Nya Mercedes E-Klass som cabriolet är här
Går nu att få med fyrhjulsdrift

Nya Mercedes E-Klass som cabriolet är här
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Mercedes presenterar nu nya E-Klassen i ytterligare en smak - cabriolet. Därmed är klassen fylld med sedan, kombi, coupé och nu då även cabriolet. Inga konstigheter någonstans direkt, det här är en E-Klass Coupé som fått sig ett tygtak som går att fälla bort. Detta går att få i mörkbrunt, mörkblått, mörkrött eller svart. En öppning eller stängning tar 20 sekunder och kan göras i hastigheter upp till 50 km/h. Med taket uppe får man in 385 liter i bagageutrymmet, med det nedfällt sjunker den siffran istället till 310 liter.

Jämfört med föregångaren är den här bilen större på alla ledder vilket bland annat ger över tio centimeter mer benutrymme i baksätet, något som säkerligen är välkommet i den här typen av bil. För första gången erbjuds modellen med fyrhjulsdrift och bland motorerna hittar vi bensinare och dieslar från 190 till 330 hästar. Starkare versioner lär komma i framtiden. Motorerna kopplas till en niostegad automatlåda.

Premiär blir det på bilmässan i Genève nästa vecka och under andra halvan av året ska försäljningen dra igång. Några priser har vi tyvärr inte fått ta del av än. Allt om bilen finns att läsa i pressmeddelandet nedan.

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The new E-Class Cabriolet: Open for intense pleasure

Mercedes-Benz is completing its E-Class family with the new E-Class Cabriolet. This open four-seater with a classic fabric soft top combines puristic, sensuous design with high long-distance comfort for four occupants and the latest technology. This includes comprehensive smartphone integration with a wireless charging and key function, a widescreen cockpit and the latest assistance systems. Powerful engines and comfortable suspension systems ensure a sporty and luxurious driving experience. On request the Cabriolet can be equipped with the AIRCAP electric draught-stop system and the AIRSCARF neck-level heating system – to enhance comfort when driving with the roof down. For the first time, the Cabriolet is also available with 4MATIC all-wheel drive.

The new Cabriolet is the fifth and youngest member of Mercedes-Benz's E?Class family, which has been renewed entirely within the space of one year. At the same time, the brand with the star is continuing its tradition of high-calibre cabriolets with a classic fabric soft top. "The passion for extraordinary vehicles, which we share with our customers, is reflected in our new E?Class Cabriolet in a unique way. It is a car that lets people enjoy comfort and luxury in the open air," says Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management at Daimler AG with responsibility for Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales.

When the soft top is up, the E?Class Cabriolet has a silhouette similar to that of the E?Class Coupé and displays the same expressive proportions. The close ties between the two models are likewise apparent in the puristic design with the emphasis on surfaces with clean lines and sensuous forms. Hot and cool in equal measure, the design idiom represents elegance and intelligence. It is what shapes the appearance of the Cabriolet, which nevertheless exudes a unique character – especially when the soft top is down.

A striking front section with a low-positioned diamond radiator grille and centrally located star, LED High Performance headlamps (or optional high-resolution MULTIBEAM LED headlamps), a drawn-out bonnet with powerdomes and fully retractable side windows underline the dynamism of the Cabriolet. The tautly-stretched soft top with window flows harmoniously into the muscular-looking rear. Its elongated, sensuously sculpted shoulders and two-piece, extremely slim LED tail lamps emphasise the sporty character of the four-seater. In addition to this, the tail lamps exude a brilliance reminiscent of the glow given off by a jet engine. As a new feature, the tail lamps also put on a special light show for the driver when they approach or leave the car.

With the roof open, the harmony between exterior and interior design becomes apparent, uniquely accentuating the high-quality details. A visual entity comprising anodised, polished aluminium (AMG Line in matt aluminium) is created by the trim frame on the A-pillar and front windscreen along with the shoulderline trim strip and a wide trim finish that surrounds the soft-top compartment. The third brake lamp with clear-lens cover is harmoniously integrated into this frame.

Suspension that is 15 millimetres lower than that of the Saloon likewise emphasises the luxuriously sporty character of the E-Class Cabriolet. The car thus demonstrates its sporty credentials even with the standard 17-inch tyres.

Premium-class fabric soft top

The fabric soft top is available in the colours dark brown, dark blue, dark red or black. A fully automatic acoustic soft top comes as standard. Its multi-layered structure with sophisticated insulation reduces wind and driving noise, which makes it easy for the occupants to hear each other talk, even when driving at high speed. The soft-top structure has an equally positive effect when it comes to climate comfort and makes the Cabriolet suitable for use all year round.

Derived from the S-Class Cabriolet, the soft top also meets high quality standards in terms of durability and operation. It can be fully opened and closed in 20 seconds when travelling at a speed of up to 50 km/h. After opening, it folds down quietly and precisely and is stored in the soft-top compartment in the boot. A retractable cover separates the soft top from the remaining boot space. Thanks to the fully electrical control included in the optional Cabriolet Comfort package, the driver does not have to stop to operate the boot separator manually. The boot capacity of 385 litres (310 litres when the roof is open) offers all the right ingredients for a high level of everyday practicality. The all-new 50:50 folding rear seat backrests create a through-loading feature in the interior – another plus point when it comes to everyday practicality.

Interior – sophisticated style and sporty luxury

The interior of the new E-Class Cabriolet has a clear basic form. The upper section of the dashboard appears to be hovering and rests against generously proportioned trim elements which flow sensuously into the front doors. The exceptionally high-quality materials and finish emphasise the car's sporty, stylish character and exude outstandingly high-class appeal.

Two optionally available high-resolution 12.3-inch displays (31.2 cm, 1920 x 720 pixel resolution) – a unique selling point in this segment – merge beneath a shared glass cover to create a widescreen that appears to be floating in thin air but nevertheless blends in smoothly between the upper and lower sections of the cockpit. The driver can choose from three different styles for the virtual instruments in the instrument cluster: "Classic", "Sport" and "Progressive".

The entry-level model combines two round dials and a 7-inch colour display cluster (17.8 cm, 1000 x 600 pixel resolution) with a central display with 8.4-inch screen diagonal (21.3 cm 960 x 540 pixel resolution). The dials, instrument cluster and central display are installed in a single frame with a high-gloss piano-lacquer look.

Distinctly sporty highlights include air outlets in Silvershadow with a shape inspired by turbine engines.

The driver has multiple options for operating the instrument cluster, multimedia system and other functions: touch controls in the steering wheel for finger-swipe control, a touchpad that recognises handwriting and the Controller in the centre console, LINGUATRONIC voice control and direct-access buttons, e.g. for controlling the air conditioning and for convenient activation and deactivation of certain driver assistance systems.

The avant-garde and luxurious seats for all four occupants have a sportily sculpted individual-seat character. The integral-look sports seats feature sturdy side bolsters, organically integrated head restraints and optional AIRSCARF neck-level heating. Standard-fit automatic belt extenders for the front seats help the occupants to fasten their seat belts. The rear seats now provide a through-loading feature as standard and are also heated, further enhancing the car's suitability for all-year-round use and its claim to be a fully-fledged four-seater.

High-grade materials and contemporary colour landscapes come together to create a sporty, contemporary luxury. The attractive appointments in yacht blue in combination with macchiato beige lend the Cabriolet a cool, exclusive yachting look. The optional appointments include heat-reflecting leather in five colours. There are also nine different trim options to choose from, including two pale finishes in innovative high-gloss open-pore wood.

The interior lighting makes exclusive use of durable, energy-saving LED technology. The same applies to the optionally available enhanced ambient lighting with 64 colours and a special feature in the shape of a rear light in the roof liner of the Cabriolet soft-top.

Summer heat a constant companion

Customers opting for a cabriolet like to drive with the top down as often as possible. Maximum open-air comfort is possible in the E-Class Cabriolet thanks to the optional AIRCAP automatic draught-stop system and the AIRSCARF neck-level heating, which make the fresh air much more enjoyable even at low outside temperatures. The AIRCAP draught-stop system was developed specifically for the Mercedes-Benz cabriolets. It consists of an electric wind deflector module inconspicuously integrated into the roof frame and an electric draught stop behind the rear seats. At the press of a button, this system reduces the interior turbulence for the rear passengers, too. AIRCAP is part of the Cabriolet Comfort package, which also includes AIRSCARF neck-level heating for the driver and front passenger by circulating warm air around the neck area when temperatures are low outside. The combination of these two pieces of equipment allows enjoyment of the open-air feeling on cold days, too.

Larger and more luxurious

Compared with its predecessor, the new E-Class Cabriolet has grown in length, width and wheelbase: with a vehicle length of 4826 mm, a vehicle width of 1860 mm and a height of 1428 mm, the new E-Class Cabriolet is by far the larger model. The principal beneficiary of the wider track, with 1605 mm at the front (+67 mm) and 1609 mm at the rear (+68 mm), is the driving dynamics. Its considerably larger "footprint" benefits passengers in the rear in particular. On each of the four high-quality seats - which all feel like individual seats in their own right – the driver and all passengers will be able to enjoy true comfort even on long journeys.


E-Class Cabriolet
Vehicle length mm
Vehicle width mm
Vehicle height mm
Wheelbase mm
Track width, front mm
Track width, rear mm

E-Class Cabriolet
Effective rear legroom mm
Max. front/rear headroom mm
Front/rear shoulder room mm
Front/rear elbow room mm

At the market launch, there is initially a choice of powerful and efficient petrol and diesel engines, including versions with 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive for the first time. Further engines will be added to the line-up in due course. As standard, all models are equipped with the 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission, which allows fast gearshifts and lower engine speeds. This has a particularly beneficial effect on efficiency and noise.

Suspension: sporty, agile and comfortable

The suspension on the new E-Class Cabriolet is designed to offer agile driving pleasure as well as a highly comfortable ride. Comfort-tuned DIRECT CONTROL suspension with an amplitude-dependent damping system, which is 15 millimetres lower than the Saloon's suspension, is fitted as standard.

The likewise lowered DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL suspension with adjustable damping is available as an optional extra. With this suspension, the driver can modify the vehicle's damping characteristics using the switch for the DYNAMIC SELECT system. There is a wide range of adjustment options available between the "Comfort", "Sport" and "Sport+" modes.

AIR BODY CONTROL multi-chamber air suspension

The Cabriolet also has the option of AIR BODY CONTROL multi-chamber air suspension, as already seen on the E-Class Saloon. Thanks to three chambers of different size in the spring struts of the rear axle and two in the spring struts of the front axle, the driver can control the hardness of the suspension in three stages. In this way, the occupants enjoy soft basic suspension, along with the secure feeling of good handling stability at higher speeds.

The multi-chamber air suspension is augmented by an electronically controlled adaptive damping system. It adjusts the damping at each individual wheel automatically to suit the current driving situation and condition of the road – such as in the case of evasive manoeuvres or on rough tracks. The system therefore delivers good ride comfort along with excellent driving dynamics.

Using the DYNAMIC SELECT switch, the driver can also select different suspension characteristics in combination with the AIR BODY CONTROL system: "Comfort", ECO, "Sport", "Sport +" and "Individual".

DYNAMIC SELECT – choose your own driving characteristics

However, the DYNAMIC SELECT system not only makes it possible to select the suspension characteristics in combination with DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL or AIR BODY CONTROL, it also enables the driver to influence other vehicle settings – such as the throttle response, ECO start/stop function, shift points of the automatic transmission and more. Depending on the equipment level, DYNAMIC SELECT provides the following transmission modes: "Comfort", "ECO", "Sport", "Sport +" and "Individual". "Individual" allows the driver to configure their own preferred transmission settings.

Light and safe bodyshell

In a cabriolet, the lack of a roof often results in reduced body rigidity. The Mercedes engineers employed specific measures to counteract this during development. For instance, they made the bodyshell structures at the front end and on the floor exceptionally stiff, allowing a high level of driving dynamics.

The intelligent lightweight construction in aluminium hybrid design - a feature of the Coupé - has been retained. Most of the bodyshell components are made of die-cast aluminium and sheet steel. The front wings, bonnet and boot lid are made of sheet aluminium. The Cabriolet not only meets all current national and international crash requirements, but also the more stringent internal Mercedes-Benz safety standards, which are based on what actually happens in real-life accidents.

Safe protection

In the event of an accident, the high structural safety of the body and the extensive array of restraint systems offer optimum protection. These include:

Pyrotechnic belt tensioners and belt force limiters on all front and rear seats
PRE-SAFE® reversible belt tensioner on the front seats
Front airbags for driver and passenger
A kneebag on the driver's side
Thorax/pelvis bags for driver and front passenger
Optional: curtain airbags integrated into the top edge of the front door panels to protect the head in the event of severe side impacts (headbags)
Optional: sidebags in the rear
The roll-over protection system has been developed specifically for the Cabriolet. It consists of two cartridges that are fully retracted behind the rear seats and therefore invisible. If a roll-over is imminent, these cartridges are pyrotechnically fired, whereupon they shoot out to provide a survival space together with the A-pillar.

All the E-Class innovations on-board

As a member of the current E-Class family, the new Cabriolet offers all the familiar features from the E-Class Saloon and Coupé. Active Brake Assist comes as standard. It is able to warn the driver of an imminent collision, provide optimum support with emergency braking and, if necessary, also autonomously apply the brakes. In addition to slower-moving, stopping or stationary vehicles, it can also detect pedestrians crossing in the danger zone ahead of the vehicle.

Further highlights include the Driving Assistance package with the further developed Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC including Active Steering Assist: on all roads, it is not only able to keep the car the correct distance behind vehicles in front, for the first time it can also follow them automatically at a speed of up to 210 km/h.

MAGIC VISION CONTROL with Cabriolet function

Optional extras include MAGIC VISION CONTROL - the intelligent and highly efficient wash/wipe system for the windscreen. Its water ducts integrated into both sides of the wiper blade supply the cleaning fluid to a point just in front of the wiper blade lip every time, according to the direction of movement of the wiper. It allows ideal cleaning of the windscreen without the familiar splash of water that can briefly disrupt the driver's field of view. Furthermore, when the soft top is down, the Cabriolet function's electronic control system reduces the amount of water, supplying the required amount of water to a point just in front of the wiper blade lip, mainly on the downward stroke of the wiper arm. In this way, the windscreen can be conveniently cleaned at any speed and with the roof open - without any of the water spraying into the vehicle interior. The complete system, including the wiper blades, is heated when the outside temperature falls to prevent snow or ice from sticking in winter.

Individual highlights

The Cabriolet already comes with a high equipment specification as standard, augmented by a wide range of individualisation options. The AMG Line is available to underline the dynamism of the Cabriolet. The main differences compared with the standard AVANTGARDE line are the bumpers, side skirts and larger wheels with AMG styling. The dots in the diamond radiator grille are chrome-plated, while the brake discs on the front axle are perforated. The interior boasts such features as seats in high-grade ARTICO/DINAMICA in black with grey contrasting topstitching, the Seat Comfort package and an AMG leather sports steering wheel.

Cabriolet suitable for use all year round

The E-Class Cabriolet boasts an exceptionally high level of everyday practicality. It is suitable for all seasons and all weather conditions thanks to the optional AIRCAP automatic draught-stop system and the AIRSCARF neck-level heating as well as a number of other features:

Acoustic soft top insulated to protect against heat and cold
Heat-reflecting leather in conjunction with optional leather appointments
Individually folding rear seat backrests with through-loading feature
The option of having a trailer coupling fitted to carry cycles, for example
An optional, programmable auxiliary heater
Optional 4MATIC all-wheel drive
Full smartphone integration

The optional COMAND Online infotainment system heralds a new era in networking and digitalisation. It enables effortless integration of the smartphone into the infotainment system by means of capacitive aerial coupling and wireless charging. In this way, compatible mobile phones can be charged wirelessly and connected to the vehicle's exterior aerial. Using Near Field Communication, the customer's smartphone becomes the digital vehicle key with which the car can be locked and unlocked as well as started.

If the vehicle is equipped with COMAND Online, it is possible to use Apple's smartphone-based infotainment system CarPlay® as well as Google's Android Auto™.

Internet and Live Traffic Information even in the basic version

The infotainment system Audio 20 USB is available as an alternative to COMAND Online. Like COMAND Online, this comes with a Bluetooth® hands-free system and also has internet capability with a Bluetooth®-capable mobile phone with mobile phone card and data option. In conjunction with the GARMIN® MAP PILOT SYSTEM, the Audio 20 USB and COMAND Online are able to receive current and precise traffic information from Live Traffic Information in real time. With COMAND Online, a new "Free Flow" technology uses green lines to make it visually clear to the driver where the clear routes are. It also takes account of traffic reports away from the main roads and depicts them visually.

Mercedes me connect Concierge Service: personalised attention

A further comfort highlight is the new Concierge Service, which is available in all E-Class models in combination with Mercedes me connect. Subscribed customers can take advantage of a number of assistance options: from making a restaurant reservation to obtaining tips about tourist routes, information on cultural and sporting events and bookings through to sending navigation destinations directly to the vehicle.

Access is straightforward: registered Mercedes me connect users can call up the Concierge Service in 20 countries across Europe either via the iCall button in the vehicle or on the Mercedes me app. The personal concierge takes care of everything else.

Sensitive climate control for open-air driving

Specially developed for cabriolets, the climate control system responds to whether the vehicle is being driven with the top up or down. In contrast to conventional systems, the climate is controlled fully automatically. This means that the driver does not need to select a mode for closed or open top, nor is it necessary to save a temperature setting for these driving conditions. An overlapping function performs the considerable feat of achieving an unnoticeable transition between closed and open top (and vice-versa) for maximum climate comfort.

A proud history: "25th Anniversary" special model

Mercedes-Benz launched a fourth body variant in the medium-size segment in spring 1992 – the 300 CE-24 Cabriolet. Today this open-top four-seater has become something of a coveted collectors' item. The German car magazine "auto, motor & sport" attests to this in its internet edition: "It's been a while since the 124-series Cabriolets were an insider tip. They're now widely regarded as one of the best investments."

25 years on, Mercedes-Benz is honouring this first Cabriolet in the E-Class family by launching the "25th Anniversary" model, aimed primarily at collectors and lovers of unique cars. Highlights of the luxurious and exclusive "25th Anniversary" Edition include 20-inch 5-twin-spoke alloy wheels, the Cabriolet Comfort package, open-pore elmwood trim, the AIR BALANCE package with the exclusive "DAYBREAK MOOD" fragrance, illuminated door sill panels with Mercedes-Benz lettering, velours floor mats with "25th Anniversary Edition" embroidery, ambient lighting, and the MAGIC VISION CONTROL wash/wipe system. The interior features high-grade designo appointments in the new colour combination of macchiato beige/tizian red. An elaborate diamond pattern with carefully positioned perforation underlines the luxurious character of the new E-Class Cabriolet. There is a choice of exterior paint finishes - the new colour rubellite red metallic or iridum silver - both in combination with a dark red soft top. The unique standing of the special model is emphasised by "25th Anniversary" badges on the front wings and on the centre console.

Nya Mercedes E-Klass som cabriolet är här

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Volkswagen firar 45 år av GTI med specialare
Hot hatch har hängt med ett tag nu

Det har nu gått 45 år sedan Volkswagen tryckte ner en ganska pigg motor i lilla Golf och därmed skapade en helt ny kategori med bilar - de man kallade för hot hatch. I dagsläget har nästan alla tillverkare en sån här version av en annars ganska alldaglig bil, men det var alltså Volkswagen som startade det hela. För att fira jubileet presenteras nu Golf GTI Clubsport 45 som är en specialversion av vanliga Clubsport. Det man får är svart tak med svart takvinge, paketet som heter Race och andra 19-tumsfälgar än vanligt som har en röd kant på sig. Utmed sidorna sitter det även klibbor som säger 45 och som visar en målflagg. Race-paketet ger dig ett sportigare avgassystem och tar bort toppfartsspärren på 250 km/h. Matrix LED-strålkastare med röda inlägg är standard. Insidan får sportstolar och på ratten står det nu också 45. Under huven har inget förändrats vilket innebär turbomatad radfyra på 2,0 liter som ger 300 hästar och 400 newtonmeter i vrid. Den är i sin tur kopplad till en sjustegad dubbelkopplingslåda som driver framhjulen. 0-100 km/h ska gå på under sex sekunder. Priset börjar på 47.790 euro. Den här är väl fin och så, men jag tar en första generationen Golf GTI alla gånger. Ingen som har en till salu? Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Mrwhosetheboss snackar techfails
Lite eftermiddagspinsamheter

Efter ett par år i branschen är det lite roligt att blicka tillbaka och minnas saker företag gjort som inte riktigt gått som planerat. Typ som när Michael Bay sprang av scen under Samsungs stora presskonferens på CES 2014 eller när Blackberry-chefen John Chen skulle visa upp Priv och det blev tydligt att han troligtvis aldrig hållit i den tidigare. Det finns betydligt fler pinsamma tillfällen och Mrwhosetheboss har nu släppt en video där han listar 21 stycken ögonblick företag helst vill glömma. Tumnagel
André Stray

Bravely Default 2 ute nu till Switch
Mer klassiskt JRPG till folket!

Som rubriken redan avslöjat så har Bravely Default 2 släppts till Nintendo Switch och kan köpas via Nintendos eShop. Spelet är ett regelrätt klassiskt JRPG, på gott och ont, där vi får utforska en ny värld med nya karaktärer. I spelet får vi träffa sjöfararen Seth som måste med sina nyfunna vänner åka världen runt för att leta rätt på fyra kristaller för att rädda världen. Nedan har ni lite recensioner av spelet som släpptes igår och via länken här nere till vänster har ni spelets Metacritic-sida. För att sammanfatta åsikterna erbjuder Bravely Default 2 samma härliga JRPG-upplevelse som föregångarna, men om man inte är ett fan av grindiga rollspel kanske det är bäst att skippa köp. Tumnagel
André Stray

Spirited Away ska bli teater
Dock endast i Japan

Nästa år kommer kommer Studio Ghiblis hyllade film Spirited Away bli en teater på Imperial Theatre i Tokyo. Teatern kommer skrivas och regisseras av John Caird (Les Misérables, Nicholas Nickleby, Daddy Long Legs). John sa att han redan spenderat tusentals timmar på att få Spirited Away till teaterscenen och ser fram emot att spendera tusentals timmar till. Teaterversionen av Spirited Away har premiär februari 2022 i Tokyo och kommer senare under våren och sommaren turnera runt till andra japanska städer som Osaka och Nagoya. Tumnagel
Frode Wikesjö

Pokémon Diamond och Pearl får remakes
Brilliant Diamond och Shining Pearl släpps senare i år

Pokémon körde en liten jubileumsshow idag och presenterade en rad Pokémon-relaterade nyheter. Bland annat fick vi reda på att Pokémon Diamond och Pearl som släpptes initialt 2007 till Nintendo DS kommer att få en ordentlig remake och släppas till Nintendo Switch i slutet av 2021. Brilliant Diamond och Shining Pearl heter de nya versionerna och kommer praktiskt taget erbjuda samma gameplay som originalversionerna, men spelets grafik har uppdaterats rejält. Utöver det väntar vi även att de nya versionerna av spelen kommer med livskvalitetsuppdateringar. Mer om de nya versionerna lär vi få veta närmare release. Tumnagel
André Stray

Katter kör trick shots med pingisbollar
Cat purrfect?

Inget konstigt bara några katter som kör kör trick shots med pingisbollar. Tumnagel
Frode Wikesjö

How To Drink testar lite alkoholfri "sprit"
Är det något att ha?

Det har dykt upp flera alkoholfria alternativ till sprit. Ett sånt exempel är gin utan alkohol så att man kan få sig en god GT om det nu skulle vara så att man inte vill ha just procenten. Här får vi se när YouTube-kanalen How To Drink testar några sorter med alkoholfri sprit. Kan du rekommendera någon? Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Hernös senaste gin är lagrad på björkfat

Hernö Gin presenterar nu Hernö Artisan Ten Gin som är en gin lagrad på björkfat. Jag har tidigare provat tonic med rökt björksmak och det var riktigt gott, så den här ska bli spännande att testa. Smaken beskrivs som kraftig enbär med söt blommighet från björk och älgört. Etiketten har Härnösandskonstnären Hans Forsell tagit fram där han har tolkat Dala och Hernö Gins ursprung. Ginen är framtagen för att fira Hernö Gins tioårsjubileum och den hyllar deras allra första produkt som var Hernö Artisan Gin. Fler specialare kommer att släppas under året. Endast 1921 stycken flaskor av denna kommer att bli till och 1000 stycken av dessa släpps den 31 mars. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Safri Duo - Played-A-Live

2000 är nu hela 21 år sedan. Och vet ni vad som bland annat hände då? Jo, den danska gruppen Safri Duo släppte trumlåten Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) som ni alla har hört. Jag har lyssnat sönder låten och kan väl ärligt säga att jag inte tycker att den har åldrats särskilt väl, även om den givetvis har en plats någonstans i mitt musikbibliotek. Oavsett tycker jag den är värd att köra som klassiker denna soliga fredag. Bonusklipp nedan. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Keith äter allt som finns hos In-N-Out
Även den hemliga menyn

Keith från The Try Guys ger sig här i kast med att äta allt som finns på menyn hos In-N-Out, inklusive den "hemliga" menyn som man bara får tillgång till om man vet vad man ska säga vid kassan. Vilken burgare tycker du är bäst på In-N-Out? Själv har jag aldrig ätit där men hoppas få göra det någon gång. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Thomas Di Leva kör konsert ikväll
Hemma i sitt vardagsrum

Ikväll klockan 19.00 kommer artisten Thomas Di Leva att ha premiär för Live hemma hos Di Leva. Det är en exklusiv hemma hos-konsert som han anordnar i sitt vardagsrum. "Låt oss mötas, denna gången live hemma hos mig i en nära konsert direkt från mitt vardagsrum till ert vardagsrum, det kommer att bli mina favoritlåtar i underbara hemmamysversioner. Rymdkram, Thomas." En biljett till konserten kostar 199 kronor och du hittar den på länken nedan. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Ny BMX-film från Vans
Med Dakota Roche

Efter skosamarbetet i början av månaden är det nu dags för Vans att även presentera en film med BMX-åkaren Dakota Roche. Filmen som heter Seeking Liberty är inspelad i Philadelphia och man har velat fånga stadens charm ur ett nytt perspektiv. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Så blir traditionell italiensk gelato till
180 år gammal familjetradition

Det finns mycket gott man inte får missa när man är i Italien. Glassen är en av grejerna. Här får vi se hur traditionell gelato i den lilla staden Ruvo di Puglia blir till. Endast tre ingredienser behövs - mjölk, socker och ägg. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Nytt och färgglatt från Timberland
Återigen med Billionaire Boys Club

Timberland och Billionaire Boys Club följer upp de färgglada skorna som presenterades i november med en ny kollektion som fått namnet Hyper Natural. I denna finns det hiking-plagg och två stycken nytolkningar på Garrison Trail-kängan. Skorna är tillverkade i ett material som består av minst 50 procent plast från återvunna PET-flaskor. Kläderna är i 100 procent ekologisk bomull. Kollektionen släpps den 26 februari och priserna ligger på mellan 600 och 1800 kronor. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Romen The Real McCoy släpptes idag
Helt utan tillsatser

Idag släpptes The Real McCoy 12 Years Single Cask på Systembolaget. Det är en rom helt utan tillsatser producerad hos det familjeägda företaget Foursquare på Barbados. Endast lokal jäst, melass och källvatten från Barbados används. Romen destilleras i små batcher i kopparpanna och kolonnbrännare innan den lagras på hårt rostade amerikanska bourbonfat. Dofterna ska vara smörig ek och kryddig mörk choklad. Smaken beskrivs som smörkaramell tillsammans med fattoner, apelsinzest och tobak. För en flaska på 70 centiliter får man betala 599 kronor. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Den perfekta Steakhouse-burgaren
Tjock och mumsig

I sitt senaste klipp visar George Motz hur man fixar till den perfekta steakhouse-burgaren. Tumnagel
Bobby Green

Teaser för Tina
HBO:s dokumentär om Tina Turner

Här kommer en teaser för HBO:s kommande dokumentär om den amerikanska artisten Tina Turner. Tina handlar om Tina Turners karriär och förutom artisten själv kommer bland andra Angela Basett och Oprah Winfrey medverka i dokumentären. Tina har premiär på amerikanska HBO Max 27 mars och kommer sannolikt att börja sändas på HBO Nordic någon gång efter det. Tumnagel
Wille Wilhelmsson

Ny officiell klockpartner för Aston Martin
Anrika Girard-Perregaux

Aston Martin meddelar nu att den anrika schweiziska klocktillverkaren Girard-Perregaux blir officiell klockpartner åt biltillverkaren. Girard-Perregaux har tillverkat klockor sedan 1791 och erbjuder idag modeller som kostar mellan 17.000 dollar och 463.000 dollar. Partnerskapet kommer att mynna ut i flera klockor i begränsade upplagor i framtiden och den första ska presenteras senare i år. Girard-Perregaux kommer även att fungera som sponsor för Aston Martins nybildade F1-team. Tumnagel
Bobby Green