of Nature: The Treants summoned by this spell will now
correctly attack your target even if it is neutral or non-aggressive.
- Gift of the Wild, ranks 1 and 2, are now available on trainers.
- Gift of the Wild: Rank 3 of this ability now has the same range as
ranks 1 and 2.
- Improved Leader of the Pack: This ability will no longer generate
- Lacerate: The tooltip has been adjusted to indicate it does initial
bleed damage when the ability first lands.
- Lifebloom: Each additional application of this spell will now
include the full bonus from effects which increase healing. The final
heal, however, is still unaffected by stacking multiple applications
of this spell.
- Mangle(Bear): Damage increased by 15%, but bonus threat reduced so
that overall threat generation will be unchanged.
- Nature's Grace: This talent is now triggered by Swiftmend and
Lifebloom, and is triggered by and affects Cyclone.
- Nature's Grasp: The mana cost has been removed from all ranks as
- Omen of Clarity: This spell is no longer castable in Tree of Life
Form or Moonkin Form.
- Prowlwill now be broken correctly by damage shields such as Oil
of Immolation.
- Rake: The tooltip has been adjusted to indicate the initial damage
done is bleed damage. In addition, Rake can now always be
re-applied, even when Mangle is active.
- Shapeshifting will no longer remove the Rotting
Putrescence creature debuff.
- Subtlety (Restoration Talent) now applies to all spells, not just
healing spells.
- Swiftmend: This ability will now be correctly penalized for casting
low rank Rejuvenations and Regrowths just as other healing spells
are penalized.
- Swiftmend: The button for this ability will now be greyed out when
your current target does not have Rejuvenation or Regrowth.
- Teleport: Moonglade: This spell is no longer castable in Tree of
Life Form.
- Tree of Life Form: The tooltip has been corrected to indicate
Nature's Swiftness and Rebirth are castable in this form.

- A new Avoidance ability can now be taught to hunter pets. This
effect reduces the damage they take from area of effect spells and
- A new Cobra Reflexes ability can now be taught to hunter pets. This
effect increases attack speed but reduces damage.
- Arcane Shot: Casting lower ranks of Arcane Shot than your maximum
rank will now reduce the bonus you receive from attack power.
- Aspect of the Cheetah/Pack: Wand damage will again correctly daze
players with this effect active.
- Clever Traps now affects Snake Trap.
- Entrapment (Survival): Effect duration reduced to 4 seconds and is
now subject to diminishing returns in PvP.
- Entrapment: The tooltip has been corrected to indicate it works on
Snake Trap.
- Expose Weakness: The chance for this talent to trigger has
increased to 33/66/100% chance at 1/2/3 talent points.
- Ferocious Inspiration: This ability will now trigger Kill Command
- Flare cooldown increased to 20 seconds, and duration reduced to 20
- Frenzy: This talent can now trigger from Kill Command.
- Frost Trap: This trap no longer breaks stealth from its slowing
- Go for the Throat no longer causes additional threat.
- Hunter's Mark: This ability now becomes stronger each time the
target is struck by a ranged attack.
- Improved Hunter's Mark: Adjusted the tooltip to indicate this
talent only grants melee attack power equal to the base ranged attack
power on the Hunter's Mark.
- Kill Command has been removed from the global cooldown. The shout
animation has been removed.
- Kill Command: This ability will now still work even when your pet
is out of your line of sight.
- Readiness: Now resets the cooldown on Misdirection.
- Revive Pet: The tooltip has been adjusted to indicate the pet
returns with a percentage of its base health. It will not get an
increased percentage of the bonus health it receives from a
percentage of its master's stamina.
- Scatter Shot: This ability will now trigger Kill Command when
it critically strikes.
- Scorpid Poison: Ranks of this ability now appear in correct order
in the pet training window.
- Survival Instincts now also increase attack power by 2/4%.
- The quest creature, Death Ravager, is no longer able to be tamed.
- The Razorfang Ravager can now be tamed.
- Hunter Mend Pet/Improved Mend Pet Changes:
Replaced the current Mend Pet channel spell with an instant cast
heal over time.
No combat reset, resets global cooldown
The mana cost has been reduced and the heal value increased.
Duration on Heal Over Time increased to 15 seconds in 3 second
Changed the graphic to better represent the Heal Over Time effect
on the pet.
The Mend Pet heal over time buff is now able to be dispelled.
Bonus healing gear will no longer effect Mend Pet.
Added a 10% and 20% reduction to the mana cost of Mend Pet in
Improved Mend Pet talent (Beast Mastery).

- Added a new rank of Ice Barrier to mage trainers.
- Arcane Brilliance, rank 1, is now available from trainers.
- Arcane Brilliance: Rank 2 of this ability now has the same range
as rank 1.
- Arcane Missiles: Rank 3-11 will now consistently pulse 5 shots of
arcane damage.
- Arcane Missiles: This spell is now affected by Spell Haste.
- Arctic Winds (Frost Talent) now also increases all Frost damage
caused by 1-5%.
- Cold Snap: The tooltip has been adjusted to indicate it only resets
cooldowns caused by Frost spells. e.g.: Cold Snap will not reset
the cooldown caused by Dragon's Breath.
- Conjure Mana Emerald: This spell now triggers a global cooldown as
- Counterspell duration reduced to 8 seconds, and the cooldown reduced
to 24 seconds.
- Fixed some data errors that caused Arcane Blast, Ice Lance and
Molten Armor to generate more threat than intended.
- Frostbite effect is now subject to diminishing returns in PvP.
- Frostbolt: Damage on rank 12 has been increased slightly to ensure
it did more damage than rank 11 at all levels.
- Hypothermia: If this debuff would prevent you from casting a spell
on a given target, the button for that ability is now grayed out.
- Ice Armor: Rank 5 will now still trigger when all
damage received is prevented by a damage shield, such as Mana
- Ice Block: This ability no longer makes mages immune to Weakened
Soul from Power Word: Shield. However, using this ability now
causes Hypothermia, making the mage unable to cast Ice Block
again for 30 sec.
- Improved Fire Ward: This talent will now work correctly with rank
6 of Fire Ward.
- Invisibility: Clarified the tooltip on this ability to indicate
any action breaks the invisibility affect.
- Molten Armor: This ability will no longer be triggered erroneously
by some non-melee attacks, such as Feral Faerie Fire. It will also
no longer break crowd controlling affects such as Polymorph.
- Spell Steal: Stolen buffs that affect specific spells from the
original target's class will no longer have any effect for the mage.
- The Arcane Blast debuff can no longer be dispelled.
- Water Elemental: This pet will now come into the game with full
health and mana, including that gained from a percentage of its
master's stamina and intellect.

- Ardent Defender (Protection Talent) now reduces damage taken by
6-30% when below 35% health.
- Avenger's Shield no longer has a minimum range. It may be used on
any target within 30 yards.
- Avenger's Shield: The damage portion of this ability will now be
applied even if the victim is immune to snare.
- Blessing of Light: Paladins can now cast this as intended when they
have Greater Blessing of Light on themselves.
- Consecration: Corrected a tooltip typo. Low ranks of this ability
being cast by high-level players are now being properly penalized.
- Divine Shield: This ability no longer removes or prevents the
Weakened Soul debuff.
- Eye for an Eye: Some spells did not trigger Eye for an Eye
correctly. That has been fixed.
- Fixed some data errors that caused Seal of Command and Seal of
Blood to generate more threat than intended.
- Forbearance: It is no longer possible to use a macro to gain the
benefit of Avenging Wrath and Divine Shield at the same time.
- Forbearance: If this debuff would prevent you from casting a spell
on a given target, the button for that ability is now grayed out.
- Greater Blessing of Kings: The cost for this blessing is now twice
the cost of Blessing of Kings, instead of a fixed cost of 150.
- Greater Blessing of Sanctuary 2: The range on this spell was
incorrectly set to 30 yards. It has been changed to 40 yards.
- Greater Blessing of Wisdom 3: The range on this spell was
incorrectly set to 30 yards. It has been changed to 40 yards.
- Hammer of Wrath: Rank 4, damage increased.
- Illumination: This talent now only gives 50% of the mana cost of
the critical heal. It also now returns the correct amount of mana
when used with ranks 4 and 5 of Holy Shock.
- Improved Concentration Aura (Protection Talent) no longer increases
resistance to Interrupt/Silence mechanics, but instead reduces the
duration of Interrupt/Silence mechanics by 10/20/30%.
- Improved Sanctity Aura now increases all damage caused by affected
targets by 1/2% and no longer increases healing done to affected
- Improved Seal of Righteousness: The percentage increase in damage
from this talent is now applied after all bonuses from items and
effects which increase your spell damage.
- New Protection Talent added: Improved Holy Shield, 2 ranks:
Increases damage caused by Holy Shield by 10/20% and increases the
number of charges of Holy Shield by 2/4.
- One-Handed Weapon Specialization (Protection): Now increases
all damage caused by the paladin by 1-5% while a one-handed weapon is
- Seal of Blood: This seal will no longer cause additional chances
for weapon procs to trigger.
- Seal of Righteousness: This seal will no longer cause additional
chances for weapon procs to trigger.
- Seal of the Crusader: The rank 7 tooltip has been fixed to read
the same as other ranks of this spell.
- Spiritual Attunement: First-aid generated healing will no longer
trigger this ability. However, Lifebloom, Earth Shield, and
Improved Leader of the Pack will now trigger it correctly. The
tooltip has been adjusted to indicate it only works on healing from
- Spiritual Attunement: Mana is no longer healed if the paladin is
at full health.
- Stoicism (Protection) should now properly affect all magic effects cast by the
Paladin and no longer applies double its intended benefit to
Blessing of Might and Blessing of Wisdom.
- Vengeance (Retribution Talent) now increases Holy and Physical damage
by 1/2/3/4/5% for 15 seconds following a critical hit, but the effect
now stacks up to 3 times.
- Vindicator Aesom at Blood Watch will now correctly train a full range of paladin

- Binding Heal: The mana cost has been reduced by 32%. The tooltip
has been adjusted to indicate it is a low threat spell, which was
already the case.
- Blackout: The delay on the stun effect has been reduced.
- Circle of Healing (Holy) effect increased.
- Empowered Healing and Holy Concentration now affect Binding
- Focused Power (Discipline) now also increases the chance to hit with
Mass Dispel, reduces the cast time of Mass Dispel but no longer
increases the damage against feared targets.
- Holy Fire: The rank 9 tooltip has been corrected to indicate it
does Holy damage.
- Holy Nova: Rank 2 will no longer receive double the
intended increase in range from Holy Reach.
- Mass Dispel mana cost reduced.
- Mind control no longer has a 100 yard range limitation in instances.
- Pain Suppression now reduces damage taken by 65% and increases
resistance to Dispel mechanics by 65% for the duration.
- Power Infusion: This ability is now unuseable on Rogues or Warriors.
- Power Word: Shield: The Weakened Soul effect will no longer
sometimes be re-applied while zoning with this buff on.
- Prayer of Fortitude: The range on rank 3 has been changed to match
all other ranks of this spell.
- Prayer of Fortitude, ranks 1 and 2, are now available on trainers.
- Prayer of Mending: This spell is now affected by Silent Resolve,
Amplify Magic, and Dampen Magic.
- Prayer of Shadow Protection, rank 1, is now available on trainers.
- Reflective Shield: When this effect is triggered, the priest will
no longer be forced to stand up.
- Shadowfiend: This pet will now come into the game with full health
and mana, including that gained from a percentage of its master's
stamina and intellect.
- Shadowfiend: The Shadowfiend will now correctly attack your target
even if it is neutral or non-aggressive.
- Shadowfiend: Increased the Shadowfiend's chance to hit higher level
- Shadowguard: The rank 7 tooltip is now consistent with all other
ranks of Shadowguard.
- Shadow Weaving (Shadow): Effect reduced by 1% per rank and Mana Burn
will now correctly trigger this talent.
- Shadow Word: Death: Cooldown increased to 12 sec and will now
properly damage the casting Priest when it is reflected.
- Silent Resolve: Some priest spells were unaffected by this talent.
They should now all be affected.
- Spirit of Redemption and Spiritual Guidance now work while the
priest is in Shadowform.
- Spirit Tap: This ability will no longer be triggered by killing
some creature-cast totems.
- Spiritual Guidance: This talent now works while the Priest is in
- Surge of Light: Smite spells triggered by this talent will no
longer sometimes critically strike. In addition, the free Smite
granted will not consume the effect of Inner Focus. Holy Nova
heals can now trigger Surge of Light as well.
- Touch of Weakness: This spell can now activate Surge of Light.
- Vampiric Touch: This spell now consumes the Inner Focus buff.
- Weakened Soul: If this debuff would prevent you from casting a spell
on a given target, the button for that ability is now grayed out.

- Added a new double-attack animation for Mutilate.
- Added a visual, sound, and combat log message when the Cheat Death
talent saves the rogue from death.
- Blade Twisting: The delay on the daze effect has been reduced.
- Cloak of Shadows: The tooltip has been adjusted to indicate this
ability removes hostile effects, rather than dispels them. Cloak
of Shadows does not count as a dispel, and will not interact with
dispel resistance or effects triggered by dispelling. This ability
no longer removes the Weakened Soul debuff.
- Deadly Throw: This ability will now damage hunters and their pets
when they are affected by The Beast Within or Bestial Wrath.
Those targets will still be immune to the movement impairing portion
of Deadly Throw.
- Fixed a data error that caused Ghostly Strike and Riposte to
generate more threat than intended.
- Fixed a bug where the Silence effect on Garrote was getting
resisted too often.
- Gouge: This ability will no longer trigger poisons (and thus break
- Insignia of the Alliance/Horde and Medallion of the
Alliance/Horde now remove Fear, Stun and Polymorph effects
and no longer remove Charm effects.
- Improved Sap (Subtlety) renamed Dirty Tricks: Increases the
range of your Sap and Blind abilities by 2/4 yards and reduces
the energy cost of your Sap and Blind abilities by 25/50%.
- Increased the frequency and amount of Blinding Powder found in
pickpocketed junk boxes.
- Mutilate: This ability will now always consume the Cold Blood
buff when it strikes an opponent.
- Poisons: The difficulty of dispelling these is now based off the
level of the player, not the level of the weapon the poison is
applied to.
- Reduced the reagents required to create most poisons.
- Remorseless Attacks(Assassination): Hemorrhage added to the buff
tooltip. This ability will no longer trigger from killing totems.
- Rogue poisons no longer have charges.
- Sap no longer removes you from stealth when used.
- Shadowstep (Subtlety): The cooldown has been reduced to 15 seconds.
- Stealthwill now be broken correctly by damage shield such as Oil
of Immolation.
- Surprise Attacks (Combat): This talent now correctly prevents
Envenom from being dodged.
- Sword Specialization: This ability now grants extra yellow attacks
instead of extra white attacks. This change will make Sword
Specialization no longer reset the weapon swing timer when it
triggers off special attacks, and results in a net increase in damage

- Earth Elemental Totem: This pet will now come into the game with
full health, including that gained from a percentage of its master's
- Earth Shield: Adjusted the tooltip to indicate this ability works
against all types of attacks, not just melee. This ability will also
now properly trigger only from taking direct damage effects.
- Earth Shock: Rank 8 is now properly considered an Interrupt effect
for talents and abilities that affect interrupts.
- Elemental Focus: This talent now reduces the cost of the next
damage spell by 60%. It will also now trigger from bonus spells cast
by Lightning Overload.
- Eye of the Storm (Elemental): Clarified the tooltip on this talent
to indicate it only works with Shaman spells.
- Fire Elemental Totem: This pet will now come into the game with
full health and mana, including that gained from a percentage of its
master's stamina and intellect. It will also now properly get
increased stamina from a percentage of its master's stamina.
- Flametongue Weapon: This effect will no longer trigger while you
are disarmed.
- Frostbrand Weapon: Rank 6 now properly receives increased
effect from spell damage bonuses.
- Healing Focus: The tooltip has been adjusted to indicate it only
works with Shaman spells. e.g.: Does not work with Gift of the
- Healing Way: This talent now correctly modifies the healing done
after all bonus effects have been applied.
- Heroism: Training cost increased to match the cost of Bloodlust.
- Lightning Shield: Ranks 8 and 9 of this spell now trigger correctly
while mounted.
- Magma Totem: This totem will now correctly do damage on its 10th
tick, right before despawning.
- Mana Spring Totem: Duration increased to 2 minutes.
- Mana Tide Totem: This totem will no longer sometimes grant mana
after it has been destroyed. It will also consistently grant mana 4
times instead of sometimes 3 and sometimes 5.
- Healing Stream Totem: Duration increased to 2 minutes.
- Mental Quickness: This talent now correctly reduces the cost of
Purge, Flame Shock, Frost Shock, Earth Shock, Bloodlust,
Heroism, Lightning Shield, Cure Poison, and Cure Disease.
- Nature's Guardian (Restoration): Some spells and abilities did not
trigger this talent. That has been fixed.
- Restorative Totems (Restoration): This talent no longer gives a
bonus to a variety of jewelcrafting items.
- Trainer Animations: All new Shaman abilities will now correctly play
the training animation when learned.
- Water Shield: When a Shaman with this spell active is afflicted
with Cyclone, the charge burned will now grant mana.
- Windfury Weapon: Mixing two different ranks of Windfury Weapon
while dual-wielding will no longer increase the number of Windfury
Weapon procs.
- Windfury Weapon: A bug with this spell was making off-hand procs
receive less bonus damage than intended. It is now fixed.

- Aftermath: The delay on the daze effect has been reduced.
- Amplify Curse: This ability is now consumed correctly by a
Curse of Doom casting.
- Conflagrate: The button for this ability will now be greyed out when
your current target does not have Immolate.
- Create Healthstone: These abilities will now be sorted in rank
order in your spellbook.
- Create Spellstone: These abilities will now be sorted in rank order
in your spellbook.
- Curse of the Elements and Curse of Shadow now have a duration of
2 minutes when used on PvP targets.
- Curse of Tongues now has a 12 second duration when used on PvP
- Dark Pact: This ability is now unuseable while the mana and health
of a pet are being adjusted by pet scaling.
- Death Coil is now is now subject to diminishing returns in the Horror
category. Currently, only Death Coil is in this category.
- Demonic Knowledge: This ability will now work with enslaved demons.
- Enslave Demon: The health bar and mana bar for enslaved demons will
no longer appear to go down when they become enslaved.
- Felguard: This pet will periodically check to see if you know the
talent which allows you to summon it, and die if you do not know the
- Fixed some data errors that caused Soul Leech and Conflagrate to
generate more threat than intended.
- Improved Drain Soul: This talent will no longer trigger when a
creature other than the one you are draining dies.
- Insignia of the Alliance/Horde and Medallion of the
Alliance/Horde now remove Fear, Stun and Slowing effects and
no longer remove Charm and Polymorph effects.
- New art added for Ritual of Souls channeling focus and Soulwell
created by the spell.
- Ritual of Souls no longer consumes a Soul Shard when cast in
- Seed of Corruption: This spell will now interact properly with
town guards when bystanders are hit by its detonation in a duel.
- Shadowfury now properly benefits from the Intensity talent.
- Soulstones: Soulstones can no longer be used on targets not in
your party or raid. In addition, the soulstone buff will now be
removed if the target or caster leaves the party or raid.
- Spell Lock (Felhunter) duration reduced to 5 seconds (rank 1) and 6
seconds (rank 2), and cooldown reduced to 24 seconds.
- Soulwell now plays a sound and visual effect when you create a
Healthstone through using it.
- Soul Link: Adjusted tooltip to explain that the damage transferred
to the pet cannot be prevented. The functionality remains unchanged.
This ability will now work with enslaved demons.
- Unholy Power: The tooltip has been corrected to indicate it works
with the Imp's Firebolt.

- Bloodrage: It is no longer possible to gain extra rage from this
ability by using tradeskills to keep you in combat.
- Charge, Intercept and Intervene now suppress all Slowing
effects while charging the target.
- Charge: This ability will now properly cause the warrior to go into
combat with its target.
- Commanding Shout: This ability now increases your max health, but
keeps your percentage health constant.
- Death Wish and Enrage effects no longer stack.
- Execute: When used with Sweeping Strikes, ranks 6 and 7 of this
ability will no longer cause full damage to secondary targets who are
not wounded.
- Flurry: Ranks 1-4 will no longer trigger from ranged critical
- Flurry, Fury Talent, now increases attack speed by 5/10/15/20/25%,
reduced from 10/15/20/25/30.
- Heroic Strike: The rank 10 tooltip now includes specific
values for the bonus damage against dazed targets.
- Improved Hamstring: The delay on the immobilize effect has been reduced.
- Improved Revenge: Reduced the delay on the stun landing from a
successful Revenge.
- Insignia of the Alliance/Horde and Medallion of the
Alliance/Horde now removes Immobilizing, Stun and Polymorph
effects and no longer remove Slowing effects.
- Shield Slam: Rank 3 of this ability no longer gets its cost reduced
twice by the Focused Rage talent (Protection).
- Spell Reflection no longer has a global cooldown.
- Sweeping Strikes: This ability will no longer be modified erroneously
on additional targets by percent modifiers to your damage.
- Sword Specialization: This ability now grants extra yellow attacks
instead of extra white attacks. It also grants rage based on the
speed of your weapon. This change will make Sword Specialization
no longer reset the weapon swing timer when it triggers off special
attacks, and results in a net increase in damage dealt.
- Victory Rush: The tooltip has been adjusted to calculate the damage
it deals correctly, 45% of Attack Power, not 35%.

- Abilities and items that are triggered when you kill a target are
also now triggered when your pet kills a target.
- Fixed the amount of happiness lost when you dismiss a Nether Ray pet.
- Voidwalkers will stop while they are consuming shadows.
- Warlock and Hunter pets will now be automatically dismissed when
you summon a mount. These pets will return on dismount. This does
not affect pet happiness for Hunters.
- Warlock and Hunter pets will now be automatically dismissed when you

- The majority of level 70 epic items have been upgraded to reflect
their intended power.
- Armor: All Burning Crusade items that spent part of their budget on
increased armor have been re-evaluated. Some gained additional armor,
while others gained other additional bonuses.
- Common unique items will not drop for you if you already have them in
your inventory.
- Items which start quests you've already completed will show the
correct feedback if you try to use them.
- Heroic difficulty instances end bosses will now always drop an epic
item, in addition all bosses in Heroic difficulty instances will have
a chance to drop an epic gem!
- Additional darkmoon cards can now be found on high level outland
creatures. They can be turned in to the darkmoon faire to make
powerful new darkmoon card trinkets. Look for Lunacy, Storms, Furies
and Blessings cards.
- Serpent-Coil Braid: The bonus spell damage from this trinket is now
removed if the trinket is unequipped.
- Argussian Compass: A bug where this trinket sometimes caused all the
damage from an attack to be absorbed has been fixed.
- Health Regeneration: This effect on random property items has been
renamed to Health per 5 sec.
- Khorium Lockboxes will now drop occasionally off creatures over
level 65.
- Devilsaur Tooth: This item has been reverted to pre-Burning Crusade
design, granting an automatic critical strike to your pet's next
- Nethershard, Ceremonial Kris, Illidari-Bane Mageblade,
Summoner's Blade, Thunderlord Scalpel, Vibro Dagger, Vibro
Sword, and Revered Mother's Crysknife: These weapons can now only
be used in the main hand.
- The Serpentshrine Shuriken can now be sold to vendors.
- Xavian Stiletto can now be sold to vendors.
- Wand of Biting Cold can now be sold to vendors.
- Bloodseeker now can now be sold to vendors.
- The Ironscale War Cloak can now be disenchanted.
- Boots of the Infernal Coven can now be disenchanted.
- Crown of Endless Knowledge can now be disenchanted.
- Valanos' Longbow can now be disenchanted.
- Ravager's Cuffs can now be disenchanted.
- Deep Core Lantern can now be disenchanted.
- The Devilshark Cape can now be disenchanted.
- Demon Hide Spaulders can now be disenchanted.
- Gladiator's Heavy Crossbow can no longer be disenchanted.
- Tranquilien Reputation Items: Some of the items on this vendor were
disenchantable. They no longer are disenchantable.
- Gladiator's Endgame can no longer be disenchanted.
- Corrected a typo in the tooltip of The Hammer of Destiny's proc.
- Corrected a typo in the tooltip of Anesthetic Poison in regards to
the number of charge applied.
- Malefic Raiment: Corrected a tooltip calculation error.
- Bangle of Endless Blessings: Fixed tooltip error on Meditation
- Cataclysm Harness: Fixed a tooltip error on Invigorated effect.
- Updated the tooltip for Vengeance of the Illdari to clarify that it
increases spell damage.
- Blade of Eternal Darkness: The tooltip has been adjusted to
indicate it only works with direct damage spells.
- Wushoolay's Charm of Nature: The tooltip has been corrected to
indicate it grants spell haste.
- Corrected a naming inconsistency with Windchanneller's items.
- Figurine of the Colossus corrected a typo in the tooltip of the
buff provided by this item.
- Marsh Lichen: This food is now considered a fungus.
- Stromgarde Muenster is now correctly considered cheese for the
purposes of feeding pets.
- Edible Fern now triggers a global cooldown on use.
- Rumsey Rum, Rumsey Rum Light, Rumsey Rum Dark, Rumsey Rum
Black Label, Halaani Whiskey, Gordok Green Grog, Raptor Punch,
Stormstout, Trogg Ale, and Thunderbrew Lager: The stat bonuses
from these drinks no longer stacks with stamina bonuses from other
- Felguard Annihilators will now drop the proper loot in Heroic
- Khorium Lockboxes will now contain loot of the appropriate level.
- Aeonus will now properly drop a Primal Nether in Heroic
- Coilfang Collaborators will now drop the proper loot in Heroic
- Demon Hunter Supplicants now drop the proper loot.
- Auchenai Death-Speakers and Doomsayers will now drop the
appropriate loot.
- Netherstrike armor has had it's socket bonuses changed.
- PvP Set Bonuses: Set bonuses of 35 resilience rating will now stack
correctly if received from two different sets.
- Alliance Shaman PvP Sets: These sets now have set bonuses as
- General's Dreadweave Boots: Now available for purchase from the PvP
vendor as intended.
- Assassination Set: The haste bonus from this set will no longer be
triggered if your attack does not land on the target.
- Avatar Regalia Set: Tooltips corrected on the Shadow Word: Pain
set bonus to indicate the triggered bonus works on the next spell
cast only. The bonus also now correctly affects healing spells.
- Black Dragonscale Set: The hit rating bonus from this set now
stacks properly with hit rating bonuses from other effects.
- Black Dragon Mail Set: The hit rating and critical strike rating
set bonuses from this set will now stack correctly with other
sources of those ratings.
- Cataclysm Harness Set: The cast time reduction to Lesser Healing
Wave will now be displayed correctly as 1.5 sec in the Invigorated
- Cenarion Raiment Set: The spell critical strike rating set bonus
will now stack properly with other effects that give spell critical
strike rating.
- Defiler's Purpose Set: The critical strike rating rom this set
bonus will now be applied properly.
- Defiler's Resolution Set: The critical strike rating from this set
will now stack correctly with other bonuses to critical strike
- Devilsaur Armor Set: The hit rating bonus from this set now stacks
properly with hit rating bonuses from other effects.
- Devilsaur Set: The hit rating set bonus will now stack correctly
with hit rating bonuses from other items.
- Earthfury Set: The set bonus that increases totem radius now works
on Wrath of Air Totem.
- Ebon Netherscale Set: The hit rating bonus from this set will now
stack correctly with other hit rating bonuses.
- Frostfire Set: The 4 piece set bonus now works correctly with rank
4 Mage Armor.
- Frozen Shadoweave Set: The set bonus from these items will no
longer have its tooltip modified by the Vampiric Embrace talent
and can no longer cause a critical strike heal.
- Hallowed Raiment Set: The Binding Heal set bonus on this set has
been changed to 30% chance to resist losing casting time off Binding
Heal when taking damage.
- Imbued Netherweave Set: The critical strike rating set bonus now
stacks correctly with other effects that grant critical strike
- Incanter's Set: Corrected precision error in display of cast time
reduction in Flamestrike. The actual value is unchanged; it was
displaying a rounded-off value before.
- Justicar Armor Set: The bonus to Seal of Vengeance now functions
- Malefic Raiment Set: The set bonus granting heals from periodic
spells can longer get critical strikes.
- Netherblade Set: The set bonus giving a chance to gain combo points
on finishers now works correctly with Slice and Dice and Deadly
- Overlord's Resolution Set: The dodge rating bonus from this set
now stacks correctly with all other dodge rating effects.
- Voidheart Set: This set bonus will now trigger correctly from all
shadow and fire spells.
- Warbringer Armor Set: The Revenge set bonus will no longer apply
an excessive bonus to Heroic Strike.
- Wyrmhide Set: Adjusted the tooltip on Moonfire cost reduction to
indicate it is a reduces by a percentage of the base cost, not the
talented cost.
- Nordrassil Regalia: The Regrowth set bonus will now correctly be
consumed by the first casting of Regrowth.
- Clefthoof Hide Leggings: There were two items with this name. The
world drop item has been renamed as Elekk Hide Leggings.
- Fathom-Brooch of the Tidewalker: Healing spells and spells which
are not critical strikes can now trigger this trinket.
- Heavenly Inspiration no longer shares a cooldown with other
trinkets which temporarily increase spell damage.
- The Talon of Al'ar: This trinket now applies correctly to Scatter
Shot and Silencing Shot.
- Energized Wristwraps: This item was incorrectly set to superior
quality. It has been changed to good quality with the stat bonuses
- Murloc Eggs: These pet-summoning items are now set to superior
- Swift Flying Mounts: All the swift flying mounts will now display
as epic items, rather than superior-quality items.
- The Twin-Bladed Ripper icon has been changed.
- The Netherwhelp's Collar now has it's own unique icon.
- The Lightsworn Hammer icon has been changed to a mace icon.
- Replaced the placeholder art for Zeth'gor Shield and Dragonscale
Shield with permanent art.
- Staff of Prehistoria: A placeholder icon will no longer become
visible when creating this staff.
- Corrected the stats of Girdle of the Endless Pit.
- Corrected the stats of Supple Leather Boots.
- Scroll of Strength V will now give the proper stat increase.
- Corrected many issues with helmets displaying and not displaying hair
- The Stealther's Helmet of Second Sight will now properly hide
facial hair.
- Warmaul Helmet: This helmet no longer displays facial hair clipping
through the helm.
- The Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing should now properly work on
players of all levels.
- Removed the level requirement on Battle Scarred Leggings.
- The Consortium Combatant's Robes level requirement has been
- The Spellfire and Shadoweave tunics have been changed to robes.
- Robes of Insight will again correctly have its effect consumed by
casting Blink.
- Masquerade Gown will now be triggered correctly by any spell, not
just critical strikes.
- Adamantite Weight Stones now work on staves and fist weapons.
- Fel Weightstone now works on fist weapons.
- Spymaster's Crossbow can now be used by non-hunters.
- The Azerothian Longbow will now properly display it's firing
- Halaa Ammo has been reduced in damage and soulbound, but you can
carry any number of them.
- Draenic Light Crossbow now correctly uses arrows and has had it's
firing animation corrected.
- Lead Slug Shotgun: Correct sounds and animations are now attached.
- Longbeard Rifle now has a gun animation and sound.
- Dragonbreath Musket, PC-54 Shotgun, Sporting Rifle, and Tauren
Runed Musket all now have a gun sound and animation instead of
- The Night Blade: The chance for the effect on this item to trigger
has been reduced.
- The Flarethorn will now display properly when sheathed.
- Aldor Guardian Rifle will now work correctly.
- Mag'hari Light Recurve will now work correctly.
- Ragehammer again grants increased damage instead of attack power.
- Searing Needle: The damage effect from this item is fixed and now
works correctly.
- Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian: The party aura from these
items will now be reapplied correctly when a player logs into the
game while already mounted.
- Hammer of Destiny: The mana restoring effect from this item will
now display in the combat log.
- Earthwarden: Damage when not shapeshifted reduced on this weapon;
this was intended to be reduced like other feral weapons, but was
- The Silver Star: This low-level quest reward has been fixed to
match the new system for thrown weapons. For technical reasons, all
old Silver Stars are now listed as Broken and cannot be used. New
ones gained will work correctly.
- Grunt's Waterskin: This item now has the same effect as Footman's
- The Decapitator should no longer give an immune message when used
on certain creature types.
- The Discombobulator Ray no longer works on flying targets.
- Goblin Rocket Launcher: When this item stuns a warrior opponent, it
can now trigger Second Wind.
- Cosmic Infuser: This item now works with Gift of the Naaru and
Holy Nova. It does not work with affects which cause a target to
heal themselves, Earth Shield, Lifebloom, Prayer of Mending,
etc., or which are caused by draining life or vampirism. Health
potions and other consumables will no longer trigger it either.
- Mana Thistle: Picking this herb will no longer case abilities such
as Lightning Shield to trigger and burn changes.
- Nightmare Vine: The poison from picking this herb is now considered
Nature damage instead of Physical damage.
- Pendant of the Violet Eye will no longer trigger from spells with
no mana cost. It will also no longer get double procs from some
Paladin spells.
- Pendant of Golden Healing: This item no longer gains benefit from
bonus healing effects.
- Bangle of Endless Blessings will no longer proc off of tradeskills.
- Bogslayer Bracers now make the proper sound when moved in your
- Reduced the Silence and Interrupt reduction provided by Talisman
of the Breaker.
- Band of the Eternal Champion: This item is no longer triggered from
being hit by ranged attacks.
- Band of the Eternal Defender: The effect from this item now only
affects the wearer, instead of the whole party.
- Eye of Gruul has been redesigned to give a chance of healing
discount each time a heal is cast.
- Oculus of the Hidden Eye: The tooltip for this item now specifies
the user must kill a creature to gain its benefit.
- Lesser Rune of Warding: This effect will now continue to work
correctly after the target dies and resurrects.
- Greater Rune of Warding: This effect will now continue to work
correctly after the target dies and resurrects.
- Mark of Conquest: The mana energizing effect from this item now
correctly occurs on dealing ranged damage instead of taking it.
- Glyph of Renewal: The mana regeneration from this enchantment will
now stack correctly with all other mana regeneration effects.
- Libram of Eternal Rest was causing Judgement of the Crusader not
to refresh on each hit. That has been fixed.
- Auslese's Light Channeler: Avenger's Shield will now consume the
effect from this item.
- Hazza'rah's Charm of Healing now provides haste rating as intended,
instead of a fixed reduced cast time.
- Aegis of Preservation: This item will now correctly heal the user;
it was showing up in the log, but not increasing actual health.
- Mystical Skyfire Diamond: The triggering rate on this item has been
increased, but it now only reduces the cast time on spells by half;
and Warlocks casting Corruption with maximum ranks in Improved
Corruption will no longer consume the Focus buff from this gem.
- Lifegiving Gem: This item will now only increase maximum and
current health of the user by 1500. It will not also heal the user
for 1500.
- Enraged Fel Sparks now properly drop Motes of Fire instead of
Motes of Shadow.
- Primal Nethers may now be purchased from G'eras for Badges of
- Oracle Belt of Timeless Mystery: The On Use effect changed to
On Equip as intended.
- Abyssal Cloth Slippers: There were two items with this name. The
ones from the Burning Crusade have been renamed Abyssal Cloth
- Updated the General's Leather Boots to properly reflect the
Alliance counterpart.
- Area 52 Defender's Pants: Arcane resistance on this item was
unintended and has been removed.
- Brood Mother Leggings: Now has a spell price and can be worn by
- Razaani-Buster Leggings: This item can now be sold to a vendor.
- Mok'Nathal Hero's Pantaloons now has a sell price and can be worn
by non-hunters.
- Enchant Boots - Vitality: The health regeneration from this
enchantment will now work in combat.
- Enchant Weapon- Spellsurge: The mana gained from this enchantment
will now show up in the combat log.
- Malorne Raiment and Malorne Regalia: These sets no longer erroneously
apply a reduction in cost to some Druid spells.
- Cyclone Regalia: The chance for a mana cost reduction to occur has
been reduced.
- Warrior Tier 4 Tanking Set: The Blade Turning Bonus now prevents the
correct amount of damage, 200.
- Priest Tier 5 Shadow Set: The Sadist buff will no longer be consumed
when casting a spell which does neither damage nor healing.
- Priest Tier 4 Shadow Set: Mind Flay will now benefit correctly from
the 4 piece bonus.
- Shaman Tier 5 Spell Damage Set: The 4 piece bonus will no longer be
triggered by Shocks and Chain Lightning.

- Alchemy
The chance of a discovery occurring while making potions has been
substantially increased.
Elixirs now stack in two categories, Battle (Offensive) and Guardian
(Defensive) Elixirs. You can only have one of each type of Elixir up
at a time. As a result Elixirs now stack with class abilities such as
Arcane Intellect.
Elixirs now stack to 20.
Four new defensive elixirs have been added. Two are on trainers, one
is in Halaa and one is in Cenarion Expedition.
Flask of Petrification can no longer be turned off during its
duration, but it now will clear all threat from all monsters for
the duration of the effect. Though monsters may reacquire you after
the effect ends.
Cooldown time on Earthstorm and Skyfire Diamond transmutes has
been reduced to 1 day.
Invulnerability potions now stop the first 120 damage per hit for
8 seconds, rather than making the imbiber physically immune.
The major protection potions made by Alchemy now require more Mana
Thistle and vials, but create 5 potions instead of just one.
Fel Strength elixirs now work correctly with elixir mastery.
Elemental Absorption potions now have a 2 minute duration rather
than the 60 min duration they used to have.
Alchemy transmute of Heart of Fire to Elemental Fire changed to
15 minute cooldown.
Reagent costs and potency of all flasks has been reduced.
The cost of Imbued Vials has been reduced.
The chance to find a Fel Lotus while picking an herb has been
Juju Chill and Juju Ember are now considered Guardian Elixirs and
do not stack with other resistance buffs.
Juju Flurry is now considered a Battle Elixir and has been converted
from haste to haste rating.
Ground Scorpok Assay, Juju Might, Juju Power, Lung Juice
Cocktail, and R.O.I.D.S are now considered Battle Elixirs.
Crystal Force, Crystal Ward,Gizzard Gum, Infallible Mind,
Juju Escape, Juju Guile, Sheen of Zanza and Swiftness of Zanza
are all now considered Guardian Elixirs.
Sheen of Zanza is now considered a Guardian Elixir. Stamina and
Spirit bonuses have been reduced to 25.
Elixir of Fortitude now correctly displays its name in its buff
The Alchemist's Stone bonus now works on potions that restore both
health and mana.
Super Mana Potions now require 2 Dreaming Glory instead of 2
Netherbloom to create.
Super Healing Potions now require 2 Netherbloom instead of 2 Dreaming
Glory to create.
Reduced the number of Stonescale Oil required to make Greater
Stoneshield Potions.
Reduced the reagents required to make Ironshield Potions.
New cauldron recipes can now be discovered when making most major
protection potions. Cauldrons can provide an entire raid with a
major protection potion.
- Enchanting
Enchant Bracer-Spellpower had its primal costs reduced slightly.
Enchanting recipes that increase spell damage now also increase
healing as well.
The Major Defense Bracer enchantment has been moved from Ethereum
Researchers to Ethereum Nullifiers.
- Engineering
11 new epic goggles have been introduced at 350 engineering skill
and are available from the trainer. They range from cloth to plate,
and have a variety of stats to appeal to most talent specs.
A recipe for Frost Grenades and the Icy Blasting Primers needed
to make them are now on engineering trainers.
Engineering recipes can now be placed in engineering bags, as can
engineer made fireworks.
Many engineering recipes will now give skillups for longer than the
previously did.
An engineering recipe to make Fused Wiring can be found in both
Everlook and Shattrath.
Engineering Skill required to make the Felsteel Stabilizer,
Hardened Adamantite Tube and Khorium Power Core have been reduced
Adamantite Shells now require less adamantite and do slightly more
The recipe for Elemental Blasting Powder now gives 4 powder when
creating it, though it now requires an additional mote of earth.
Engineers now make 3 Smoke Flares instead of just one when they
create them. Also Smoke Flares now have a buy/sell price.
Seaforium now opens locked chests as well as locked doors.
The Consortium Vendor Karaaz now sells the engineering recipe for an
Elemental Seaforium Charge if you are revered with them.
The Poultryizer has a smaller chance of getting malfunction effects
and is now a superior quality item.
The Nigh Invulnerability Belt now has a smaller chance of failure.
Healing Potion Injectors and Mana Potion Injectors created by
engineers now have new icons and the engineering requirement to use
them has been reduced.
Goblin Rocket Launcher now has a 2 minute cooldown, and had its
casting time reduced to 3.5 sec.
Gnomish Flame Turret now creates 3 turrets instead of 1. Thorium Tube
requirement changed to Fel Iron Casing.
- Fishing
The fishing timer has been reduced from 30 to 20 seconds and it now
takes less time to fish.-->You now catch fish faster.
The fishing timer can no longer run through its duration without a
fish biting.
Fishing has been removed from Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley.
Fixed a bug where you could catch 2 fish at once in some zones.
You can now fish in Underbog.
- Jewelcrafting
The jewelcrafting UI now has gems split up by color so it is easier
to find gems of a specific color to create.
A new set of more powerful gems can be found by raiding Hyjal and
Black Temple. Their stats exceed those of previous gems that could
be found.
A number new gem cuts to existing gems have been added to the game.
Included among them are a spell hit gem and more multi-stat gems that
have attack power on them.
Jewelcrafters can make two new melee oriented meta gems. One is found
randomly as a world drop and the other sold by the reputation vendor.
Thorium Setting only requires 1 thorium bar now.
Many Jewelcrafting recipes that required 200-280 skill to learn now
have changed/reduced materials required to make them
Mithril filigree has a slightly reduced range that it gives skillups.
A number of jewelcrafting gems now give skill increases for slightly
longer than they used to.
Pendant of Blasting and Necklace of Battle will now grant their
click effects to players correctly, previously they only worked on
characters higher than level 47.
Jewelcrafting Onslaught ring thorium cost reduced
The vendor value for the raw green gems have been reduced. This will
also make these gems cheaper to put up on the auction house (Blood
Garnet, Golden Draenite, etc...)
Prospecting now always yields at least 1 gem.
Grand Master Jewelcrafters Hamanar (Shattrath City), Jazdalaad (The
Stormspire), Kalaen (Thrallmar) and Tatiana (Honor Hold) may teach
all levels of Jewelcrafting.
The recipe for Figurine - Golden Hare no longer requires a
Cut Citrine. It now requires copper bars.
Several new recipes that use Jaggal and Shadow Pearls have been added
to jewelcrafting trainers.
Increased the chance to find blue gems when prospecting.
Removed the 1 hour cooldown when cutting diamonds.
Reduced the matching requirements for some diamonds.
- Leatherworking
Knothide Armor kits now require less leather to make and give
skill increases for longer.
Leatherworking made Primalstrike set now has an attack power set
bonus rather than a strength set bonus.
Additional snakes that drop cobra scales are in the highlands of
nagrand as well as in shadowmoon valley.
Leatherworker made Drums of Restoration had their health/mana
effects reduced slightly.
Nethercobra Leg Armor and Nethercleft Leg Armor have been
slightly improved.
Heavy Clefthoof Boots, Heavy Clefthoof Leggings, and Heavy
Clefthoof Vest have had their armor increased at the expense of
some stamina and defense rating.
Changed the socket bonuses on the Windhawk set to something more
- Herbalism
The Dreaming Glory buff now correctly works in combat.
Netherbloom no longer causes negative effects, although the positive

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Ring presenterar Video Doorbell Pro 2
Är utrustad med radar och fågelperspektiv

Det finns många videodörrklockor på marknaden och tillverkaren Ring har en hel uppsjö. Nu presenteras Video Doorbell Pro 2 som sticker ut genom att den är utrustad med radarteknik som kan mäta avståndet till det som kameran i ringklockan ser. Tekniken gör att du ännu bättre kan precisera när kameran ska börja spela in och upptäcka rörelser. Man ska även i efterhand kunna få ett fågelperspektiv över hur en person har rört sig och ska därmed enklare kunna se varifrån personen kommit. Kameran filmar i 1536p HD och precis som tidigare har den tvåvägskommunikation och mörkerläge i färg. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 släpps den 31 mars och kostar 2799 kronor. Läs allt om den i pressmeddelandet nedan. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

TV4 får ännu en gång betala straffavgift för reklamavbrott
Ska betala 100.000 kronor för reklamavbrott i The Magnificent Seven

TV4 har ännu en gång dömts att betala en straffavgift då Förvaltningsrätten anser att kanalen körde ett reklamavbrott mitt under dramatisk scen i filmen The Magnificent Seven, en film som TV4 visade i september 2020. Det här var 15:e gången de senaste tre åren som TV4 dömts för att felaktigt bryta program för att visa reklam. Därför höjs nu straffavgiften från 50.000 till 100.000 kronor till följd av återkommande brister. Förvaltningsrätten skriver: "Annonsavbrottet i fråga har varit felaktigt inplacerat. Klart är också att TV4 vid upprepade tillfällen de senaste åren har överträtt bestämmelsen om när program får avbrytas av annonser och att TV4 till följd av detta har ålagts av förvaltningsrätten vid ett stort antal tillfällen att betala en särskild avgift." TV4 uppger att det felaktigt placerade reklamavbrottet har skett under en period då kanalen ska ha haft stora tekniska problem och säger: "TV4 har inte på något sätt orsakat problemen avsiktligen. Det finns inte något som helst uppsåt eller systematiskt handlande som ligger bakom överträdelsen. Tvärtom jobbar TV4 kontinuerligt med att denna typ av problem inte ska uppstå." TV4 kan överklaga Förvaltningsrättens dom men huruvida man kommer att göra det finns det än så länga ingen information om. Tumnagel
Wille Wilhelmsson

Regeringen presenterar nya restriktioner
Serveringsställen måste stänga 20.30

Nyligen höll Regeringen pressträff och det var för att meddela ett gäng nya restriktioner som kommer gälla för att minska smittspridningen i landet. Det handlar bland annat om att från och med den 1 mars och tills vidare så måste alla serveringsställen stänga 20.30. Detta gäller även de ställen som inte serverar alkohol. Take away kommer ställena dock att få fortsätta med som vanligt och de nya restriktionerna ska alltså gälla sittande gäster i första hand. Man kommer även ytterligare begränsa antalet kunder i butiker, gallerior och gym men vilka siffror som gäller och när detta träder i kraft är oklart för tillfället. Råden till idrottsföreningar när det gäller arrangemang av läger, cuper och tävlingar kommer också att skärpas. Exempelvis kommer enstaka matcher för barn och unga inte att tillåtas. Folkhälsomyndigheten kommer inom kort att presentera alla nya restriktioner. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Kör ett lossless-test innan ni börjar betala för Spotify Hifi
Kan du höra skillnaden?

Spotify meddelade tidigare i veckan att de äntligen kommer släppa ett nytt abonnemang för folk med känsliga öron. Spotify Hifi kommer erbjuda musik i okomprimerat lossless-format och detta är något som Spotify-användare bett om sedan Spotify praktiskt taget drog igång. Att erbjuda hifi-ljud är ju verkligen klockrent, men kan du verkligen höra skillnaden på högsta ljudkvaliteten på Spotify och lossless-musik? Om du har svinkänsliga öron som kan höra skillnaden så är det förstås bara att tuta och köra och börja prenna så fort Spotify Hifi släpps, men om du är osäker så kan det vara bra att köra ett litet ljudtest. Via länken här nere till vänster har du ett sådant test och i det får vi höra en ljudsnutt och sedan välja om det är lossless eller ej. Och när testet är klart får du ett relativt rakt svar om du kan höra skillnad eller ej. Tumnagel
André Stray

IKEA släpper demonteringsinstruktioner
Så att du kan plocka isär dina IKEA-prylar

IKEA vill göra det lättare för sina kunder att montera isär grejer de köpt från företaget och släpper nu därför instruktioner för hur kunder kan plocka isär ett knippe av IKEA:s produkter. Tanken är att kunden ibland kan behöva montera isär IKEA:s grejer vid till exempel en flytt, vidareförsäljning eller återvinning av produkten. IKEA skriver: "Extending the life of your furniture with our Disassembly Instructions is one of the ways we’re building on our commitment to sustainability. No matter whether you’re moving home, giving your furniture away or selling it. Taking it apart correctly reduces the risk of damage, and reduces its impact on the environment. Fortune favours the frugal." Än så länge har IKEA släppt demonteringsinstruktioner för sina produkter Billy, Brimnes, Lycksele, Malm, Pax och Poäng. Instruktionerna finns än så länge inte på IKEA:s svenska webbplats men hittas på brittiska IKEA:s webbplats på länken nedan. Tumnagel
Wille Wilhelmsson

Så här ser USPS nya transportbilar ut
Vilken ful

Nu har vi ju inte USPS här i Sverige men jag kände mig tvingad att skriva om deras nya transportfordon för post och paket, eftersom det är så fult. Det ser ut som en bil hämtad från en tecknad serie med sin platta och långa nos. Tillverkar kommer Oshkosh Defense att göra och Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) som man kallar fordonet ska börja rulla 2023. Den nya bilen ersättar den gamla klassiska Grumman LLV och i Oshkosh Defenses kontrakt står det att man ska tillverka mellan 50.000 till 165.000 stycken fordon över en tioårsperiod. De kommer att utrustas med både förbränningsmotorer och eldrivlinor. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Stardew Valley ute nu som brädspel
Samla resurser med vänner!

Stardew Valley går att spela praktiskt taget överallt och nu även i den fysiska världen. Eric Barone, mer känd som ConcernedApe, har tillsammans med Cole Medeiros, som tidigare gjort brädspel som Web of Spies, har tillbringat två år med att ta fram en brädspelsversion av det populära spelet. I brädspelsversionen kommer upp till fyra spelare vara tvungna att samarbeta för att klara av diverse uppgifter, återställa Community Center genom att samla resurser och hämma Jojo Mart från att etablera sig i staden, vilket ger genom att odla grönsaker, ta hand om djur och bli tjenis med stadens invånare. Tyvärr säljs spelet endast i USA för tillfället, men gänget försöker lösa global tillgång av spelet. Vi håller tummarna att det går relativt snabbt. Annars hoppas vi att inköpare hos svenska återförsäljare är snabba på pucken och importerar spelet. I USA kan dock spelet köpas för 55 dollar. På tal om Stardew Valley verkar äntligen strulet med Playstation-versionen äntligen vara över och spelet kommer släppas på PS Store innan veckans slut. Tumnagel
André Stray

Nya Lexus NX läcker ut

2014 släppte Lexus crossovern NX och 2017 fick den sig ett ansiktslyft. Snart är det dags för generation två att göra entré och denna har nu läckt ut på nätet i förtid. Det vi vet för närvarande är att bilen kommer erbjudas som laddhybrid, men när den officiella presentationen äger rum är fortfarande oklart. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Twitter blockerar konton som anses drivas av rysk trollfabrik
Blockerar även konton med kopplingar til Iran och Armenien

Twitter skriver i ett blogginlägg att man har blockerat sammanlagt 373 konton på sin tjänst vilka man anser spred desinformation på uppdrag av olika statliga intressen. Ett 30-tal av de nu blockerade kontona ansågs drivas av den ökända ryska trollfabriken Internet Research Agency (IRA) som vi skrivit om några gånger tidigare. Ytterligare ett 70 tal nu blockerade konton ansågs sprida desinformation på uppdrag av den ryska staten. Twitter blockerade även runt 130 konton som man ansåg gick att knyta till Iranska intressen som ska ha spridit desinformation på Twitter i samband med det amerikanska presidentvalet förra året. Även 35 konton som ska ha använts för att sprida missvisande propaganda från regeringen i Armenien ska ha blockerats skriver Twitter i sitt blogginlägg vilket ni kan läsa i sin helhet på länken nedan. Tumnagel
Wille Wilhelmsson

Teenage Engineering kommer sköta designen åt Nothing
Heja Sverige!

Carl Peis nya satsning Nothing börjar låta allt mer intressant, trots att gänget fortfarande inte visat upp en enda produkt ännu. Nu meddelar det nystartade företaget att svenska Teenage Engineering utnämnts till medgrundare av Nothing. Detta är inte bara en fin titel, utan Teenage Engineering-cheferna Jesper Kouthhoofd och Tom Howard har fått chefspositioner i Nothings designavdelning. Kouthhoofd kommer agera Creative Lead på Nothing medan Howard kommer vara designchef. I ett uttalande säger Carl Pei detta: "Ix27m really excited to welcome Teenage Engineering to the growing Nothing family. They consist of some of the best designers and creatives that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Together, we’ve created a product roadmap that’s unique and true to Nothing’s vision." Vi har som sagt inte ännu fått se några produkter från det nystartade företaget, men vi har i alla fall fått reda på att ett par true wireless-lurar kommer vara första produkten som släpps och denna kommer dyka upp i sommar. Vidare väntas Nothing släppa fler produkter och skapa ett eget ekosystem som ska göra att prylarna ska fungera bättre tillsammans. Och då Teenage Engineering-gänget kommer sköta designen så lär det bli en hel del intressanta grejer som dyker upp i framtiden. Tumnagel
André Stray

Firefox introducerar bättre skydd mot cookie-spårning
Kakorna får separata kakburkar i Mozillas webbläsare

Mozilla skriver i ett blogginlägg att man i den senaste versionen av deras Firefox introducerar något som man kallar för "Total Cookie Protection", en funktion som gör det svårare för annonsörer att spåra användare via cookies, de små datafiler som webbplatser skriver till datorns webbläsare när någon besöker webbplatsen. Mozilla skriver om Total Cookie Protection: "Our new feature, Total Cookie Protection, works by maintaining a separate “cookie jar” for each website you visit. Any time a website, or third-party content embedded in a website, deposits a cookie in your browser, that cookie is confined to the cookie jar assigned to that website, such that it is not allowed to be shared with any other website." Den senaste versionen av Firefox, Firefox 86, släpptes igår och går att ladda ner till Windows, macOS och Linux på länken nedan. Tumnagel
Wille Wilhelmsson

Gunther Werks bygger egen 993 Speedster
En modern tolkning

Gunther Werks senaste projekt är döpt till 993 Speedster Remastered och det är en hyllning till väldigt sällsynta Porsche 993 Speedster. Modellen släpptes aldrig officiellt och endast två stycken exemplar ska ha blivit till. Flera personer har dock byggt egna versioner av bilen och nu ska alltså Gunther Werks göra samma sak. Som motor har man valt en boxersexa på 4,0 liter som Rothsport Racing har byggt. Den ska ge hela 440 hästar och 454 newtonmeter i vrid. Drivningen sker på bakhjulen och kraften dit kommer via en uppgraderad version av 993:ans manuella Getrag-låda. För att få bilen att ha lika bra köregenskaper som deras tidigare 400R har väldigt mycket tid och energi lagts på att förstärka chassiet eftersom ett fast tak saknas. För att kompensera för detta är bland annat den främre huven i kolfiber. Vidare utrustas bilen med ett 3D-printat Inconel-avgassystem, backspeglar och dörrhandtag i aluminium och smidda Fuchs-kopior i hjulhusen. Under de två pucklarna bakom stolarna finns ett tygtak att montera för när vädret är tråkigt. Endast 25 stycken exemplar kommer att tillverkas och planen är att dra igång med detta i början av nästa år. Vad man får betala är oklart. 400R börjar på 565.000 dollar och den här lär bli snäppet dyrare. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Trailer för Murder Among the Mormons
Seriös dokumentärserie från skaparen av Napoleon Dynamite

Jared Hess har tidigare gjort moderna klassiker som Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre och Gentlemen Broncos, men nu verkar det ha blivit dags att leverera lite mer seriösa grejer. Murder Among the Mormons är en ny dokumentärserie från Jared Hess där vi får följa berättelsen om bombningarna som skedde i Salt Lake City 1985 som skakade Sista dagars heliga-rörelsen. Dokumentärseriens officiella sammanfattning lyder: Salt Lake City, 1985. A series of pipe bombs kills two people and severely injures another, jolting the epicenter of the LDS Church. The murders send further shockwaves through the community when a trove of early Mormon letters and diaries are found destroyed in the vehicle of the third victim, Mark Hofmann, a renowned collector of rare documents, including the infamous White Salamander Letter — an artifact whose contents threatened to shake the very foundations of Mormonism. As Hofmann fights for his life, investigators race to uncover the truth. x27Murder Among the Mormonsx27 is the first comprehensive look at one of the most shocking crimes to have ever taken place among the Mormon community and the criminal mastermind behind it all. Murder Among the Mormons har premiär 3 mars på Netflix. Bonusvideo nedan. Tumnagel
André Stray

Apple har köpt runt hundra företag de senaste sex åren
Köper ett företag var tredje till fjärde vecka

Det kommer förhållandevis frekvent uppgifter om att Apple har köpt upp mindre företag, något som Apple sällan kommenterar officiellt annat än med att det är något man gör ibland. Nu uppger dock Apples vd Tim Cook att Apple har köpt runt hundra företag de senaste sex åren. Det var under ett virtuellt möte med Apples aktieägare igår som Cook avslöjade att Apple de senaste sex åren köpt upp något mindre företag var tredje till fjärde vecka. Företagen som Apple köpt upp de senaste sex åren har pysslat med bland annat kamerautveckling, kartor, musik, böcker, VR/AR-utveckling, artificiell intelligens och utveckling av självkörande bilar. Vi har skrivit ett dussintal artiklar om olika företag som Apple sägs ha köpt upp de senaste sex åren och ni hittar en del av dessa inlänkade här nedanför. Tumnagel
Wille Wilhelmsson

Arkadspelet Frogger ska bli ett tävlingsprogram på TV
Se till att inte bli överkörd

Den amerikanska tv-kanalen NBC har meddelat att de kommer att utveckla ett tävlingsprogram som baseras på Konamis klassiska arkadspel Frogger. Frogger släpptes 1981 och går ut på att spelaren är en groda som ska ta sig över en väg utan att bli överkörd. Spelet har hyllats som ett av de bästa som någonsin gjorts och det har dykt upp åtskilliga kloner av spelet sedan det släpptes för 40 år sedan. I TV-programmet som ska baseras på spelet kommer den tävlande att få ta sig igenom tolv olika banor som ska ha hämtat inspiration från spelet. TV-programmet Frogger kommer att spelas in i Australien och senare sändas på NBCUniversals streamingtjänst Peacock. I klippet ovan kan ni kolla in hur en omgång Frogger såg ut i Konamis originalutförande. Tumnagel
Wille Wilhelmsson

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 kommer till Switch!
Samt next gen-versioner släpps 26 mars

Tony Hawkx27s Pro Skater 1+2 är ett rackarns underhållande spel som erbjuder härligt arkadskateboard-åkande på Xbox One, PS4 och PC. Nu har utvecklarna meddelat att spelet kommer släppas på fler plattformar i framtiden. Mer specifikt kommer en version släppas till Nintendo Switch senare i år, någon gång efter våren. Switch-versionen kommer erbjuda samma upplevelse som vi fick med versionen som släpptes i höstas. Utöver det kommer spelet även få en ordentlig next gen-uppdatering. Tony Hawkx27s Pro Skater 1+2 kommer släppas till Xbox Series X/S och PS5 26 mars och erbjuda lite tjusigare grafik och rappare spelupplevelse. Med den uppgraderade versionen kommer du kunna lira med 4K-upplösning (1440p på Series S) i 60 fps alternativt välja 1080p med 120 fps. Sedan ska spelet ha fått förbättrat spatial audio och mer välpolerade effekter av olika slag. Next gen-versionen kommer vara gratis att lägga vantarna om man köpt Tony Hawkx27s Pro Skater 1+2 Deluxe Edition tidigare, men om man inte köpt Deluxe-versionen kan man uppgradera till next gen-versionen för en hundring. Har man inte köpt spelet alls tidigare så kommer det kosta runt 450 kronor. Tumnagel
André Stray

Nytt och färgglatt från Timberland
Återigen med Billionaire Boys Club

Timberland och Billionaire Boys Club följer upp de färgglada skorna som presenterades i november med en ny kollektion som fått namnet Hyper Natural. I denna finns det hiking-plagg och två stycken nytolkningar på Garrison Trail-kängan. Skorna är tillverkade i ett material som består av minst 50 procent plast från återvunna PET-flaskor. Kläderna är i 100 procent ekologisk bomull. Kollektionen släpps den 26 februari och priserna ligger på mellan 600 och 1800 kronor. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Romen The Real McCoy släpptes idag
Helt utan tillsatser

Idag släpptes The Real McCoy 12 Years Single Cask på Systembolaget. Det är en rom helt utan tillsatser producerad hos det familjeägda företaget Foursquare på Barbados. Endast lokal jäst, melass och källvatten från Barbados används. Romen destilleras i små batcher i kopparpanna och kolonnbrännare innan den lagras på hårt rostade amerikanska bourbonfat. Dofterna ska vara smörig ek och kryddig mörk choklad. Smaken beskrivs som smörkaramell tillsammans med fattoner, apelsinzest och tobak. För en flaska på 70 centiliter får man betala 599 kronor. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Den perfekta Steakhouse-burgaren
Tjock och mumsig

I sitt senaste klipp visar George Motz hur man fixar till den perfekta steakhouse-burgaren. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Teaser för Tina
HBO:s dokumentär om Tina Turner

Här kommer en teaser för HBO:s kommande dokumentär om den amerikanska artisten Tina Turner. Tina handlar om Tina Turners karriär och förutom artisten själv kommer bland andra Angela Basett och Oprah Winfrey medverka i dokumentären. Tina har premiär på amerikanska HBO Max 27 mars och kommer sannolikt att börja sändas på HBO Nordic någon gång efter det. Tumnagel
Wille Wilhelmsson

Ny officiell klockpartner för Aston Martin
Anrika Girard-Perregaux

Aston Martin meddelar nu att den anrika schweiziska klocktillverkaren Girard-Perregaux blir officiell klockpartner åt biltillverkaren. Girard-Perregaux har tillverkat klockor sedan 1791 och erbjuder idag modeller som kostar mellan 17.000 dollar och 463.000 dollar. Partnerskapet kommer att mynna ut i flera klockor i begränsade upplagor i framtiden och den första ska presenteras senare i år. Girard-Perregaux kommer även att fungera som sponsor för Aston Martins nybildade F1-team. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Victorinox-knivar med halkfria handtag
Kommer nu till Sverige

Victorinox har en serie med knivar som heter Swiss Modern. En version av dessa har syntetiska handtag i svart som ska vara halkfria. Nu kommer dessa knivar till Sverige och mer specifikt till alla Kitch’n-butiker runt om i landet. Knivarna klarar diskmaskin och är enkla att underhålla. Bladet är i rostfritt stål. De fyra knivarna som lanseras är stekkniven, santokukniven, kockkniven och brödkniven. Alla kostar 599 kronor styck. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Ny whisky från Macallan
Inspirerad av naturen

Macallan presenterar nu den nya whiskyn The Macallan Edition No.6. Här ska man ha hämtat inspiration från naturen och i synnerhet den berömda floden Spey som omger The Macallan Estate. Det är en single malt som ska ha aromer av färsk frukt, muskot, kola, ek, plommon, apelsiner och kanel. Smakerna beskrivs som kryddiga med inslag av färska frukter, krämig choklad och rostad havre. Släpps på Systembolaget den 4 mars och för en flaska får man betala 1100 kronor. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Daft Punk lägger ned
Tack för allt

1992 skapades duon Daft Punk i Paris och mycket har hänt sedan dess. Efter en seg start tog det fart 1995 då singeln Da Funk släpptes. Den följdes av Around the World som nog alla har hört. Nu får vi reda på att duon som består av Thomas Bangalter och Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo går skilda vägar och att gruppen nu är upplöst. Varför får vi dock inte reda på för tillfället utan det hela meddelas bara med videon ovan som döpts till Epilogue. Tack för allt, och som tur är finns allt publicerat material kvar och kommer inte att försvinna. Som alltid - var inte ledsen för att det är över, var glad över att det över huvud taget hände. Låter bättre på engelska, men ni fattar. Bonusklipp nedan. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Idag är det Internationella Margarita-dagen!
Tut i luren!

Idag är det inte bara start på en ny vecka utan det är även den internationella Margarita-dagen vilket givetvis måste firas. Margarita är en drink som består av tequila, likören triple sec, is och limejuice. Servera gör man i ett saltkantat glas. En populär variant är Frozen Margarita som ni kan se Jamie fixa till i klippet här ovan. Skål! Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Mackan testar plasmaskäraren från Lidl
Något att ha?

Förra året släppte Lidl en billig plasmaskärare och de sålde slut illa kvickt. Idag släpptes en ny omgång och tydligen har folk i hela landet köat innan öppning och sedan rusat in och köpt på sig en eller flera maskiner. Prislappen 1499 kronor lockade många som vill testa på det här med att skära plåt på ett smidigare sätt. Här får vi se ett test av den senaste maskinen för att se om den är något att ha. Köpte du någon? Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Därför försvinner Dumle-klubban!
Kan komma tillbaka i framtiden

I torsdags kom chockbeskedet - den klassiska Dumleklubban läggs ner. En klassiker som många har minnen till, men kanske inte köpt så frekvent. Men dålig försäljning är inte anledningen till nerläggningen enligt Fazer, utan produktionslinjen som har gjort klassikern har helt enkelt nått sitt slut. – Vi har under lång tid försökt hitta en lösning för att på ett effektivt och hållbart sätt fortsätta produktionen av Dumleklubban, men behöver nu konstatera att detta inte längre är möjligt. Det har varit en utmaning att med dagens moderna teknik hitta en produktionslösning till den klassiska Dumleklubban, då hantverket såväl som recepturen är lika unika som klubban själv, säger Malin Lindqvist, Brand Manager, Fazer Konfektyr. Den sista Dumleklubban kommer att lämna fabriken under mars månad, men att den försvinner för evigt är faktiskt inte bestämt utan den kan komma tillbaks i framtiden. – Vi vet att klubban är en älskad produkt av många konsumenter och vi arbetar ständigt med vårt urval av Dumleprodukter. Vi kommer att fortsätta våra ansträngningar för att utveckla och hitta ett sätt att producera en Dumleklubba igen i framtiden, fortsätter Malin Lindqvist. Om det bara är fina ord eller om Fazer verkligen kommer att leverera Dumleklubban i framtiden återstår att se! Tumnagel
Roger Åberg

Historien om Thong Song
Baby move your butt, butt, butt.

En trevlig Vice-dokumentär om den legendariska låten Thong Song med Sisqo. Tydligen var låten först ämnad för Michael Jackson (då med annan låttext) men när Sisqo fick höra den kunde han inte släppa taget om den. Tumnagel
Frode Wikesjö